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Madonna on the set of Girl 6

Madonna on the set of Girl 6

Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Tickets and Dates
  • Oscar Hamptonshire

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    those whom resented Madonna. Acting ablities don’t fault Madonna.
    Productions another personal flaw Madonna. Not able to apply behavior of role. Spike Lee mister dispute of social order. Capable
    of presenting excellent directorship drama’s. Anyway Madonna production company took minor roles. Madonna remain in spot light.
    Evita 1996 was musical documentary. Not muscial stereotype Madonna how? Once, again we admire singing. Madonna playing
    singer besides historical. Polticial figure Madonna wise afterwords.
    Declined musical roles or secondary roles. Madonna part in movie
    minor flim. Wasn’t good Spike actually wanted. Prince write the score
    and perform. Which he declined, Madonna diva. She is to bad Spike
    never. Gotten large productions from Hollywood. Fierce producer.

  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Even, Madonna never gotten acclaim. From acting least never deterred. Problem type cast…envy of the pen. From within go Madonna restrain. Slander making difference finding right part. Bye