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Madonna on the set of Justify My Love video

Madonna on the set of Justify My Love videoMadonna on the set of Justify My Love videoMadonna on the set of Justify My Love videoMadonna on the set of Justify My Love video

Courtesy of Warner Music

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  • Cummbottom

    Gather different opinions do understand. Content besides allure,
    of Madonna. Wasn’t erotic or illicit just woman’s. Sexual fantasy possible placid perspicacity! Tourist looking for “One Night Stand”odd. This released 1990 wow! 24yrs ago still playing on stations did Madonna. Create temptation or making women. Cruise for lust totally untruth! Market those searching personal sexual. Fantasy and those following video. Make own ideas yes Madonna. Didn’t disclose purpose video. Series of release sexual expressions. Yeah, those writing detesting. Concept sold abundantly, curious intent. Least music was good presently! Singers today can’t emulate sexual message. To music Madonna
    another idea. Taken into popular demand go. Ms. Material bye.

  • Wilbur “Great blog with facts, only if Madonna. Try’s non dance music.

    Dennis your accurate see problem. Madonna trying acting departing from. Singing a mistake? Why the unrelease titles are good. My opinion better than ill
    fated Erotic. Problem with Erotic…to house dance. Not signature title by Madonna. Truth or Dare slated to become soundtrack. Madonna recorded 9 songs not all
    dance. Even used top producers recorded. France,UK and
    NYC. Another concept release first titles. April 1991
    and later title. Nov 1991 Madonna figure to problematic. Due to videos and movies later. 1992 formed the successful Maverick records. Until bought out by Warner Brothers 2005. Law suit Madonna got $231
    million didn’t. Renew her contract now LiveNation.

  • Dennis “Madonna you need cease playing? Ms. Sexy become a singer!

    I’m baffled, is this recretion. Of Hollywood horror?
    Stealing yes, theft another artist. Indentiy saying you created it. Song was initially, written by Ingrid
    Chavez. Whom submitted to Lenny Kravitz. Settle out
    of court Ingrid got paid yes $17 million. Why infridgement typical of Diva Madonna. Single sold 6
    xplatinum RIAA and sold 34 million. Wow! Madonna biggest single if start the Immaculation collection.

    Released 1990 should been postponed? Why Madonna popularity Warner Brothers anticipated. New album before Erotic Oct 92 in the vaults. Unrelease title
    slanded for release April 91 and Nov 91. Until the
    Rain session which turn into. Erotic title October 92.
    Over the rail reminds me of Marilyn. Or Brigette Brado
    Madonna you never stop. Stealing from Hollywood greats

    • Andrew Winglee

      Simply, release archive material Madonna. Whom still hot, don’t care. Former era enjoy music of 90’s. Never like horrible NYC “House” dance. Relying to much on
      creep. William Orbit…Madonna it was sexy. Gotten your
      attention can’t wait. New title 2013…wish Truth or Dare.
      Postpone new title was release. 1991 saw photo session your saying. Is this pretty Madonna great. Video go Maddy!

  • Nastya Zubenko

    sexy.. love this video. madonna and Tony Ward was a hot pair