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Madonna on the set of a Cherish video

Madonna on the set of a Cherish videoMadonna on the set of a Cherish video

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  • Pinky yes GAY n Proud!

    Didn’t know Madonna shared. Management,with Michael Jackson most. Overrated sicky yes attracted young boys. They’ll never disclose this why. Michael was example for everyone. Bull? Madonna during 90’s gotten acclaim. Why Michael attempted to use. Madonna for duet glad never happen. Madonna rerecord your former titles. As Thriller whom
    still popular. Madonna before demise Michael. Fame and mania
    destroyed his insight. No longer most best by sales. Go Maddy!
    True not blue with emotion. Michael was harsh on Herb crew.
    During video shot didn’t like. Gays what ever sadly we lost. Herb a talented photographer associate. Beauty of Madonna!

  • Andrew Winglee

    MJJ needed new concepts without comments. By Madonna, new 90’s era would gotten. Ignored by media MJJ sadly, he is decease. A talent this not point. MJJ detested LGBT people I thought. MJJ preferred men not
    children. No infatuation with plastic surgery. Madonna
    didn’t need MJJ, at least Madonna. Never remade former songs. For financial debt King of Child Molestation! Sorry Madonna, MJJ was “sweet looking!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Madonna what have established simply. Characteristic, video expression “Cherish” joy. Relationship and bemusing freedom Madonna. Video directed by no other Herb Ritts. Whom died 10yrs. ago whom directed. Celebrities Herb shot Tina Turner Break Every Rule. Cover 1986, Foreign Affair inter-sleeve 1989.

    Jody Watley Precious cover 1989 and Gap ad. Yes, magic of Herb I miss him. Those saying, Madonna doesn’t. Creative insight Madonna bought photography. New high glamor fashion runways! Steven Meisel also,photos of Madonna,Jody,Tina and Janet. Gotten acclaim funny both men are. Blu men define it don’t judge sexual. Freedom for all, Herb directed. In the Closet inspired Madonna artistic. Style which Madonna decline on debut.

    1991 anyhow, Herb stated never. Work King of Pop in future why homophobic! Herb, liberal didn’t hide freedom. Herb personal included transgender. Employee’s which not problem for some.
    MJJ informed Herb no one could. Approach nor look at him Herb rebuffed? Well, can direct you since. Your Hard Working Man in Showbusiness? Correction those saying, Madonna wanted. To
    overshadow musical. Collaberation well, arrangements Madonna!

    Would gotten only fraction of visual. Is this fair or dare ask star!
    To waste time Madonna never. Discuss this due, popular by demand! Myth, Madonna try to seduce MJJ! Not true what said
    Madonna spoke. Of the timing, agreement of date. When and were it happen Madonna. Annoyed. MJJ ego, reminder Madonna.

    He was better really? So, understand wonder Herb Ritts. Never
    offered his assistance to MJJ. Self centered hard on production.
    Felt everyone had adjust MJJ unwillingness. To respect others,
    why MJJ. Succeed in acting Madonna gotten. Roles MJJ resented
    Madonna appeal. Soul music reason Babyface didn’t write. 2100
    Jackson street 1989 only wrote Nowing Compare To U. Mild hit,

    Bobby Brown rejected since. MJJ didn’t like Bobby Brown success!
    Reason hiring Bobby producers. Teddy Riley n Babyface during.
    Bobby popularity sold presently 2012 RIAA 13 platinum. Don’t be Cruel 1988 so regin of King. Was overthrown or never enthrowned! Crew MJJ was inhibited person. All MJJ video were shot two. Ways crew then trick camera combine. Scenes MJJ was, “Greatness as Diana Ross. Would say, whom didn’t appreciate. MJJ taking Madonna to Oscars. Herb shot Diana for Rolling Stone 1995. Taboo with undies on Blue Sepia. Yes, style Madonna influence! Never used artist seek attention as MJJ!

    Recommend on Madonna, fashion allure. Themadgestycollection.
    blog depress years good site. When Madonna decide become parent. Lulu born Oct 1996 then MJJ. Wanted to have children
    hello whom. Following whom? Certainly not Madonna media gotten. Tired of MJJ parade saying away. For centuries then seeking media. Attention which he revile, tired of. Innocent candor,

    MJJ was above others. No used those to regin in Pop world. Label
    mates Living Color and Terence Trent D’Arby careers. Destroyed
    due King of Pop luckly were. Enjoying Madonna whom didn’t sign.
    Label as King of Pop wouldn’t be. Appreciate what lising presently.

    • TizzynotsuckingLizzy

      Felt MJJ was overrated no. Inflated anyway true he detested everyone. So be it everyone has opinion. Rival was labels acceptance long. Before America permitted all formats. Radio stations different for us EU. Madonna appealed dance,funk,pop,standards and ballads. MJJ only knew trends later career. When release former title secondary time. Your wash out MJJ seek boarder audience. Never has Madonna said anything. About race true to fans MJJ ego. Stop him from becoming actual person! Since both promoted Wisner/DeMann. MJJ hated Madonna allure Oscars proved that. Whom stole show Madonna! Maybe MJJ should wore dress as ideal Diana! Video “In the Closet” choreography photographic style. All whom? Madonna whom, appropriate comment you need. Change your attire and behavior. Why? Madonna never appeared on Black publications. America? This not profound whom Madonna. Admitted her musical influence was singers.

      No matter the heritage Madonna. Convey lyrical content

      musical productions. Which many presently can’t do!
      MJJ was egotistical creep! Do anything destroy artist
      career. Rude to LGBT people during filming. In the Closet men had. Wear sunglasses never speak in
      MJJ presence? Okay for teenage males sleep in his bed! What MJJ didn’t understand sexual. Presence did
      sell found gross. Grabbing his crouch regarding MJJ.

      Was it size of pea or something? Angers me since
      Herb,Steve and Eve Arnold. Exclusively Madonna

      photographers everyone. Hollywood including EU,UK
      and Japan. Use Madonna production crew MJJ. Horrible
      remarks LGBT were sick! Profound what ever, observe
      MJJ appearance. It was something derived from gender! Melba Moore title “Never Say Never” 1983 musically. Terrific title sold well in EU. Comparing androgyny you could say. Without looking close reminds. MJJ along Al Jarreau title…L is for Lover 1986.
      British Vogue April 1991 Janet taught. By Herb whom
      groomed gotten. Acclaim then MJJ style yeah LGBT!

      Rumor was actually MJJ as model. Joke nonsense MJJ
      had so many. Women seeking emulate not his singing.
      Androgynous features even Janet and Diana. Ran to
      Herb to enhance allure. Star quality photos since both.

      Despised Madonna reason 80′ and 90’s. Madonna bought glamor to MTV not MJJ. Angers me hate MJJ
      had towards LGBT. People observe photos MJJ,Diana
      and Janet totally. Herb concept MJJ could appeared many. EU fashion magazines his attitude. Cause anger
      from editors on demands. Excluding those LGBT forget
      Janet. Documentary on transgenders about MJJ.

      Hate towards Gay men why? Janet appeal derived from Madonna. Love Will Never Do 1990. Everyone said
      reminds talent of Herb. Sepia tint video won Janet acclaim. Why MJJ seek popularity others concepts! Hey
      hurts writing truth do damn bad! Only Terence Trent D’Arby sign right. Label reason MJJ destroyed his
      career. This old news Madonna still. Reigning strong!