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Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Welcome, to city by the bay or in the way? San Francisco yes,
    popular__yes net income. $85,000 single resident yes, for those.
    Employed new industries whom exclude awaited. LGBT applicants thanks for your support reading. My comments special event GLAAD shall May 11 2013. Yes, Madonna hope you can attend. Favors the affluent LGBT whom spokespersons.

    For liberal efficient American LGBT front? Since Madonna, is “Diva” she is earn it. Yes, still a fan just irate over. False assurance besides my advocacy. Plenty of LGBT organizations whom eager. To answer your inquires about there. Goals, objections efforts to benefit LGBT society. Give them your attention besides. Doubting there credentials_were tried. Madonna if attend GLAAD S.F which. Estate shall reside can we

    attend. Forum regarding LGBT organizations empowerment.

    Of squabbles about what? LGBT not doing reason the affluent seldom. Sponsor nor support financial cause. But you can as individual believe. Me start now become a voice! LGBT members, especially “greedy” realtors. Can you, stand up:
    take. Bow laughing social change which. Going change soon, yes NYC,Boston,L.A and San Francisco. Don’t take acceptance you support us. Emery came by with assurance Herth. Leader
    supporting S.F Pride 2013, mention. Fair housing angered arisen
    why? Profits yes, Vanguard going successful. Sales development
    high rise condo profits. Now Herth agents selling homes. Yes,
    southern California example affluent. Clients homes for sale in
    Bay Area. Eager purchase estates or land in Southern California.
    You’ll say,are you envious? No allow these “sell outs” chances.

    To indulge for profits were. Going to fight back…Mike Shaw. And
    Fritz have two others whom don’t. Have there names gotten homes trying sell. Yes, fly down get commissions. Herth donate
    to LGBT community stop! Ignoring us, LGBT commerce name only!!!! Homes Herth trying sell 2627 Via De Los Ranchos,675
    Glen Annie Rd, Goleta,CA and 730 Picacho Lane. More Herth
    going expose Fritz and Emery. Assisting whom? No profits REIT!

    Herth sold many homes Malibu clients. Have cash L.A or foreign
    LGBT revert Herth and Vanguard. How about LGBT? Were seek
    your knowledge and cultural solidarity! Someday is now, homes
    of Malibu 22446,29000,26848 Pacific Coast and 6970 Wildlife.Rd. Observe the prices yes on highest! 4105 Chiles Pope Valley Rd,256 N. Fork Crystal Springs Rd and 2900/2906
    Spring MT.Rd Saint Helena,CA. Herth sold over $465 million in
    revenue. Properties north counties why celebrities. Affluent
    clients yes whom trying selling. Homes Daniel Cochran,Christine
    Vachon,Ryan McGinley,Peter Lyons CEO,Henry Robin and Rob
    Ashford. Clients of “greedy” Bay Area Crummy Crew! Finest best
    referred by Madonna hey. Laugh these professionals are successful and efficient. Trade not ridiculing there dynamic.

    Efforts there evading LGBT as whole. Allow gentrification of exploitation of LGBT solidarity. Inquire write these LGBT business why. Don’t you support fair housing? Now is the present assist with. Fair housing, cease associating LGBT.

    Cause LGBT realtors assist AIDS Alliance S.F,Openhouse-sf and
    S.F AIDS foundation housing dept. And purchase housing for
    elderly LGBT. Your selfish going make profits! Sold LGBT out!

    Never advocated for us this mistrust. Rainbow children there eager to attend. GLAAD with false parade of unity! No readers I’ll
    be concise LGBT. Celebrities moving to Bay Area. For investments if assuming there going. Meet you in location in LGBT keep dreaming. As LGBT realtors support for housing! John Galliano,Alan Bennett,Mathew Williams,Ian McKellan and
    Ann Godaff. Whom client of Vanguard yes Cameron Mackin. Yes,
    offer homes in Pacific Heights. By Patti of Domicile never stops!

    Nor shall, audacity to attend. GLAAD laughing at home your example! For united successful LGBT your not. Turn around address the neglect damage. Your causing LGBT society besides. Your correspondence with affluent LGBT. Housing,food drives needed private donations. Without government interference why LGBT community. Criticized we take most of
    so called. Health budget not so anyhow celebrities. Need stop
    talking and become. Movement NYC is show place of investments. Children just preview homes anticipated. LGBT
    affluent yes with cash to purchase. Say, what about needs of
    society. You become member donate as myself. Out those using us following homes. NYC for sale, 400 W. 12th,455 W.20th,150
    Charles,57E. 64th,144 Duane,66 E. 11th, 635 W. 42nd St #45fl and 145 Hudson St. Irony LGBT charities need donations. GMHC,RealtyHouseny,Aliforneycenter,Brooklynpride,Baileyhouse,
    Housing Works,Sagausa and Housingassistanceonline. Yeah,
    contact them appreciate your support. Besides inquire about there programs. Benefiting LGBT society cease affluent. LGBT
    whom laugh at us there. Not obligated to support are goals.

    Madonna thank you for allowing us. To empower LGBT cause your a “Diva”. More in NYC 39 E. 72nd,349 W. 86th,400 W. 12th
    and 7 W. 54th NYC. Elated financial success of LGBT if. Don’t support are Rainbow your superficial! Not, about Oscar you assume. Drawing the neglect of false assurance. LGBT change this misunderstanding around. Unity now, not future! Welcome,
    GLAAD leader of image of LGBT. Society provide housing vouchers spokespersons. For economic,political and culturally.

    Unity for those laughing your choice. Followers enjoy knowledge: besides need. Answers your local LGBT center you
    become member. I know LGBT centers not resolutions. Oppose
    erotic pursuit as…Erotic video. If have efficient on the goals objective. Society willing to listen to us. Expose those using LGBT society “Crummy Crew”! Kudo’s for your neglect enjoy your disharmony! Fair housing NYC,Chicago,S.F and Boston!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Thank you for reading getting idea’s. Not regarding my advocacy just. Empowerment of LGBT society briefly. We need become economically and socially. Active, pretaining: younger LGBT notice. EU,UK,Canada and Argentina. We pulled together industries supported. LGBT cause,it’s a challenge historically.

    Americans think independently, seldom unit for appropriate. Cause easy way to derail LGBT rights. Playing the economic acceptance then take. It away minority groups before. Gotten used never became independent. Majority of Americans support full rights. LGBT bigotry health insurance claims. Increase coverage of HIV/AIDS patients. Why? Exclusively, LGBT whom HIV positive recouse. Of bought American media those paying taxes. Say health depts LGBT friendly cities. Budget is over due LGBT HIV/AIDS. Not so private donations for social needs. Opposite social dependence__when reading. Neglect of housing,education and employment. America it’s jargon to some many. Political officials assume LGBT have no.

    Voice nor economic acceptance wise tales. Grown stale, were going to when. Madonna aloofness, not deciding to assist. Us thank you advocates we. United to provide this information. To benefit LGBT majority whom encounter. Racism daily, as GLAAD conveys. LGBT friendly, cities do they excist? Police harassment, towards LGBT citizens. Housing,employment and social bigotry we.

    Must acknowledge disparity ignoring going. Worsen ordeals ahead
    read many of the letters. Establish social groups just don’t wait. Get
    the city officials involved your. Paying taxes expose those using us!
    LGBT friendly,cities GLAAD says. Well, resolution make sure employment. Posted in LGBT communities establish. Employment
    advocacy in your cities for LGBT economics. Majority of programs
    for LGBT admit this. Advocates paid by yes tax payers. Why?

    LGBT elite getting prominence ignore us. Nothing to discuss start,
    yourself. Becoming member of LGBT society it’s not hard. Superficial…yes, participating in Pride events. Only display of valor
    we have. Long fight ahead of us make. Us stronger independently
    not dependent. Madonna thank you for your support! Were going
    to become strong society. Without the need of celebrities GLAAD.

    NYC,Chicago,Boston,L.A and S.F. Industries ignoring yes, homophobic segregation. Yes, most reside outside immediate LGBT. Areas I laugh, employed in technology industry. Most males not incline walk around. Castro street or Noe Valley why?

    Affluent LGBT, respect your opinions. But whom understands your
    inter feelings. LGBT social groups not writing. Your obligated just
    respect fact. Struggle social acceptance going. Take time help us.
    To many LGBT were not going. Any were going fight fair housing!
    Use the compiled information to enhance. Rights of LGBT society
    proud to be GAY! What did I say, not going away! Thanks bye.

  • rabbitbunny

    Erotica-Truly one of Madonna’s best artworks. Underrated!!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Drawing to conclusion, were not so. United as assumed what can. You do as individual support. Progressive LGBT organizations situation basically. Everyone has idea’s and endeavors for successful. American LGBT society gather we. Need non-LGBT support to triumph. General terms since were tax payers. Government ignores are pleas for equality. My focus education,housing polices and employment. With information rendered prior you. Become of LGBT awakening proud to share. My knowledge also regarding San Francisco. Housing denial, write board of supervisors. And LGBT organizations not influence by. Greedy for profits LGBT realtors Herth. Renowned benefited never given cent. To LGBT movement don’t allow. Facade not exterior of building fool. You Herth,Domicile,Vanguard and Paragon. Cause many
    lower income LGBT residence. To be displace TIC condo conversions. You’ll was it intentionally no. Property owners
    consulted realtors whom comply. No besides LGBT awareness, children of the rainbow. We need to mature just
    being. Aloof then finally become conscience. Sorry to late
    to fight horrible ordeals. Upon housing crisis NYC and S.F.
    Write GLAAD so they give idea’s. Most are exclusive LGBT
    realtors. Whom remain aloof laugh how. Sad I’m glad to expose them! Recently, in Belvedere,Ross and Tiburon.
    My pal fellow associate. Different agenda, Emery and crew.
    No better Herth showing real estate. To executives note
    properties yes of value. Once, again Herth why haven’t. You advocated fair housing policies? Anyway Fritz new
    my agenda. We had on are shirts “logo”. Fair housing for
    LGBT residence. Stop the Charade! Homes Emery n Fritz
    trying induce Marc Jacob,Tim Cook and Anderson. To purchase give idea addresses. Tiburon 190 Gilmartin Dr.,
    101 Mount Tiburon Rd and 6 Cibrian Dr. Fritz calls me annoying parasite. Emery choice comment your a personal
    waste? How, Emery later said to me. Whom reading your
    writing disambiguated! Clarifying concisely, Herth your.
    Making millions laughing at the poor. Bay Area has literally,
    displaced. Fair housing for lower income. No residence making yearly. Income below $50,000 okay whom. Never get
    chance of home ownership. San Francisco critics ridicule my comments. Superficial LGBT professional well real estate. Industry full of them so were. Understanding each
    other argument LGBT. Realtors are aloof on appropriations
    to allow. Fair housing proposals and stop TIC. This not the
    agenda why should. They making millions of profits. Said prior not oppose to successful. Business owners but don’t,
    slap us. In the face calling yourself innocent. LGBT businesses whom turn against progress! Example Herth
    liaison for charities Mike Shaw. Go to his website once, again golden boy. Realtor with celebrities and companies this. Herth market the elite when asked. Mike about fair housing exclusive. New construction facilities response was. Indifferent Mike, was answering only in rendering. Response other words inquiry was. Answer vague expression no your fake Mike. Note: Mike represents Herth
    at so called. Appropriate charities what about fair housing.
    Lobbying for LGBT residence new developments. To benefit whom? Mike LGBT your bought for profits! Aware
    Mike trying sell home to Chaz Bono. On yeah, either Marina
    or Ross,CA. Which later in Ross 781 5th Ave. When spoke of
    Herth business dealings Ellen,Madonna and Tim Cook. Mike suddenly, ended the conversation. Mike your fake,
    mistake use lower income. LGBT don’t care those new home buyers. Majority homophobic aware in NYC and S.F.
    Middle class LGBT renters are excluded. From fair housing
    simply apply. Property management perceives there LGBT.
    Suddenly, another applicant gotten the rental. So if your incurring this report. This to rental advocacy groups! Not finished

    • Rimmjob awaiting fair housing?

      Discredit Madonna for lies nice. Try alibis reason Madonna your superficial. Quota LGBTQ rights appease? No
      your not incline to donate. For years been taking acknowledging. Helping your career and vanity. Liar! L.A yes,Madonna is expensive. My rent controlled apt now. Ellis act read majority San Francisco. Rich LGBTQ don’t give a damn. About helping lower income LGBTQ. Whom? David Geffen,Madonna,Ellen,Zachery Quinto and
      Jody Foster. Reason careers making profits excuse. Personal insecurities…concern rights LGBTQ. if so fight fair
      housing. Plenty discrimination L.A if appear. To be LGBTQ male exceptionally. Queer behavior guess what? No
      apt reason heterosexual mania. Across liberal Los Angeles Madonna. This boring you since fighting. Women’s rights your superficial. Gay friendly cities evicting LGBTQ. Due removing rent controlled units. Madonna circles of
      friends. Not speaking truth LGBTQ facing. Hard times sitting around. Grind expect LGBTQ honor you? A joke!
      Madonna your touring going reside. Best hotels check out those. Going threw evictions on developers. Concepts
      L.A- Streetsblog LA,,LADowntownnews,Citylab,Blogdowntown and BizNow. L.A has over
      460 submitted permits. High rise construction majority office. Development percentage high rise. Towers probably
      increase due. Market L.A real estate has sky rocketed. Madonna doesn’t interest you why? Rich fans willing pay
      high. Ticket prices Madonna hold. Forum on rental laws Ms. Outspoken! Glad read your blog developer of Hong
      Kong. And South Korea trying build. Mini cities downtown near river total. 30 buildings each high rises. No below
      market rate Detroit not. Cool Magic Johnson owns Cayon/Johnson REIT. Worth billions forgotten as Madonna.
      Detroit making billions high rises. Friend of Jimmy and Dr.Dre! High rise mania toasting poor to curb! Nice Maddy!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Yes, were still awaiting support. Many say, Oscar you have abundant amount. Information regarding LGBT organizations to. Answer, you readers can obtain. Source of knowledge how? Become part of movement learn to support. Efficient LGBT organizations trying appropriate equality. Now upon, concern housing further. Information gotten plenty of criticism from. LGBT organizations calling this Queen! Harsh, tell me because superficial nature. Been exposed regarding NYC,Boston,San Francisco and Chicago. Those supporting change when inquire. To elite chosen few LGBT do. They actually care about struggles. including Ellen,Madonna and Anderson whom. Endeavoring to purchase homes in Bay Area. Yes, understood lack of solidarity ask. Yourself as individual not as whole! Can you empower the movement LGBT. Rights absolutely, tired of excuses. Are weak spots employment,insurance benefits and fair housing. Lets draw upon, housing critical. Of my advocacy on bashing LGBT realtors. Response GlAAD awards May 2013 Hilton San Francisco. Possible guess appearance Madonna? Wow shall enhance fair housing in San Francisco. I’m mocking the distorted untruths! Realtors can’t lobby for housing proposals ? Is this so,many of firms mention. Revenue over $200 million yearly once. Prior, not dispute net gain of companies. Offer the assistance to LGBT community. Were tired of impartial lies get out there! Not telling us the truth possible. Castro be on in memory trying redevelop. Area rentals and units for sale. For those whom can afford okay! Once, successful LGBT areas in NYC,Boston,S.F and Chicago. Since many rented commercial and residential. Been rezoned displacing LGBT residence. So if your LGBT youth laughing. Go elsewhere wasting my time. Others trying obtain resolution to survive! Watch GLAAD live in dream majority. Attending are affluent care less. About your ordeals my opinion rather. Write me go down local LGBT centers. To discuss your future in your metropolitan areas! Harrowing__we so called advocates whom.

    Tax payers disputing government policies. Whom you gather financing housing. Agendas well not LGBT rich celebrities. Watching GLAAD awards did I insult. Someone or group to damn

    bad! Glad to bring honest truth readers. Yes housing funds you’ll.

    Say, can be specific surely. Boston so called New England friendly

    LGBT. City for advocates write and invite. LGBT organizations you

    need your share. Since paying taxes excuse me were. Private money Madonna,Ellen,Rosie,Anderson and Barry? Masshousing

    website had different programs fair housing. For immediate Boston metropolitan area. Chicago offers Housing Trust Fund and

    Low Income Housing Trust Fund. Non profit seeks housing development Chicago Inspirationcorp. Funds are available housing advocate. Have plan along lawyers urban planners. Never forget invite them have. LGBT media friendly housing for

    lower income. New York City has many funds worth billions in aid!

    Obtain majority housing funds NY state. Nyshcr funds NYC

    Acquistion Fund (LLC),Housing Trust Fund (HFF)Afforadle Housing Corp (AHC)NYC Public Development Corp and Development Fund (HDF). Advocate don’t take no for answer. Have the objective your organization. Must have proposed budget plan. Housing sites get funding since Ellen and Madonna. Refuse assist us were going to win! San Francisco land of LGBT equality

    best realtors. Of the industry Domicile Properties,Herth,Vanguard

    and Paragon. Saying liberty what ever? Wrote this subjectively done nothing. Housing agenda for San Francisco enriched. Profits

    continue selling out and to celebrities! Residents of the Rainbow

    Housing Trust Fund S.F. Wroth only dismal $10 or 50 over the

    years. Politics usually non LGBT residence get. Housing communities built not HIV/AIDS. Nor family housing for LGBT residence. Liiifund offers two programs Affordable Housing Community Capital and Bay Area Transit-Oriented Housing fund!
    Finish this later thanks!

    • Herinck

      Bought about revolution which. Many felt the lack unity
      among. Rich LGBT centers good offer. Where systematic only elated when. Pride events going for not political. Success but cruising why Sex Book. Bought curiosity among those denial. Sexual identity among Madonna, I never faulted. Madonna for gentrification which apparent. Presently, I reside in Long Beach,CA rents. Increase due,international corporations LGBT.

      Face discrimination living L.A area were. Not getting ahead only seek victimized. Images as Madonna Sex Book (1992) wonder since. Madonna celebrity and woman media. Didn’t frown on the exploitation. Once, again Madonna used abuse. Sexual roles and gender Madonna what saying. Regarding LGBT rights is actual message. Insecurity upon, you neglect to identify. Your lesbian your choice. Younger LGBT believing false assurance with. Outing yourself America companies
      not incline. To accept employee’s LGBT especially.

      Transgender myself Queer even. Fellow Gay men detest
      us Queers. Madonna you made false statements. Expect LGBT just to forget bought. Homes never donated to a cause. This abuse rentals increase in cities. Mention due so called those able. To pay market
      rate displacing. Few whom eager to survive. Madonna
      could perform benefit concert. Injustice among LGBT
      I know. You have for Pussy Riot what ever. Ellis Act
      semi repeal Senator Leno D. California. Basically renters
      can reside for 5yrs. Until property owners decide sell.
      Doesn’t cover owners decide what? Demolish the buildings also clarification. LGBT resides placid neighborhoods which. Market rate San Monica and Melrose eviction city for. Working class for rich LGBT
      buying rentals. Guilty many buying from LGBT realtors.

      Ricky Martin,Ellen,Anderson,Zachery and Tim Cook.
      Never associate struggles of LGBT movement. Madonna do have more tricks for publicity? Saying
      promoting LGBT generate success inaccurate. Tom
      Tunney alderman of Chicago supports. Fair housing for
      LGBT along James Cappleman. Fighting housing yes,
      opposite eager. Realtor of rich Frank Nolan VP of Vanguardsf. Whom continue support Ellis Act. Laugh those advocating fair housing. Rob and Dave of Winecountylisting whom sold. Over $275 million in sales
      yes many. Off MLS Dave said I’m realtor enjoy clients.

      Not statistics supports Ellis Act. Due to profits why animosity divides. LGBT front we can resolve this. Lobby for polices benefit LGBT. Society establish organizations for unity Madonna. Actually conservative
      LGBT your choice. Don’t use us! Madonna shall list your
      estates in Bay area. With Patty,Randy,Emery or Frank?

      Living good life in NYC along. Christine Quinn no ones
      friend whom. Guilty owns rentals in Brooklyn whom. Evicted HIV renters for market rate tenants. Christine
      supported gentrification NYC and California. Christine
      owns rentals and estates. Bay Area now understand
      using LGBT front. Knowledge could empower housing
      equality. LGBT many refuse due profits Councilman Cory Johnson D NYC. Friend BMR housing people and
      LGBT? Cory owns condo in SOMA. Home in Napa county friends of Frank Nolan. Business ignoring discrimination of LGBT fair housing. Tom Duane D. NY
      owns multi-family in Bay Area. Home in Sea Cliff and
      Windsor,CA telling lies you care. Or dare to challenge those segregating. LGBT employment and housing
      singing songs benefit. Whom? Celebrities do more were
      enduring evictions. Information is valid lies of celebrities!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Awaiting special appearance GLAAD, San Francisco. 2013 Shall
    provide another speech of incouragement? Now, those wondering
    with all information. Oscar can you be specific surely. LGBT organizations of NYC whom awaited. Donation was left behind this.
    So unkind of Anderson and Madonna why. Just getting attention
    anyhow my. Agenda is employment rights,brand management and
    housing. These are essential we need. To address, these were still. Dependent society in America when. Shall majority of residents of NYC. Acknowledge cultural contributions of LGBT residents? Hello,EU,UK,Canada and Australia offer courses. To puplis LGBT studies given. Respect and diginty hello, Obama sign. Into law still awaiting federal decicions. On full rights anyway, fully offer. Housing programs non profits need assistance. Realtyhouseny,Baileyhouse,Housingworks,Aliforneycenter,Communityaccess,NYCaffordablehousing
    ,Transitaionalhousing,SageUSA,Callen-Lorde and Housingassistanceonline. Last excellent site to obtain information. Agencies for rental assistance now. Objection providing equality towards those. LGBT community whom, lack sufficient means. Basically, lower income LGBT ignored by redevelopment agencies. NYC,Chicago,Boston and San Francisco. Why? Aware of need of economic assistance! Lobby is problem regarding real estate. Firms they? Real estate companies retain influence progressive. Markets especially those listed. As LGBT friendly, whom detest the. LGBT residence. Regarding housing aware within LGBT. Society majority of whom owners are. Lesbians either single or married no this. Not statistical eventually were going. To change this in America oppose. EU,UK and Canada there even. Regarding home ownership we need. This why home
    ownership entails political. Clout were tired of being excluded. Recommend lower income housing for those. Health,elderly and
    single household families. Were a Rainbow society cease the elite. Atttiude when spoke, to Frank Nolan of Vanguard. Real estate San Francisco refuse to answer me. Said, consult the President wasting my time! Not giving dime of Mr. Nolan time. For
    LGBT residence of San Francisco. Whom attending I made illusion GLAAD. Awards Frank is director fo developments. For new high rise or multi-family housing. Bay Area so nice, care less.
    About struggle and ordeals of LGBT. So before we fight externals.
    Look at disparity among LGBT society. AIDS Housing Alliance
    submitted plans. Housing rejected problem with San Francisco.
    Land is commodity as NYC,Chicago and Boston. Those in non
    profits if given building. Seek legal representation from real estate. Lawyers so if your non profit fails. Those residences have
    security otherwords. Building be rezoned net profit meaning. Eviction same problems endures. Recommend Baileyhouse and
    Communityaccess whom. Ownes former bank owned properties of NYC. There efficiency REIT firms offer assistance. Have excellent
    advocate lawyers. Supporting goal lower income housing. For
    HIV/AIDS and elderly tenants just idea. Were going to win not befriend for profit. Patti hope your enjoying yourself. Whom a proficient realtor no doubt. Anticipate selling 3810 Washington st.
    to Ellen Degeneres. Herth trying sell to Ellen 2898 Vallegio St! So
    nice, salesmanship wow! 164 Sea Cliff Ave Patti trying to sell to
    Anderson Cooper. These realtors referred by Madonna! Eager to
    decline housing for lower income. LGBT residences Essex Property trust and Bridgehousing. Has collaborated low income housing. New development of San Francisco Transbay. You’ll say
    I don’t no San Francisco. Well this quell unbalance of city of eagerness! Towards those whom believe in fair tales. No this wasn’t subjective please just. Honest the greed of profits housing. Is insufficient there building new. Communities in Chinatown not
    LGBT area why? Game of politics write the mayor of these. Cities
    why they neglect LGBT community. You must advocate or be forgotten! Tower of S.F 41 or taller low income. Shall quarter of
    residence be LGBT? Hello, you need to act and fight. To win this new community. Bridgehousing excellent company non profit infomed. No LGBT realtor tired to assist housing. For those less
    I write later!

    • Shining Rainbow going to fight

      No one picking on Madonna. Lesson you gotten rich forgotten. LGBTQ whom made you those. Not rich getting unwelcoming. L.A,Chicago,NYC and San Francisco. Odd, Madonna gentrification benefiting. Banks and insurance firms what. Have you learn Madonna only. About you? Travel enjoy your tour no. More talk about LGBTQ don’t. Care to share Madonna LGBTQ L.A. Facing evictions serious we. Asked celebrities to assist us. Nothing fair cousing needed. Celebrities buying with cash dash. Away from LGBTQ organizations L.A Food bank. The Center Madonna! Long Beach,CA needs to impeach. His royal gentrified whom? Mayor Robert Garcia friend of Madonna! Pro development learn to say. Long Miami how? High rises and corporate greed. Destroying rent control yeah!
      Wrote about “Crummy Crew” regarding. Attitude impartial irate selling TIC. Same L.A going to worsen only. Profits Madonna friend Frank Nolan. Realtor of gentrified interest has developments. Lower Market street San Francisco Madonna. Enjoy your estates you earned. Every bit of them insult to LGBTQ. Rights your selfish many others! Mayor Garcia is Gay what. Did I say doesn’t give. A damn spoke with TIm Cook. Only visual refuse help with housing. Madonna friends making strides. Able buy with cash majority. LGBTQ facing evictions thanks Ms. Liar! Recommend depress L.A Curbed developments. Cities LGBTQ friendly allowing gentrification! Repressive no protection among. Rich LGBTQ ignore social blight. Fight is on were going to win! Nothing to defend Madonna!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Children of the Rainbow, your saying Oscar. What is your agenda I have many. With appropriation I currently use. Former fund manager for non profits. Believe me when, read monologues. This Queen not wasting your time. Abstract which is appropriate see my. Critics are ‘reprobated” persons whom. Don’t care to share organizations with.
    Potential clients websites are fine there. Many whom, igonore the services. Resolution advertise yes, civic governments now. Cities GLAAD awards city hall has. Listing fo LGBT organizations with the purpose. By the way I’m GAY having nice day. Not running away, don’t care. If Madonna refuse to acknowledge LGBT. Organizations were going to survive. Now, you’ll how can generate revenue. Every group has different agenda. On facilities use this main expenses. And funding for future growth. Queen nows, how to obtain funding. Without straining my brain or getting. Drain not afraid of celebrities whom. Use the LGBT cause, I expose along. Others were networking Madonna, has use.
    LGBT to be remembered I state this. What has Madonna contributed and established? Enough now LGBT were family or so. While becoming
    member of LGBT you. Can according to your financial background.
    Can establish a fund for efficiency. Now in American LGBT centers
    interest. Employment centers,health care and food programs. Majority are grants now my critics. Since were tax payers yes. Why the exclusive support reason. Gives us independence from government.
    Interference, were innovativing growth are society. LGBT society is
    segregated do see. Advertisment promoting harmony so you. See, the
    damage of institutionalized bigotry! Not, going away to many managers.
    LGBT centers just remain aloof. Not actually, attracting clients. Yes, there personel whom irate. Potential clients, yes many companies. Whom actually provide aid no grants. You must right we’ll residing. EU,
    UK and Canada global 5000. Firms by law getting what left of tax. Write
    offs giving to charities ask yourself. Have American health care given
    LGBT citizens. A break, not discount but. Exclusion write and vote for
    partnership. Rights on insurance plans benefits. Hello, EU,Canada and
    UK allows this. If we become triumphant German. Elections 2013, full
    rights as France including. Adoption,Health care,Insurance,Housing
    and Employment rights. Obama favor full equality Mr. FIx it!
    What reading, many of letters putting everything. On advocates and centers we are. The voice and support for future. LGBT America, without your opinions. Contribution were going lose are strenghth!
    Forget, Madonna video above what is that? Doesn’t reflect my life style. Nor, sexuality too sad Madonna. Your in Lesbian closet using twinks. To escape, your sad shape. Without male dates to cover for you. LGBT children we need funding recommend. This cause food drive for HIV/AIDS. Elderly and lower income LGBT why. Giving back to are cause now. Say this civil policy from governmental. Level apparently, economic woes of America. You be awaiting long time for a dime. Take consideration when donate to LGBT center. Each center has budget which. Available to members see what. Explaining need for younger LGBT to participate. Before to late were wasting time. On watching so called events. Which in general don’t encourage growth. GLAAD and others welcome you as member. Don’t stop if feel the organizations inept. Establish your own were not backing down. Or wearing frowns sitting around. For Madonna to response we’ll remember. Madonna whom going release new title. Boycott and laugh lower income.
    Housing is needed in San Francisco,Boston,Chicago,NYC and L.A. When read, about the situation the. Following cities majority of realtors. Rainbow nation and refuse to promote housing. For lower income LGBT why? Impartial attitude no profit did. Learn this from Madonna? The cities mention only 4 funded low income housing. Was threw private contributions no city funds. Disgrace in are faces so when. Mocking Queens joke my concerns! What have these Ms. Thangs done for LGBT. Movement as Madonna nothing expect. Those reading abstract what you seek. Never mind my rendering purpose. Getting attention for appropriation of LGBT cause! Madonna your using us as we are! Assist your local LGBT centers and organizations. They need you and admire you. For I disclose gotten your letters. Upon, discriminations from colleges you. Need submit greviance to Dept of Education. Be specific
    yes, fully aware or empowerment. Scare Madonna, assocates with.
    Elite LGBT whom ignore those around. Us so why discuss them? LGBT
    students have apply for schools grants. During interview say there LGBT recouse. Deny them stereotype we only. Seek typical course of study no. When can achieve any educational proficiencies! You file law suit against institution for denying. You due, to sexual orientation readers. Racism is among us America is impartial. As long don’t have to associate. LGBT forget the lies LGBT friendly cities. Do they exist in
    America my example. San Francisco is professional class city for those. Credentials are LGBT getting there share. Of top positions and making decision? Especially health care, law firms and software engineering companies. I see good old America heterosexual persons.
    Whom fear the economic and political. Strength of LGBT cities were see power. Canada,UK,France,Low Countries and Nordic regions. So
    don’t go there American cities are free. Usually if companies LGBT owned still. Are the voice for growth or impartial. Case Herth Real estate and realtors NYC. Making hundreds of millions revenue. Not nowing what to do for lower income. LGBT hello, this not example. I advocate
    London realtors pro low income. Housing for elderly,HIV/AIDS and
    LGBT disable. Residence we need work on are selfs. Now, employment
    each state has agencies. To assist you on wage,discrimination and
    training. Appropriate the cause if know companies. Homophobic in culture there many lawyers ready. Civil suit remaining silent effects.
    Purpose of LGBT center show appreciate. Of contributions of LGBT
    citizens besides. These principles facilites use. Progressive functions
    many associate with. Prominent groups yes, non LGBT. Yes, we
    not exclusive nor inclusive. LGBT accept those whom acknowledge. Are
    contributions to society do understand. This Madonna, not erotic fantasies! Before critical of LGBT organizations. What have you accomplished draw attention. To are goals, you decide. Too many just
    await the centers. Or groups correspond with personal ego’s. Keep waiting say this was vague. Gotten off your ego trips from. Your lips as
    Madonna and Anderson. If you follow there exampel government. Going
    to assist you’ll remain confused. Not this Queen and others. Younger
    LGBT seek, higher education and careers. Assistance doesn’t entail dependency contribute. Your donations tax write offs. Affective for those needing the service. Do care about others I do. Trust us LGBT
    we need growth. Madonna doesn’t care buying new home. In Scotland
    spending another $20 million to remolded. Manor home on 6,891 acres
    so nice shall. Provide assistance to local Scottish LGBT organizations?
    Where not going keep are mouth’s shut! I pay taxes have citizen rights. What making companies and moralist uptight. With fight of undelight, Dept of Labor and EEOC. Since federal level you can only. Chose one federal agency to represent you. In civil case, now state levels. They vary by state only problem. If the agencies either state or federal.
    Incline to accept your case everything. Is political Madonna, your employed. By entertainment machine have you advocated. Getting LGBT persons hired? Major networks and broadcasting companies. Seldom mention contributions of LGBT employees. So before someone squabbles this. Queen is harsh on those using. Cause get out there become part of us! Read the content not about me. But us forget Madonna being. Fan so be it LGBT rights. Just stay away Madonna!!!!

    • Jooeri irate LGBTQ using us!

      I’ll say what your conveyed. Advocated should been address now. Superficial image of goals really. Since comments objectives increase segregation. Towards LGBTQ especially housing,employment and health care. USA recourse token factors. Those receiving endorsements from those. Denying LGBTQ front equality more. Than simply acknowledging your. LGBTQ hello, we need full equality. Chance make social progress aware. Not prefect society Anderson and Madonna. Hardly, the voice reason there. Publicity Anderson has purchase estate. Connecticut 2014 $ 6 million with cash. Dashing efforts to support LGBTQ organizations. Myself Oscar you bought neglect. LGBTQ society detest reading lies. Celebrities saying, there OUT were. Anderson and Rufus Wainright forgotten. New resident Mary Cheney and wife Mrs. Heather Poe.
      Whom refuse assist Bernal Heights LGBTQ center/library. San Francisco Anderson going producer of what? Assurance you Out yourself going. Benefit whom, certainly not majority. We LGBTQ don’t idolize.
      Celebrities problem media attention. Anderson tell us what LGBTQ organizations. Do you support? Madonna
      refuse discuss this nice. Your able purchase homes.
      Owners OUT hotel chain going. Open residential/hotel
      locations L.A and San Francisco. Anderson purchase
      desire condo with. Madonna and Chris Hughes ideal
      LGBTQ examples. Castro street and Greenwich Village
      remembrance. Why? Politics disunity among us were.
      Concern only marriage and acceptance. Read the content to empower. The movement erotic not what. Conveyed to establish efficient LGBTQ. Economic front!
      HUD refuse assist BMR housing. Developments for working class LGBTQ. Since information San Francisco
      increase. Evictions your accurate on gentrification. South Van Ness prize development displacing. Residents majority LGBTQ Anderson shall. Mike,Larry,
      Emery and Frank Vanguardsf. Continue sell only best
      Mr. Powder Boy! Madonna buddies in real estate! No doubt resolution become. Member respected LGBTQ group. Cease reverting celebrities there only. For profits
      Madonna,Tim Cook,Anderson and Chris Hughes. Shall
      invite LGBTQ groups estate warming? Answer is no! Preview estates sold yes market. Efficient oppose evictions and discrimination. Avid LGBTQ USA Tim Cook Mr. Apple. Fa├žade ratio of LGBTQ getting hired.
      Apple dismal why? Tim friends of Anderson Cooper.
      263 Surfside Dr Bridgehamtpon,NY and Southhampton
      NY. Following estates Tim previewed with cash! 980 Meadow Lane,28 Gin Lin Rd,385 Great Plains Rd,595
      Captains Neck Lane and 160 Ox Pasture Rd. Good life while majority endure strife. No envy proven fact were. Not united celebrities never. Donate able receive tax deductions. Expect us whom we to support. There false
      status opposite. Commit yourself upon learning agenda.
      Strong LGBTQ society don’t waste. Time on celebrities enjoy exposing. Those using us nothing to. Discuss vote against politicians homophobic. Those LGBTQ conservative many among. Us only see there personal gain. Fight is among us solidarity now. Thank you Madonna and celebrities getting. Message across bye.

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Excited about GLAAD presentation for. Equality and liberty? Madonna, shall present Anderson Cooper. Media award for LGBT is there something? Wrong, apparently first American media. Bought and taught bymoralist whom. Attempting to derail the LGBT movement! Read this were fighting you. Exposing those guilty within. LGBT employed in the closet no. Didn’t contradict, my prior comments. On seeking, to Out individuals. We acknowledge Madonna, lack of support. For LGBT organizations moving along we. As whole those incline for change. What are essentials we seek. For successful LGBT movement Rainbow. Children were stil minority accept bigotry. We I advocate equality not believing. Fantasy we’ll, be treated equality? Hello, this not reality struggle is own. Fawl employment laws,insurance,K-12 history,housing,entertainment and housing. My critics attack me not physically. Saying addressing to many topics. Answer is no, those listed. Main surviving for societies including. Rainbow Nation let’s address attitude aspirations. Rainbow Children, you’ll inquire
    whom? To resolve the disparties simple. Where tax payers presumeably, continue. Write and hold forums regarding equality.
    Yes, moralist aware strength of oppressed. LGBT citizens health are biggest racist! Health plans regarding HIV or partner. Sharing your health plan there allot. To considers write FCC on programs.
    Harassing promoting racism towards LGBT. Yes, many aware of
    the goals. Just don’t take everything I write. Get involved if accomplish success. Benefits LGBT community K-12 teenagers.
    Segregated afraid to be themselves resolution? For protection and
    behavorial science. Allow LGBT schools why, children. Have foundation on there goals and can. Successful contribute to society
    write corporations. To acknowledge LGBT employee’s and lenient.
    Policies for employment you say. This Queen is wating time not.
    Hardly, Madonna is getting attention. For event Madonna never contribute a dime. This time for publicity Cyndi Lauper. Sung Boy
    Blue about photographer close. To Cyndi whom die of AIDS really.
    Cyndi always given appeared Pride events. Madonna? What ever
    Anderson is selling his homes NYC,NJ and Boston. Shall the proceeds go for lower income LGBT. Programs answer is no, this why. Laugh at those speaking for American. LGBT agenda there snubbs only seeking. Attention for there organizations I’m writing.
    To promote goals of LGBT front. Since Madonna is using LGBT okay! Stay tune Madonna appearing GLAAD. Awards NYC March
    16 2013 has NYC accepted. LGBT Madonna Brooklyn Pride could
    use some. Financial assistance along NYC non profit organizaitions! Annoying problem of homophobic attitudes. Regarding Blu men were positive of what? Seeking equality and
    liberty GLAAD. Event not representing my agenda. Do I oppose GLAAD yes and no. You’ll never get entire organization. To address the issues we as yourself. Get involve before you become.
    Antagonisted by bigotry find your strength. Within LGBT community those causing the damage. Attempt to divide us trying
    earnestly. To derail the LGBT movement awards. Lies Southern states continue arrest LGBT citizens. Close nightclubs excuse me
    they open. Southern states but harassed media. Favor of moralist
    before you. Say Madonna antics Sex Book 1992. Quell the racism towards LGBT movement. America you should become member.
    LGBT front in metropolitan region they. Need your assistance ideas why. Remain impartial were Gay not. Running away for those hating so called. Faggots thank you making my life. Successful once, laws allow freedom. Not worrying about squabbles going. Enjoy my sexual fun lies we Gays. Cause social ills in American society what ever! Continue focus on uniting to win. Disclose this Police under whom? Local Mayors in your cities if there. Harassing you resolution tax payer have. Them liability for
    segragation are problem. Children of the Rainbow we rely on organizations. Celebrities without taking responsibility to handle. The racism yes, not going away. Shall those elite finding retreat. In GLAAD offer financial assistance to lower. Income LGBT groups?
    Cum on Blue men wasting time. Online finding prefect jock support. Local LGBT organizations Pride shows. Fund raisers,special classes, health funds,employment classes and feeding. Local community center needs are attentions. Madonna thnak you for nothing remembered. When tour speech means boycott! Haven’t given since 1990, were going to win. Upon LGBT friendly cities Gay bashing has. Increased in these cities Chicago,
    Boston,NYC and San Francisco. Later San Francisco example for
    Gayness! LGBT community is divided upon agendas. Laugh so true racial indifference towards. Those not from elite families odd. Those conservative seldom contribute. LGBT cause were tried of
    only giving. To health organizations LGBT organizations! Were society not health cause! Hello, San Franciso is regional area in
    Bay Area. Yes, isolated from different cities. Northern California
    many whom never travelled. Outside this geographical area so bias. Laugh call this Queen extreme but true! Regarding so called
    American utopia of LGBT society. Awaiting void don’t expect residence of San Francisco. To openly, respect the introdures we.
    LGBT to succeed aware majority of LGBT. Population in San Francisco have entry level positions. 40% are professional class a
    ratio. Employed in real estae whom firms. Not incline to support bill to allow. Exclusive low income housing for HIV/AIDS. Elderly housing in San Francisco guilty. Herth,Vanguard,Domicileproperties and Paragon real estate. Same in NYC and Chicago those buying tickets. To so called events for
    equality allow bigotry. To continue oppress goals of LGBT. Society
    yes, San Francisco detest transgender persons. Those allow to be
    the voice in San Francisco. Favor by financial supports biggest. Among San Francisco AIDS society whom. Housing dept provides
    rental assistance. Local residence well majority living. Poverty hello, can we address this! AIDS Housing Alliance San Francisco kudos! Excellent goal seeking financial support housing. HIV/AIDS
    and elderly LGBT discrimination in housing. San Francisco and NYC if your positive HIV even. LGBT organizations ignore you? Why before we call those. Racist whom trying divide the goals. Can we address problems San Francisco. Not the example for LGBT citizens. So when those immigrating you’ll. Find dishonesty
    around you those. LGBT whom only cruise or not concern. About
    LGBT rights if so why? Did Milk 2008 movie bomb? Didn’t receive
    national acclaim since. Majority of media is Rainbow nation. Admit
    it bigotry towards LGBT society. Harry Milk(1930-1978) wasn’t icon for American LGBT cause. What you have historically during 70’s.
    Openly, Gay politican: claim to fame. Was assassinted in office Harvey seeked. To empower elite rule of LGBT. Yes, diversity wasn’t the agenda including. Transgender,Lesbians, Heterogenious thoughts just White male. Doubt my comments those expecting. United LGBT front you’ll be baffled. San Francisco besides large LGBT population. Were not in control economically in San Francisco. Award employment LGBT whom present. So called LGBT candor overlooked. San Francisco home to corporate
    banking,international trade,cartels,multi-media firms. Yes, health care whom gotten sue over. Racial discrimination hiring in San Francisco. Gay men health professonals thought. To be HIV positive assumption by companies. Black,Asian and Latin LGBT
    going write this. Endure segregation we LGBT innocent. Incident in
    San Francisco 2005 Mark Welch. Whom owns the Hard Rock store. Castro was beaten and raped did. Police department of San
    Francisco embrance. This crime no impartial now. Problem those
    guilty of this crime. Were African origin recourse non White. Clubs
    were closed immediately in Castro! Why scare or racism from within. Many friends confined in me. Saying non White LGBT are
    worthless? Bias were all discriminated don’t supported. This I’m White defense on rape. Castro not first nor last many fights. In LGBT clubs nation wide. Media doesn’t care only HIV epademics.
    Attention Mark said Black LGBT should. Associate with LGBT does
    this make since. I see this attitude of expected gain. Or thought I have knowledge of LGBT. Topics don’t expect everyone in LGBT.
    Community share this many are superficial. Gather experience level wrote this to influence. Those hating not a cause learn. And grow even Lesbians in San Francisco. Experience sexism from Gay males. Usually, employment and night clubs. Paradox not only
    San Francisco Lesbians. Seek to attend male clubs clause. Only
    male is disputed Transgender? Now you understand my argument!
    Bottom line San Francisco has cut. Fiscal spending which didn’t offer. Great deal to lower income LGBT. If your expecting some
    resident. Of exclusive neighborhood, think again. Your on your own
    you can. Empower yourself careeer wise in San Francisco. Don’t forget to associate LGBT organizations. Seeking change not profit
    as NYC! Example for new LGBT professional career. Only seek,
    personal endeavors well. Your choice this Queen going. Strive for
    unity wrote San Francisco. Bring the attention of decadence. Interferring with the goals Madonna shall. Attend NYC and San Francisco awards GLAAD. Accomodations for Madonna stay in
    San Francisco. Her mansion in Pacific Heights. Why ever is uptight
    including. Me you haven’t assisted us. Discussion LGBT whom,
    offer Madonna love. Help us tried of mistrust Madonna. Good bye!

    • LGBTQ facing evictions Madonna

      True or your advocacy majority. BMR units before election mayoral. Reelection San Francisco 2015 for sale. LGBTQ haven’t gotten any new. Communities built only assurance of hope. To cope Ed Lee for rich supported. LGBTQ realtors especially Frank Nolan. Dave and Rob of Wineandcountry realty. Selling TIC disunity among LGBT Madonna. Congratulations accomplishing your goals using. LGBTQ Madonna vanity overwhelmed you! Scott Wiener friend of Christine Quinn NYC. Favors Micro Housing even L.A understatement. You pay for per sq footage! Insult redevelopment agencies pro private. Interest angered rich LGBTQ using. Cause shame Maddy!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Referring to above photo’s so. MTV or those dispose to preview. Erotica antics were placid why? Message sexual fantasy problem Sex Book. Promotion gotten the attention fully aware. Racism conjured by those homophobic. For those detest sexual free not. Choice once sexual liberation anyhow. Bought repugnance towards
    dirty nude. Photo’s when preview video tell me? Madonna not showing erotic photos. Nor, women took offensively. See this bigotry from those. Detesting body hello, using so called. Parental guidance
    read me clear. Without fear okay to purchase sex toys. Buy dearest,
    husband girlie magazines. Adverse towards prostitution or sex trade!
    Madonna video didn’t convey such. Harshness once, Madonna publicity machine. Play upon those inhibited in mind! Is this unkind
    don’t say content. Above is LGBT artist fantasy not. Hold thank you!

    • Daniel proud to be Gay!

      Believing ahd experiencing another sold. Me not property lack involvment. So called poltically correct LGBTQ! Advocates don’t suppport commercialization false. Unity reading Out,GLAAD and Attitude. These celebrities example for whom. Yes lving with HIV not faulting Madonna. Landlord informed tenants going delist. Take off market different San Francisco. San Monica,CA aware Madonna if you care. Since sold homes L.A decide not. Assist LGBTQ organizations Madonna,your choice. Learning myself false support social. Causes especially affluent LGBTQ mention. David Geffen,Chris Hughes and Jonathan Harvey. There rich seldom comprehend segregation. LGBTQ struggle angers me journalism. Reverting Madonna conquest upon what? Bringing attention to respect liberties. LGBTQ inaccuate Anderson owns residents. Southern California only associates those. Able to empower Anderson wealth and popularity. Saying Madonna hold not guilt your. Name brings fame it’s strange. Evictions increase planning depts of Los Angeles county. Cities Madonna were GLAAD and Out say. LGBTQ friendly Pasadena,San Monica.Long Beach,Gendale and Torrance. Once respected LGBTQ community destroyed. Greedy few accurate realtors LGBTQ. Don;t care to interest fellow. LGBTQ renters housing crisis you. Most fit into income and image. Politicallly corrrect LGBTQ elite among. Madonna circles these LGBTQ only. Wear signature Gay loyalities yes. Fake mistake believe everything is good. Among LGBTQ notice change L.A. Attitude towards Queers among fellow. LGBTQ you must fit into behavior. Image nonsense judging photos. Personal struggles which cause your popularity.
      Myself refuse judge my sexual orientation! Sack respect Madonna never help. Forums along your Gay circles only. Publicity youth following flamboynate external. Participation telling everyone your LGBTQ? Really besides marriage in USA bigotry. Among LGBTQ true about San
      Franicsco. Renowned LGBTQ realtors popular in L.A. Herth guilty assisting evictions in 2000’s.
      San Monica? How multi-families dwellings owners resided. San Francisco caught LGBTQ community abusing there. Own Madonna you bought from Herth was. Your worth realty evicting
      lower. Income HIV tenants 2008 got boycotted! Larry,Franck,Mike,Emery,Fritz and Dan. Buying LGBTQ journalism opposite detest. Fair housing LGBTQ never donated. Lies read eviction tenants San Francisco. Madonna harming family trust among. LGBTQ example were all rich! Madonna going listen to your. New release going ignore your. False solidarity for LGBTQ donate. Not talk San Francisco and San Moncia gentrified. Formerly LGBTQ no longer rich residents. Shame Madonna help us! Horrible media were together not. Sticking together only talk. Unity now!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Final pursuit not exclusively Madonna. Fault as entertainer Madonna has. To appease majority Madonna. Opinions her, own
    Erotica was. Personal fantasy, lingering bigotry. Of LGBT citizens
    employment. Insurance coverage for parnters not. Allow same in Italy elections. Of 2013 Germany and Italy parties. Favoring equality succeed liberity for us. George Michael acknowledge freedom 1998. Financially assist LGBT cause providing. $40 million contributions including health funding. Housing,legal and family concerns LGBT citizens. For those not concern of needs efficient LGBT. Community solidarity is needed whom.

    Understands your goals and culture? Many American LGBT organizations revert George. For his encouragement of unity among. LGBT stance of liberty Madonna. Are Girl Gone Wild?
    Video a LGBT statement as Erotica! Once, those saying embittered “Queen”. Wasting effort I’ll share resolutions. With readers submit letters to entertainment. Industry report bigotry to FCC or National. Broadcasting in your nation brand management. Sports example hasn’t change since. Erotica! Did you expect this?

    Essential beverage,foodstuff,cars,finance,travel,health care and real estate. Advertising inform those creating. Did I write this I guess. You seek acknowledgement LGBT contributions. Initial market there fully aware. Damage and racism cause bigotry!

    Awaiting upon, Madonna never? Best of musical success Madonna continue. Harass LGBT rights eventually boycotts. Going happen were tried getting. Smile no contributions Ms.Sexy!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Don’t censor just bringing merit. Madonna hasn’t supported Michigan
    LGBT organizations. Resolution were going achieve success. Soon
    Erotica video just nonsense didn’t. Achieve equality did many believe. Content above conveyed this irony. Former label angered dismal sales. Erotica later appease the industry. Machine that is
    record business whom. Detest openly LGBT artist Bedtime Stories
    appropriate. Sales and non LGBT themes what ever! Madonna!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Aware Madonna is icon entertainment. Industry not reverted which
    Madonna. Assumes if wasn’t for LGBT persons. Within entertainment industry when SEX book. Debut Madonna career tarnished. Besides photos or sexual allurements. Sexuality is hampered in America Madonna. Endeavor to displace her personal. Expression of sexuality note: Rolling Stone June 1991.

    Showing the fans Madonna acknowledgement. Sexuality my anger to celebrities. Aware of segregation if don’t financially. Support cause for LGBT community. Your wasting time with giving. Dime of contributions Madonna only. Supports HIV/AIDS due many artistic friends. Died of HIV including Herb Ritts,Christopher Flynn,Keith Haring and Patrick Kelly. Argument not saying Madonna has.

    Contribute those advocating know. The facts to be exact Madonna. Only gives under $10,000 hey. Madonna choice but don’t say. SEX BOOK established a revolution in American. Entertainment and social respect for LGBT. Residing America not accurate struggle. Among us writing illustratively: understand problems. Obama reelection 2012 pass full. Rights for LGBT were
    supported you! Madonnaphiles understand the reason Madonna.

    Chose to participate with above. Content has change or empowered LGBT. Employment,Entertainment and Health Care in
    United States. For stake of unity write industries. Above to respect
    LGBT audience Madonna. Display is only minor fight. Equality bye.

    • Finwick A figher LGBTQ rights

      Still a fan didn’t have knowledge. Objection regarding unfair housing LGBTQ. Madonna as Gay male relocted to. NYC it’s true besides rich LGBTQ. Homophobic attitude yes concur regarding. Rentals extremely expensive realtors. Only see profits Madonna do you. Support fair acquired
      social needs. LGBTQ I know Madonna response. You have many charities interest. Specific you gave many speeches. Never donated your choice heard. Prior,cold mannerism regarding selfish. LGBTQ society advocate fully accurate. Demise of appropriate example LGBTQ. Madonna whom
      influence your judgement. LGBTQ rights Steven or Christopher? If so they don’t have experience.
      Limited glad read comments going. LGBTQ events contributing education neglected. From private
      donations Madonna okay. Lulu to go ivy leauge school give. False support to LGBTQ no way Madonna. Welcome back shall donated free condoms. LGBTQ when you tour? I’ll adour you more!
      What in store without walking out. Door Madonna fair housing and employment. Friends Herth and
      Vanguardsf former. Acquired selling TIC homes off MLS! Without stress Madonna rentals high. San Francisco yes audience LGBTQ face. Evictions speak up for us! StopHerth campaign showing
      evictions. Towards lower income LGBTQ HIV and elderly. Many LGBTQ only say loyality its about.
      Profits going listen to your. New CD Madonna since resident. Big Apple your able to pay. Cash Madonna we LGBTQ struggling it not. Your not obligated could hold. Forum Macklamore and Ellen!

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    20yrs. ago wasn’t introduction to sexuality. Madonna conveying awareness now recourse. Some fans couldn’t identify with such. Antics Madonna wasn’t trying seduce. Gather attention just statement enjoy. Sex apparently, message hasen’t been.

    Understood or could when read those entrenched. What majority assumes not valid. Since debut of Sex Book marriage,adoption,employment,transgender and
    health care. Nations having given respect to LGBT. Previewing the
    content, remove this Madonna. Perference baffling example, when
    purchase. Erotic magazine do actually care. About the model name? It not insane nor lame? Madonna giving her audience fantasy. Enjoyment tried of stereotypical__Sex Book. Exclusively, for Gays so when accept. Someone for merit are inquiring about.

    Sexuality cease the labels Madonna wasn’t. Ahead of times just promoting sexual freedom. Conservatives irrate upon why?

    Madonna do such thing oppose purchasing. Girlie magazines and married hello! Art is freedom cease worrying about. Someone’s sexuality if LGBT does it actually matter. Fight is among us were going succeed. Since debut many artist come out. Shown respect
    for LGBT citizens yeah. Madonna for support only sex. Good bye!

  • madonna

    notice scenes that are photos book sex

    • 95miyu

      most of them, but some don’t appear on the book