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Madonna on the set of Erotica video

Madonna on the set of Erotica videoMadonna on the set of Erotica videoMadonna on the set of Erotica videoMadonna on the set of Erotica videoMadonna on the set of Erotica video

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  • TizzynotscrewingLizzy?

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  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Going, cease this topic of insight. Yes, those believing false assurance. Questioning the so called LGBT front. General were finding faults need. To correct them myth American. LGBT society affluent when and were? Real estate and media exaggerates advocacy. Share information give back to LGBT. Whom endure struggles and discriminations. Independence is needed, I’ll be. Specific health efforts for American LGBT society. Yes, tax payers anger saying. We promote dependence upon whom? Are cause seek social awareness. Erotic video…adove is what most. LGBT think just attending events awaiting. Erotic elements not my interest.

    Audience for Madonna and others twinks. Lollypop girls whom, not incline comprehend. Logic it’s not hard your LGBT. Wake up America going slight you! S.F,L.A,Chicago,NYC and Boston those without connections. Industries that is excluded mention transgender! Even liberal LGBT front oppose. Respecting LGBT problem were is brand management. Prominent product of popularity among LGBT community. Endeavor to read the content even. Critics, concurred information conveyed. Was essential, younger LGBT assumptions. Give full welcomes, LGBT society.

    Not so, encourage you inquire. Locale LGBT center education programs grants. And donation exclusively: LGBT society. For those
    enjoying being impartial. Respect this provided your aware.
    Of the segregation which is expected. Bernal Heights LGBT center and library San Francisco. Harvey Milk vocational high school were. Not reverted Milk fan due preference. Harvey political agenda still why celebrities ignored. Funding including Madonna,Elton and others. GLAAD inaccurate, panal is basically.

    Those aloof from social ills within. LGBT society most society trying. Survive have experienced eviction due. TIC excuse us, owner conversions. Your, tried reading: same topic. Apparently, don’t understand the improvished LGBT. Cause by superficial LGBT your financially. Successful, well learn to share for cause. LGBT empowerment! And demolishing property inquire Crummy Crew. San Francisco example, Tishman Speyer horrible. Example real estate neglect lost many properties. During economic downturn especially. NYC Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village reason. Loans regarding San Francisco and L.A. Eager promote residential towers whom. Friendly, LGBT cities ratio of
    45% whom rich! Including non-entertainment LGBT residents! BMR.

    Sales agents for San Francisco no other. Herth or Vanguard you’lls say why. Need of this revenue of sales could. Assist local LGBT organziations continue. Advocate this Tishman Speyer losers. Of the corporate real estate game. Most lots anticipated for L.A and S.F. Given back to development now French,British,Japanese,Korean and Nordic.

    Developers search for profits yes clients. Affluent LGBT whom targeting S.F,NYC,L.A and Chicago. We saw Chaz Bono around
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    Odd, LGBT organizations not renowned. Saying Madonna, is icon
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    Prerogative_and “Crummy Crew” laugh boycott. Them simply dislist them Bobby of Domicile. Selling homes to affluent few. Refuse assist building 88 unit housing HIV/AIDS. Children of The Rainbow
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  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    …”Children of The Shining Rainbow” thanks for sharing the information. We need unity focus neglect. Upon, social needs of LGBT society. Yes, fully aware non-prefect LGBT. Society objection cease using, false externals. For assurance you can do something. Reading about economic and social respect.

    Ask yourself is this valid Madonna is false. Discuss this Madonna decided remain at home NYC not. Attending May 11 2013, GLAAD awards. Opposite LGBT realtors attended, you be surprise. Saw,Patti,Mike,Emery and Bobby. With celebrities Domenico Dolce,Giacarlo Ciammetti,Tod Oldham,Thierry Mugler and Jean-Paul Gultier. Readers, you’ll say Oscar, why all fashion. Designers aware San Francisco is exclusive fashion capital. Besides has,affluent clients why “Crummy Crew” gotten.

    Acclaim selling homes to elite LGBT. Buyers now fellow, advocates: say this. You must counteract this. How, write or invite them. Marc Jacobs client of Herth list above. Using chosen few, ignoring fair housing. Jean Paul is client of Herth and Giacarlo of Domicile. Why referred by Madonna. Following the advocacy rich LGBT remain. Impartial simply, assuming
    there financial. Status not engendered by LGBT? Is this so,
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    and Bobby of Domicile Properties. They laugh Shane felt no disparage. For housing polices, demurred. Were real estate business not civil agency. No Shane your inaccurate your. Selling
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    This unprofessional then Bobby stated. I fell assured by purchasing groceries. AIDS patients then said why? Don’t you fund them get away from us! Julie simply replied nothing to say. To any of you do

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    GLAAD boast San Francisco,NYC,Boston and Chicago liberal?

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Another moment with Madonna ultra ego! Besides denying LGBT organizations chance. Drawn attention to disparity of LGBT. Advocacy
    Madonna basically said this about. My friend Anderson March 16 2013.
    GLAAD awards my friends prominent. LGBT organizations felt the indifference. Madonna was rude towards journalist. Honey read this Madonna rumor. Anticipating new release Nov 13 2013. If so wish you the best there. Unrest younger LGBT no longer. Hold celebrities as voice! Madonna you antagnoistic towards advocacy. Madonna it’s not cool for teenagers. To admire Madonna why derotory. Connotation with any situation were those. Attending the cermony expected dearest.
    Madonna, to comply no eye sore! Actually the boy scout attire going. Make historical organizations to comply? Madonna, as your acting career failure. Now fitness centers reason American investors. Not incline to support it ownership rights. Paying Madonna 50% from profits wow! Madonna your successful entertainer assist. LGBT community face being discarded! Anger you kiss Anderson this not of him. No since, don’t respect Blue men! Madonna you know me, attended many.
    Of your private parties along after shows. Fans should now, horribel to
    others. Don’t fault me Rainvow Nation. Madonna use source to retain
    popularity! Blue men before Chris left 2007. Madonna humiliated you,
    calling men. Horrible personal names doubt me. Inquire brother Chris,
    Steven and Herb. Received male escort service, resents LGBT men.
    Too account they owe Madonna? What notice kissing of Anderson Madonna. Pulled back was it hesitiation or lust! Madonna feared Anderson might use. His tongue, wow! Nice Madonna fear Anderson might be. Positive besides contradiction on Madonna behalf.
    Respecting Ble men yeah Madonna. Acknowledge LGBT Madonna going seduce us. We’ll remain Queer steer clear. Madonna never given a dime to any organization. LGBT when Madonnas speaks on subject.
    Turn the channels don’t attent. Madonna functions until respect LGBT cause. Madonna considers Blue men Tarts. Whom need womanly, sexual seduction. Madonna just simply donation to LGBT cause. Bye!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Awards of GLAAD located L.A,NYC and San Francisco. Elated those given awards shall. Contribute LGBT organizations irate facing. Neglect many dispute social order. America when need financial assist. Yes, children of the rainbow everyone. Aloof since reading can you decide. We need you also influence. Policy community centers are voice. America yes, growing political power.

    Those saying, this waste speak. For your limited interest do me favor. Either assist us or remain isolated. Giving respect to those LGBT culture. Whom, lost there lives and didn’t live. To see, glory equality which approaching. Children of the Rainbow laws pass bigotry. Among us in America biggest obstacles. Social needs, health care and employment. Write dept of Labor and Congress.

    You pay taxes companies internally. Discriminate against whom? Transgender,lesbians and blu men why? Fear and racism assuming what? Lack cultural understanding myth! LGBT population is dismal think again. So many coming Out tried. Living lies what have done. To American society ask yourself! Adopt is problem southern states. Don’t allow adoption LGBT couples! So concern” with GLAAD why display. False assurance suppose to encourage. LGBT highly unlikely many of children. Are unhappy because they can’t. Express there true self, yeah. Heard this prior do me favor. Empower local LGBT center your contribution. Have purpose if lose solidarity.

    LGBT movement were endangered? Why, external whom detest are cause. Shall derail the success of LGBT movement. Now spoke of unity this my. Agenda don’t expect hand out. Oppose respecting those whom know. Are family that is LGBT community center. Reliable source to obtain goals and political. Younger LGBT neglect this why? Not incline to share there time. When encounter racism yes it harms. Your constitution, whom can understand. This hello?

    LGBT organizations either you assist. Or we’ll lose are voice yes. European of birth living in EU,UK and Canada. LGBT center is
    voice many nations. Allow full rights and private companies. Gift to
    these organizations yes going. Say this proud to be Gay! Enjoying
    my life {refuse} allow celebrities. Use the cause for publicity as this.

    Charade Madonna entitled participate media. Going say Madonna
    bought what? Too, whom LGBT cause what ever! Jack Price innocent man enjoying eventing. NYC 2009 beaten by thugs verdict
    gotten. Daniel Rodriguez 12yrs and Daniel Aleman gotten 8yrs. Problem Blu men: defend Jack ordeal. Jack attended a dive yes.

    Trashy club and Jack was intoxicated! Made advancements these
    guys tried. Robbery Jack decline so they beat him. Men watch your actions so many. Harmed protect yourself use judgement! Yes, discussing liberal NYC really? Unite to change the attitude of racism! Towards LGBT residences now Michael Sandy (1977-2006).

    Cruising is nature unfortunately, Michael. Was tricked & murdered!
    Yes, by pervert saying Michael. Acting effeminate…crime Michael
    online. Then meet, Anthony Fortunato whom. Lorded away then
    chase and beat him. Which Michael fell into coma then died!

    Verdict Anthony 21yrs,John Fox 21yrs,Ilya Shuravo 17yrs. and Gary Timmons 17yrs. Killing innocent man,thank ACLU. Great job finding
    appropriate cause in this case! NYCLGBT lawyers kudos, written
    to address. Facade of event March 16 2013 NYC. GLAAD so many
    LGBT employees in culinary industry. Fired due, fear there HIV?

    How can you lie easy assuming. Your encouraging those whom oppress. The cause not so had write. Persuade need fight within the laws. Read this we encounter slander. Daily in America written
    out of social. Acceptance time is on are side. Promote the solidarity
    LGBT rights! Once, again on San Francisco. Write efficient LGBT
    organizations seek. Change with conservative governmental agenda! They are Tarcsf,Dics,Sfcenter,Magnetsf,Glma,F2f,Spectrum
    lgbtcenter,Napalgbtqproject,Lighthousehayward,Openhouse-sf and Our Family excellent site obtain. Current organizations San Francisco metropolitan area. Defrankcenter,Castrocountyclub,MyCa
    stro,Aef-sf,Bcoa,Issnorcal,Ahasf,Balif and Sfcenter. Yes, listed links
    staff not for publicity needs. Of LGBT community only problem.

    Many of residence seldom use. These great opportunities elated staff. Eager to assist not just for pay check! Only advocate not socialist those. Reading the content not about my. Agenda for empowerment of LGBT rights. Forget about superficial events simple. Appease LGBT groups offering what? Donations not hand
    outs support. Anderson, Madonna and Ellen stand by your cause!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Successful Madonna, yeah anticipating new. Properties currently, has homes on market. Besides new fitness gyms which popular. EU,UK,Gulf States, Russia,Mexico,Latin America and Australia. Madonna is clamoring yes Pacific Heights saw. Recently previewing homes in San Francisco. Now Madonna your choice as prior. Your advocate for empowerment LGBT cause. Many non profits on “Rainbow” needing. Finanical assistance guess response as. Michigan LGBT.groups hope and some? What, Madonna your real interest for San Francisco. 3 homes. No doubt wise business woman. Anyhow, Madonna homes over $12 million in San Francisco. Shall Madonna assist LGBT community whom.
    Seek donations at any given situation. Talking about struggle so called Erotica. Bought to whom? Madonna one and only “dive” of self pursuit! Companies involved Herth and Domicile Properties when. Inquire to Herth upon Madonna fail. To disclose adamant didn’t support. Lower income housing for LGBT. Where the solidarity among us? Hello, Madonna your speeches are superficial not official. Just talk regarding Herth real estate. Angers me spokes person Fritz and Larry. Whom owners didn’t care
    offer. Assistance to lower income LGBT San Francisco. Fritz just laugh saying they welcome. Client Madonna I say boycott Herth,
    Domicile Properties,Vanguard and Paragon Real Estate. Saying
    there shouldn’t be specific housing for. LGBT equality has been
    reached in housing. San Francisco now your getting millions on.
    Sales those detesting LGBT persons. Believe me without generalizing San Francisco is not utopia. Assume still conservtive
    city in America. Openly, LGBT persons seldom have corporate.
    Positions why? Madonna answer us since you endorse. Products
    from global 5000 Madonna said. Prior were aware of the game of.
    Publicity either assist us or eventually. LGBT going ignore you!!!!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Madonna shall assist Michigan LGBT organizations. Wondering there anticipating your return. Besides Madonna Michigan LGBT taught. Freedom of pursuit, following Michigan. LGBT organizations Madonna donated Italy earthquack 2009. $500,000 commend your judgement while. Touring advocate respect of LGBT rights. Why everyone uptight? Madonna haven’t visited and refused. Pride shows? Madonna Erotica was cease bigotry. Upon LGBT oppression hello those believing. This you need wake up! Not, only Madonna yeah Mary Cheney. Old vice President Dick daughter home owns. Estates across the land resently. Purchase estate in Marin county broker. Herth real estate LGBT owned San Francisco. They assisted Madonna and Ellen on purchases. Herth Real Estate and Domicile Properties both LGBT owned. Don’t support lower income housing for LGBT residence. San Franciso drawing indifference of attitude. Open Light non profit finally broken ground. Programs finance grants HUD and city. Why not us?
    Aids housing alliance San Francisco needs assistance. Housing programs goal build senior and medical. Units for lower income LGBT.

    LGBT senior housing San Francisco aldong Chicago and Philadelphia. Housing for lower income LGBT and HIV. Madonna Erotica bombed Warners upset media somewhat turn against you. So revamped into 30’s scarlet. Ms. Heterosexual for “Bedtime Stories” your come back!
    Madonna do actually care about. Struggle of LGBT cause eventually.

    Those relying upon celebrities find. Other source wrote show lies. Upon
    celebrities regarding Michigan excellent. LGBT organizations recommend whom efficient great staff. Transgendermichican,Aidspartnership,Transgenderdetroit and Ruthellis center youth home for fostered. LGBT youth they seek assistance. Madonna, additional non profits of Michigan. E.kick, Michiganpride,Ep
    pridesociety,Hotterthanjuly,Kglrc and Grigbt. Waiting Madonna to justify
    there cause respect! I’m not harassing nor belittling. Madonna actions
    speak you advocated. Now donate this not ultimatum. Just solidarity
    Madonna you haven’t visited Michigan. Since 1986 written prior your
    choice. Don’t say LGBT revert you inaccurate. Support us freedom now! Expect Madonna tour 2014 or 15 same speech. LGBT rights yeah!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Aficionado for Madonnaphiles, infatuation celebrities. Personal expression without commentation of reason. Behalf, Madonna signature…biographical sexual. Settings your reading I’m baffled?
    I’m fan whom, not engross. Personality of celebrities including others.

    Enjoyableness, of Madonna talent advocacy. Another presumption
    Sex Book yeah, anniversary 20yrs shall. Be contraceptives included? Joke no laughter either many. Revert this title as statement. Sexual compunctiously, Madonna gotten attention. Yes, America media rationalized the motive. Behind the Sex Book those reverting. Madonna spokes person for LGBT. Advocacy disheartenment of celebrities gaining. Acclaim of the struggle of those oppress. Yeah, for some readers your. Not bemuse what ever reality. Is now Madonna been expose. For uncoyness, when non profit. LGBT inquire financial assistance suddenly. Madonna becomes impartial to cause. Madonna fans aware of wealth! This not issue regarding just. Acknowledging segregation LGBT Madonna were. Aware endure this daily so your. Resolution to
    social solution without substitution? Recourse Madonna, your
    personal opinions. LGBT citizens which is limited your. Not associate with major decision groups. Oppose Mr. George Michael
    never rhetorical. Put his influence with finance. Critics say, of me
    why decry. Madonna using LGBT for publicity this. Isn’t personal
    truth Madonna is celebrity. NYC,Chicago,St. Louis and Naples Italia. Wrote Madonna to fund programs. Deprived LGBT citizens
    gotten nothing. Only assurance promote your. Organization in
    media gather donations. Contradiction Madonna regarding fans.

    To support your cause. Schools for African children great idea. So
    homes your selling. Madonna don’t await fans you build. Your signature schools in Africa. For LGBT advocacy Madonna notice.
    World media whom conservative towards. LGBT rights ignores you? Besides Madonna, your stereotyped. Calling you old “nymphomaniac___Vixen. Madonna also, Sex Book society not
    bemuse. So what is your statement regarding. LGBT rights or
    basic sexuality which conformed. Most societies resolution leave the. Advocacy to those eager to promote. Change not with aggressive remarks. Madonna your a facade behinds. Camera
    harsh on production crew yes. Especially Blue Men don’t go there.
    With me Madonna, regarding George. Whom supported clinic for
    LGBT in Kent. Madonna check yourself if you can!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Understand, the logic and purpose. Musical direction, Madonna conveying unfortunately. American,Asian and Latin media didn’t appreciate content! Generalization, upon my behalf no critics. Detested the concepts as “opprobrious” only. Sexual expression,
    okay to exploit. Human body and abusive reactions. Movies difference, conservative notions many. Couldn’t believe Madonna
    nude and equality. Anyhow, idea well conceived and legacy. No other
    than Madonna Sex Box 1992. Highly, successful and classic those.
    Resenting equality times are changing. Thanks Madonna critics either
    accept you. Or disagree, I favor the talent. Sexuality is personal bye!

    • Oscar Hamptonshire

      Classic the antics, self-exhibition profound. Provacativeness, not the least Madonna. Decide to share personal fantasies. Gather the content for those LGBT. Myself writing exposition
      misconceptions. Associating celebrites with LGBT equality.
      First infatuation with nudity…false. Madonna, composed ideology that sexual. Repression apparently, felt intent drew. Attention respecting personal privacy. Myself others not associating Sex Book. Exclusively, with Madonna it was lascivious. Caper, this what gotten media attention. Wasn’t reason of content Madonna. Image heterosexual sexual goddess! Prior the release Madonna award. The most sexist female different nations. Still, artist have right express.
      Philosophical vivacity indeed…those wanting. Actually, see behind the fantasy. Madonna nude her sexual desires. Or was factual? Critical of Madonna behavior first. Sex Book isn’t exclusivism regarding LGBT. Sex pratice for those believing. This your choice generalization. LGBT bought Sex
      Book inaccurate. Homophobic racist yeah, hidden. Fantasties
      wasn’t actually enjoy the content. Finding themselves, sexual
      Madonna. You have explaining to do. LGBT community exposing your disruptive. Antics insulting LGBT personal yes.

      Attempting inform the conservative media. Whom, is Gay” Madonna admit. This former personal especially. Dancers gotten tried of brother Christopher. And Steve harassing them problem. Madonna do respect equality for LGBT? Since
      renowned calling Gay men. Malevolent remarks, Sex Book
      has. Nothing do with former childhood. Misrepresentation,
      from Madonna ideology cease. Repression of LGBT we Children of Rainbow. Present to society respect with assurance. Erotic sexual acts, doesn’t represent. Equality for
      LGBT rights also. Bringing attention Madonna never supported. Economic or fighting racism within. American
      entertainment industry specifically music. Industry call me
      ‘distracted’ for not. Reacting false icon of Madonna! Hasen’t
      been respectful to general. Needs of LGBT yes, Madonna.

      Contradiction Madonna promots this image. LGBT conciousness or only publicity? During former marriages both
      husbands. Disliked LGBT now the pass Madonna. Solidarity
      for cause of liberity, this valid. George Michael, philanthory
      cause LGBT empowerment. Objection everyone has different
      agenda. Madonna has never given sufficient. Financial amounts to LGBT cause only public. Appearance, conclusion
      we just cannot. Blame or believe that certain. Inducement
      shall provide exultation this wasn’t. Purpose of Sex Book just
      gentials. Erotic poses shall resolve societies. Inhibited methocial surpression apparently still. Lingering also Lesbian
      photos edit? Why Madonna including lyrics. From Erotica
      album forget Bye Bye Baby. Commercial preceptions Madonna…behavior science. Audience thought women
      cabaret dancers? No stereotypical of Lesbian demeanors.
      Ambigious to some without distorting. Above content Sex Book made. Statement allow freedom without censorship. For the offended with Lesbian. Antics why? Spouse previews
      renowed straight porn. Lesbian lingering? Is really seeking
      male experience? Never resolution younger readers.
      Madonna acclaim entertainer publicity. Inaccurate LGBT don’t revert Madonna. Upon, George Michael during 80’s.
      Quote admire Madonna whom. State George looks Queer?
      Did actually occur or slander. My account Madonna personal
      had. The sexual hots for George. Whom never played Mr. Anal Jock. Conclusion LGBT rights struggle become. Part of
      liberation doesn’t imply. Erotic oppose awareness n dignity!

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