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Madonna News Archives for December 2004

Best Quotes of 2004

Madonna’s successful marriage to film-maker Guy Ritchie is down to their devotion to studying the Kabbalah – according to close friend Vinnie Jones.
ock, stock and two smoking barrels and Snatch, credits the couple’s intense interest in the mystical branch of Judaism as being responsible for the strong four-year marriage.
The former soccer star says, “I think their religion is keeping them together.
“I think the Kabbalah side of it is helping them.”
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Madonna Picks Up Jukebox

Neil Sean of Sky News reports that Madonna recently bought a Fifties-style jukebox to use at her parties from London’s fashionable department store Selfridges.
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Peppers join Madonna in the Top 100

Madonna and Elvis Presley have been joined by the Red Hot Chili Peppers in a list of the 100 most successful recording artists of all time. The band are the only new entrants in this year’s list in The Guinness British Hit Singles and Albums book, which ranks artists according to how many weeks they have spent in the UK singles and albums charts.
The Red Hot Chili Peppers came in at number 97 and Spandau Ballet dropped out but Elvis still tops the list.
British Hit Singles and Albums editor David Roberts said: “It’s very rare to get new acts breaking into the Top 100.”
TOP10 : 1 Elvis Presley (2463), 2 Cliff Richard (1972), 3 Beatles (1742), 4 Queen (1725), 5 Madonna (1653), 6 Elton John (1615), 7 The Shadows (1578), 8 Michael Jackson (1477), 9 David Bowie (1459), 10 U2 (1402)
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Versace Ads – Coming Soon

from : We have learned that the Versace pictures will be featured in upcoming segments on Entertainment Tonight and Access Hollywood in the next coming week or so. Also, the ads will be featured first in Vanity Fair magazine.

Christmas jolly from days of yore

Christmas 1993 – Record producer Phil Spector thinks Madonna deserves coal in her fishnet stocking: “The only difference between Madonna’s videos and porno films is that some porno films contain good music.”
Hey, Philly, Madonna’s in a better place than you are today.
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Madonna voted top follower of Judaism

Madonna has been voted one of the most influential followers of the Jewish faith in the world today by American Jewish magazine The Forward. The Material Girl, raised as a Catholic, is now a devoted follower of the Kabbalah, a derivative of Judaism. The magazine said of her inclusion: “This year’s Forward 50 actually includes 51 entries but the extra one should be seen as more of a cherry-on-top than an afterthought.
“Madonna, who does not consider herself Jewish, has earned her place as one of the 50 most influential people practising some form of Judaism today.” The Forward goes on to claim that her music since her conversion has been superior to her previous efforts, perhaps conveniently ignoring American Pie. this, they say, is a direct result of her new religious persuasion. The magazine goes on to say: “Madonna was introduced to Jewish mysticism via the controversial Kabbalah Center founded by Rabbi Berg.
“In a burst of creativity following the birth of her daughter, she produced what many critics believe to be her best album – ‘Ray of Light’ – which takes its title from the Kabbalistic theory about the origins of the world. “With Kabbalah, Madonna seems to have settled finally into herself – and the world.”
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Madonna praises Kabbalah for strong marriage

Madonna has praised her Kabbalah faith for helping her marriage to Guy Ritchie remain strong.
The sexy singer insists the religion has improved their relationship considerably by allowing her to accept the British film director – even when he “irks’ her.
She said: “I can disagree with him but I don’t love him any less.”
Since converting to the faith in 1998, Madonna – whose husband is also a follower of the religion – has increasingly allowed her beliefs to influence every aspect of her life.
Earlier this month, Madonna reportedly sacked her long-term manager, Caresse Henry, for having an affair with one of her bodyguards – because it went against Kabbalah teachings.
Sources claim the 46-year-old star consulted her rabbi on the matter and then fired her manager – who had also converted to the mystical Jewish-based faith – ending a working relationship that had spanned 13 years.
A source said at the time: “Madonna and Guy are deeply committed to their Kabbalah faith, which preaches monogamy and faithfulness.
“It’s ironic, because Madonna used to eat men for breakfast. But now she’s a mother and Kabbalist, she believes cheating is a serious sin.”
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Madonna voted worst rock-star actor of all time

Madonna’s often-criticised movie career has landed her a new title – as the Worst Rock-Star Actor of All Time.
While the Michigan native has enjoyed phenomenal success as a pop superstar, Madonna’s efforts on the silver screen have been met with an icy response from both critics and fans – most recently with her embarrassing flop Cast Away.
Music magazine Blender, which conducted the poll of 25 stars, says: “Invariably cast as an irresistible femme fatale – Breathless Mahoney in Dick Tracy, Susan in Desperately Seeking Susan – yet cannot ‘do’ sexy.
“Instead, she adopts the glassy-eyed expression of someone on a cocktail of prescription drugs and delivers her lines as if reading aloud from the letters of a stalker.”
The Spice Girls landed in 19th place, Mick Jagger at 17th, Sting at 24th and Ozzy Osbourne at 21st.
The top 10 is as follows:
1. Madonna
2. Bob Dylan
3. Mariah Carey
4. Jon Bon Jovi
5. Elvis Presley
6. Britney
7. Vanilla Ice
8. Neil Diamond
9. Gene Simmons
10. Master P
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