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Madonna on the set of Like A Prayer video

Madonna on the set of Like A Prayer videoMadonna on the set of Like A Prayer videoMadonna on the set of Like A Prayer videoMadonna on the set of Like A Prayer videoMadonna on the set of Like A Prayer videoMadonna on the set of Like A Prayer videoMadonna on the set of Like A Prayer videoMadonna on the set of Like A Prayer videoMadonna on the set of Like A Prayer video

Courtesy of Warner Music

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  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Reading article upon dispute Prince. For myself once, employed in
    Nordic. Communication firm meet both upon Prince. Reaction of comments this is publicity since. Prince honored Grammys my anger. Prince why? Try displace success of others. Especially label mate Madonna. Whom eager work along Terence Trent D’bry. Others Prince genious but non business oriented. Prince I know you well and former production people. Given independence your egomanic as Madonna! Difference Madonna enjoys publicity gotten acclaim.Prince not incline share your success. With others especially fan sites. Which made many uptight refuse. Be interviewed you almost gotten. Dropped from Warners not because of reclusiveness. But failure to retain platinum status! Artist renewed contracts Madonna wanted.

    Complete package of entertain business. Yes, those reading this Maverick Records 1992-2005 was success. Multi-platinum titles not because of Madonna. Excellent production sfaff required oppose. Paisely Park 1985-1993 failure due Prince. Authoritian attitude when changed your name to Victor. But wouldn’t give up name sake. Prince Warners getting irate Madonna. Continue gain popularity Media doesn’t care aware response. Prince not incline allow media entrance. But expects them listen to your. Jealiousy admit Prince! Prince enjoy. Grammys 2013 whom “wash out” could. Gotten many endorsements refuse then balk. Those cashing in Prince your matter. Of opinion debut Madonna This Not Love Song. Felt Madonna trying emulate you not herself! Prince ridiculing Madonna use production staff as MJJ. Videos 1992-93 collections whom? Herb Ritts 1952-2002. Madonna your still hot along with envy! Prince just write a song for Madonna bye.

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    New direction Madonna felt Hollywood. Trying control her artist interest. Reason Pespi offer to advertise Madonna. New international success and management company. Note: both shared Freddie DeMann. MJJ wasn’t incline accept fellow. Client getting assistance from Pespi. Touring Pespi seek what? Not Madonna there “Brand Management”. Since video was just expression. Pespi decline to further agreement rest. History Pespi refuse discuss there. Reason
    not support Madonna commercial nor video. Besides expected content you must admit. Madonna wasn’t puppet for cartels?

    Somewhat brand products abandon you. If feel your not conformed
    MJJ. Aware of this first trial of molestation. 1995 and 2005 Madonna
    laugh gotten paid $5 million. Warner Brothers supported Madonna
    from media. Back lash of Pepsi now society has. Change attitudes
    take way you intake. Above content wow! 24yrs ago Madonna still among us. Regarding career not some wash out. Go Madonna 2013!

    • TizzynotsuckingLizzy

      Do us favor Mr. Knowledge. Write your ‘remembrance__
      on Madonna career. Learn so much agree Madonna. Talented guards her success as woman. Myself elated
      triumphed over gender. Today singers don’t have the style. Pespi can’t find artist whom. Shine above there
      brand product. Madonna should gotten $20 million wow!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Madonnaphiles, yes lingering archives somewhere. Warner Brothers
    unrelease songs and albums. Madonna acclaim, Xmas title slated,
    1988. Titled (Having…sexy Christmas) music uptempo! Excellent recording 9 original songs including standards why unreleased? Madonna recorded untitled album photographed Willy Nixon. 12 songs Patrick Leonard others never released. Like a Pray 1989 new concept, favor titles. Unrelease eventually going available. Forget former music never dated! Madonnaphiles, songs great fully produce. Not excerts bye! Madonna talent which fans appreciate. Go Madonna!

    • TizzynotsuckingLizzy

      Note: saw Madonna in Denmark. 1990 always with
      choreographers reason. Everyone knew when collaborated with. Madonna going receive acclaim not
      defame. During 1991 Mercy Cummingham,Stuttgart Ballet,
      Martha Graham and Danskdanseteater. Marvels the fans
      on undisclosed information. Fans see only NYC concepts
      inaccurate. Madonna gotten attention of foreign artist. If
      video concept included modern dance. Would revolution
      of talent since. Madonna was aspiring dancer in NYC!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Write later regarding, new direction. Madonna during late 80’s growth of artistic. Maturity Madonna felt pop getting commercial. So
    release written majority songs. Of Madonna choice now, album cover.
    Disputed, former label resented. Non glamors picture, anti-sponsorship. During 80’s corporations endorse bands. Madonna
    excelling sales as rock bands. Now Pespi Madonna ever right. To be
    independent with artistic freedom. Doesn’t matter irony title sold well.
    Then Dick Tracy and Blonde Ambition tour. My favorite tour Madonna
    became a Diva. Funny local singer with concepts. Aspirations became successful “star” Madonna. Would release the title of
    April 1991. Better then ill fated Erotia would. Opinion became Madonna best selling title. Until 1998 Ray of Light new direction. For
    Madonna whom American music industry. Wrote off to become fad!