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Madonna News - November 2004

Madonna to direct film based on her book

Madonna seems to be a woman of many talents, for after having wielded the pen, she is all set to direct a movie.
According to The Sun, she will sign a lucrative deal to direct a film version of her children’s book, English Roses.
She has penned the screenplay with husbandb Guy Ritchie and will start shooting next summer. The movie will be produced by Sony.
source : ANI

Madonna is back in the studio

from : can confirm that Madonna is back in the studio today to record new music. Can’t say what it is for just yet, but stay tuned to for more info.

Testino Shoots Madonna in New Versace Campaign

The house of Versace has called in two favorite superstar pals for its latest advertising campaign.
In a major break with recent seasons, Mario Testino shot Madonna last week in London for the label’s next women’s ad campaign, which will break in February 2005 issues of major magazines.
The ads, shot in a London studio, represent a major change in style for the house, which for most of this century has used Steven Meisel to shoot its major publicity efforts.
The move also signals a renewed burst of commitment from Donatella Versace, newly revitalized by her trip to substance rehabilitation clinic this summer.
Earlier this month, Donatella was the fashion star in Hamburg at the Bambi awards, Germany’s most prestigious fashion prize. Looking super-trim, Versace shared a table at the gala dinner with former Chancellor Helmut Kohl.
A spokesman for the house declined to make any comment on the new shoot. However, a source at the shoot confirmed that Madge and Donatella got on swimmingly in London.
The combination is not unprecedented, as Versace used the duo of Madonna and Testino back in the mind-nineties.
The decision to drop Meisel in favor of Testino is understood to have been inspired, in part, by concern that Meisel has become too much of a ubiquitous presence in fashion advertising. A perennial snapper of US Vogue covers, Meisel regularly shoots oodles of ad campaigns for the major houses.
Versace declined any comment on the fees for the shoot, though word has it that Madonna is primarily interested in nabbing a new wardrobe from Donatella.
source : yahoonews

Celebrity Chair Auction Celebrates 15 Years

from :
Chicago’s 15th Annual Celebrity Charity Chair Auction will be held on Wed., Dec. 1, from 6 to 10 p.m. The event, hosted by ABC 7’s Steve Dolinsky, will be held in the Grand Ballroom of the Chicago Hilton and Towers, 720 S. Michigan.
This popular event involves the silent and live auction bidding of over 100 one-of-a-kind chairs — from ones autographed by celebrities to others that are created by furniture designers and artists. Some of the celebrity chairs were inspired and autographed by Tim McGraw, Madonna, Mike Myers, John Travolta, Bill Cosby, Tom Cruise, Calista Flockhart, Reese Witherspoon, Donald Trump, Sting, and Halle Berry. Robert Duvall is on both a chair and this year’s invitation cover. Some chairs up for bid come packaged with special perks – from airfare to dinners to a ride in a NASCAR pace car. Among the furniture designers and artists involved include Matt Bins, Critz Campbell, S. Lloyd Natof , Paul Schulman, and McKinley Wells.
The Celebrity Chair Auction was founded and produced by Mary McCall benefits a number or Chicago area non-profit agencies including the Chicago Abused Women Coalition, the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, and Chicago Communities in Schools. The idea for the event began over 18 years ago, when McCall was working for actor Paul Newman as a location scout. McCall sent Newman to the now-shuttered Florence Restaurant on Taylor Street for lunch. Her late husband, Tom, suggested that she do something with the chair that Newman sat on – and the Celebrity Charity Chair Auction was born!
Chairs featured on ABC 7 News:
# Viggo Mortensen (by James Mesple)
# Robert Redford (by Mary Piper)
# Dusty Baker (by Lisa Riedl)
# Madonna (by Derek Harrington)
# Gene Hackman (by Dan Godsel)
# Marlon Brando – not autographed (by Susan B. Bruno)
# Steve Dolinsky (designed by Steve McDonough of Fire Seating, painted by Ann Haberl)
Well-known Chicago chefs of Chicago will prepare their specialties as well. The celebrity chefs include Jimmy Banos, Heaven on Seven; Kevin Shikami, Kevin; Scott Harris, Mia Francesca; Charlie Brown, WE Ristorante; Ina Pinkney, Ina’s; Chef Ted Cizma; Jean Joho, Everest, and Mary McMahon, Tio Altier.
Tickets are $80.00 each. For more information, visit the Chair Auction on the web at or call 312-565-4900.

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The material girl, Madonna, stakes her signature claim on this Derek Harrington designed chair. Included in this First Lady of Pop package is roundtrip airfare for two provided by American Airlines to a United States destination of your choice. You, too, can jet towards Miami, New York, LA or where blonde ambition all began: Bay City, Michigan.
Madonna's chair

Motherhood has killed my creativity says Madonna

Pop icon Madonna says that she is so exhausted with handling her kids and family life that she has no energy left to heed her creative instincts.
The ‘Frozen’ singer, who has two children Lourdes and Rocco and is married to British director Guy Ritchie, said that although she would love to have one more child, managing everything on her own has really taken its toll.
46-year old Madonna also revealed that she likes to play the ideal wife complete with rubbing her husband’s feet when he comes back home in the evening and receiving him at the door.
She also makes sure that she helps out with her children’s homework everyday.
“I need to calm myself. I don’t have a manager anymore, so now I’m my own everything. Then I’m the person who stands at the door when my husband comes home from work, waiting to rub his feet,” The Mirror quoted her as saying.
“And I’m the person who helps my kids with their homework and puts them to bed. I’m exhausted. That’s my problem now. I no longer have time to be creative,” she added.
source : ANI

Madonna gives Gwyneth Paltrow baby advice

Madonna has been giving new mum Gwyneth Paltrow advice on bringing up her baby.
The pop queen, who is close friends with the Oscar-winning actress, has admitted she told Gwyneth she didn’t have to be ‘Supermom’ and look after baby Apple all by herself.
Madonna, who has two young children, Lourdes and Rocco, revealed: “I told her to stop trying to be Supermom. She didn’t have a nanny for ages. I kept asking her how she did it.”
Gwyneth – who is married to Coldplay star Chris Martin – recently revealed she would hire a nanny once she goes back to work.
The stunning actress gave birth in May and, despite previously criticising working mothers for not spending enough time with their children, Gwyneth admits she will have to get help.
She told Britain’s Red magazine: “I really love being with Apple. We had a baby nurse for the first few weeks and she showed me how to bath her and get her on a proper schedule.
“I’m sure if I go back to work I’ll hire one, so right now I’m just cherishing being with her while I can. But I’m not some superhero. If I want to get a massage, I’ll ask her daddy to watch her, or we get a baby-sitter if we want to go out for dinner.”
Before Apple’s birth, Gwyneth caused controversy when she hit out at working mothers.
She said at the time: “There are certain women in this business who have children and I just think, ‘You must never, never see them.’ You can’t do movies back to back and see your child if they go to school.”
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Versace campaign

Madonna will be spending her Thanksgiving Day shooting the new ad campaign for Versace. A rep for Donatella Versace confirmed the pop queen is doing the shoot in London today. While he refused to say what Madonna was getting paid, we hear she’s being compen sated in trade “

Madonna considers motherhood

Life just doesn’t seem to stop for pop’s iconic queen.
Madonna, three months after finishing her grueling, super-successful Re-Invention Tour, has just published her fourth children’s book, The Adventures of Abdi, and now says that she won’t mind getting pregnant again.
In an interview with People magazine, the 46-year-old singer said she isn’t making any definite plans, but says, ‘I’m going to have fun with my husband and see what happens.’
Married to director Guy Ritchie, Madonna also talked fondly of her friends Gwyneth Paltrow and Stella McCartney, who’ve made her feel welcome in her relatively new English habitat.
She seems to be loving writing for young readers, and is currently focused to continue work with them. ‘My focus is to turn The English Roses (her first children’s book) into a world of adventure and inspiration for girls,’ she says. ‘I want to turn it into a film. I want there to be an English Roses column where girls can write in and ask questions. I want to be able to help girls and, in the process, help myself.’
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Entertainment Highlights in History

Entertainment highlights during the week of Nov. 28-Dec. 4:
1957: Buddy Holly & the Crickets appeared on “The Ed Sullivan Show,” performing “That’ll Be the Day” and “Peggy Sue.”
1969: Simon & Garfunkel’s first TV special aired.
1973: The Who spent the night in a jail in Montreal, Canada, after causing $6,000 worth of damage to a hotel room.
1980: The surviving members of Led Zeppelin announced they wouldn’t re-form after the death of drummer John Bonham.
1982: Pop star Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” album was released.
1989: Actress Jane Fonda and California Assemblyman Tom Hayden filed separate petitions for divorce. Both said the split, after 16 years of marriage, was amicable.
1989: IRS agents raided the Las Vegas home of comedian Redd Foxx, who owed an estimated $755,000 in taxes.
1990: Madonna appeared on ABC’s “Nightline” to defend her “Justify My Love” video, which MTV had banned. The singer denied the video’s explicit content was meant to stir controversy and attract publicity.
1992: Stevie Wonder received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Academy of Songwriters.
1996: Actor Burt Reynolds filed for bankruptcy protection to reorganize $10 million in debts.
1997: The last episode of “Beavis and Butt-head” aired on MTV.
2000: The Smashing Pumpkins played their last concert, at a club in Chicago. It was the same club where they had played their first show 13 years earlier.
source : ap

Madonna talks new album & film to People Magazine

Madonna gives a revealing interview to next week’s US People Magazine (December 6 issue) and discusses her new album, musical, not having a manager and more babies…The only pic they use is a photo from Wireimage of her from the Reinvention tour opening night party.
On her new album …. “I have to record a new album….but I really don’t like the idea of just making another record. So, Im throwing a lot of balls in the air and will see what happens”
On the musical….”I’m writing for this musical I’m working on, based on the life of Texas Guinan, a woman who was a silent movie star. It’s a good story, but I don’t know if it’s acceptable or not.”
On Caresse’s departure…..”I need to calm myself. I don’t have a manager anymore, so now Im my own everything.”
On Elton John’s comments…..”When I read about it, I was surprised because I have always though of Elton as a friend. Ive had tea at his country house…..Ive had dinner at his house in the city….He was obviously having a bad day”
On being inducted into the UK hall of fame…..”It was very emotional…..It has taken me a long time to feel comfortable in England, Like it’s my home and I am welcome here. And Gweyneth and Stella did a tribute that was hysterical, so I was surrounded by people I love”
On having another baby…..”I’m going to have fun with my husband and see what happens!”
The magazine hits stands tomorrow. Madonna is not on the cover.
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Asian gurus the order of the day for Madge and co

It all seemed to begin, as did so many things, with the Beatles, way back in the sixties. That was when it appeared that anyone who was anyone just had to have their own personal guru, and preferably one who had their own personal ashram in India itself.
The Beatles certainly started a trend because, although people have followed the teachings of assorted holy men over the centuries, it was only with the fabled fab four that celebrities flocked to the call of the various spiritual guides in any great numbers.
And now, in the 21st century, a new generation of celebrities is flocking to Asian gurus for inspiration, as well as for advice on anything from health to fashion.
Recently for example, pop star Madonna asked Sri Lankan yoga master James D’Silva for help and advice in keeping her in the shape to which she, and her fans, have become accustomed.
At the same time, a whole host of Hollywood’s finest, including Demi Moore, Nicole Kidman, Cate Blanchett and Kate Winslet (she of Titanic fame) have been turning to the likes of Daya Vyas and Deepak Chopra.
The latter, who promotes a philosophy which is an amalgam of Ayurvedic medicine and meditation, is a far cry from the likes of the infamous Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, who, whilst swanning around in a white lls Royce motor car, preached sex as a path to enlightenment, thus inspiring a whole generation of hippies. And quite right too you may think.
“The messenger is only trying to be the message” Deepak Chopra has observed. He has also stated that:
“We all have part of Bush and Bin Laden’s souls”.
And no, I have no idea what he is talking about either, but it sounds pretty scary. Far better to stay with the teachings of the likes of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who promoted traditional meditation techniques as an aid to better health, which didn’t seem to do the Beatles any harm whatsoever.
In the end of course, it all comes down to personal wellbeing, both spiritual and physical, so what could be better than what actress (and previous Mrs Jude Law) Sadie Frost is doing? She has just agreed to lend her name to a new range of health foods inspired by her Indian doctor and guru Nish Joshi.
Dr. Joshi’s goodies, called, not unreasonably one hopes, Feelgood Foods, include organic soups and breads and sound like an ideal fusion of East and West. Time will surely tell.
source : ani