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Madonna News - April 2005

Rumour : Live Aid II going ahead?

A second Live Aid concert is rumoured to be going ahead, according to a report in The Sun today.
The newspaper claims that organisers hope acts such as U2, Coldplay, Madonna and Robbie Williams will sign up to perform at the concert. Sir Bob Geldof is being tipped to organise the event.
A source told the newspaper, “Everyone is working toward a possible date in the summer. If it comes off, the biggest names in music will be taking part. Sir Bob has been asked to step in and put the concert together. He thinks it’s a great idea but knows it is a race against time to get it organised – and there’s a chance it won’t happen.
“Bob would want the event to be really special if it goes ahead. There is no point in a poor sequel to the original, so it is touch and go with these plans.
“It is no coincidence to try and time the concert around the G8 summit when world leaders have the chance to help fight poverty in Africa.”
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Donna De Lory talks about Madonna

Interviewer: Then you went on to do demos and of course, that’s how you ended up touring with Madonna….with ‘Open Your Heart’.
Donna: Madonna….yeah….you’re like, ‘With Madonna….?’ (Laughs) Yeah, I did this demo. A boyfriend of mine at the time Garner Cole wrote this song, he gave it to her with his voice on it, and she said ‘No’ and then he went to me and said, ‘Will you sing it?’ so I sang it, did my thing, and then she took the song, made it a huge hit – which was good for him because it made him a millionaire. And then….in return for that I got an introduction to her producer Pat Leonard and got to meet her and tour with her.
Interviewer: OK, so here you are, every night, with thousands of fans screaming and yelling and going nuts, and then you come and you play these great shows, you know, at Yoga places….for you, is the charge almost kind of the same or is it a totally different kind of thing, because you’re still performing.
Donna: It’s so different different, really, because it’s my voice and my expression, and, it’s a totally different experience. As far as that I’m singing and I get a chance to touch people and reach people and do what I love to do, that’s the same. I felt like, you know, my voice is obviously more powerful on my own. In her….I mean, there are so many elements to her show and I’m just one of them, which is great because it’s nice to be part of something so amazing. I mean, I love both, you know? It’s a great day job! (Laughs)
It supports me being able to bring my band out and play these clubs and rent a big white van and do all this and promote myself, so it’s kind of – they work together. And it’s interesting because definitely Madonna’s influenced me. I started doing yoga a few years ago and she was always there doing poses and she was an inspiration, definitely.
Interviewer: I see you have the….
Donna: Red string, yeah. (Laughs) Now, how do you know about this red string?
Interviewer: Now, it’s supposed to protect you from ‘The Evil Eye’?
Donna: Yeah, I think it’s more of….to me it’s more of a reminder of protecting from the negativity….my own negativity. So, it’s kind of a reminder to be positive and just seeing the light in everything.
Interviewer: I saw some people even at the concert wearing that and I thought, ‘Now were they into that before….?’
Donna: ‘….wait a second, where they trying to impress her’….yeah….(Laughs)
Interviewer: (Laughs) Is that what it is? (Laughs)
Donna: (Laughs) No, no no – no, not at all….I know….people have said that. I mean, who knows? To each his own and if that’s someone’s path….these are teachings that she’s studying right now and she shared them with us and they’re great teachings. You know, I appreciate the truth in all kinds of forms and many paths, so, I check it all out – it’s great.

Madonna with Donna De Lory

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Knight ispired by Madonna

Former New Kids On The Block singer Jordan Knight credits Madonna with giving him the confidence to make a comeback – because she’s proved age is no barrier in the pop industry.
The 1990s star – who recently tasted fame again by appearing in US reality TV show The Surreal Life – is desperate to launch a solo career, and refuses to view his 34 years as an obstacle.
He says, “Look at Madonna. She’s in her forties and she’s still making good music. It’s a tough industry, but I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again.”
source : contactmusic

Liz Rosenberg slams Jewison for attacking Madonna

The Moonstruck film-maker attacked movie bosses for giving the Material Girl a succession of coveted movie roles, despite her lack of talent. Jewison says, “Madonna? It’s all hype. Come on. How do you know whether anybody can act? You’re told that they’re a big star, you know, or somebody’s got a cute ass or they’ve got great boobs.
“But Madonna has a small amount of talent when it comes to movies. And we’re all being suffocated by talentless stars in films. I can’t believe that people are obsessed like they are now with celebrity. I don’t know what’s going on.”
But Madonna’s spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg told gossip website The Scoop, “I completely disagree with his statement about Madonna making a lot out of a little talent.
“I don’t think you can sell 100 million records and sell out arenas and stadiums for over 20 years just being a celebrity. Madonna is a Golden Globe winner and a Grammy winner and has had an unprecedented career as an artist and actress.”
source : contactmusic

Madonna Not Voicing Puss in Boots ?

from : UK’s The Sun is reporting that Madonna will reunite with her Evita co-star Antonio Banderas to voice the animated “Shrek” spin-off Puss in Boots. sources have confirmed that there is no truth to this rumor.
The tabloid claimed that an insider said, “Madonna fancied doing something completely different and this sounded like so much fun. She is a fan of Shrek and thought Antonio was the best thing about the sequel. She has two young children and sees how much they love the films. Madonna is also friends with Mike Myers and respects him. He told her Puss would be a hit and she trusts his judgement.”
The only factual information we know so far is that Ed Decter and John Strauss are writing the film. Banderas is likely to return to voice the title character.

Madonna joins “Puss In Boots

Pop icon Madonna has agreed to lend her voice to upcoming animated adventure “Puss In Boots” – a spin-off from the Shrek series based around Antonio Banderas’ feline swashbuckler alter-ego.
The singer has been keen to try her hand at something new after dabbling in acting and writing children’s books – and she jumped at the chance to voice her own character.
A Hollywood insider tells British newspaper The Sun, “Madonna fancied doing something completely different and this sounded like so much fun. She is a fan of Shrek and thought Antonio was the best thing about the sequel.
“She has two young children and sees how much they love the films. Madonna is also friends with Mike Myers and respects him. He told her Puss would be a hit and she trusts his judgement.”
source : contactmusic

Madonna joins stars urging British Youth to vote

Pop superstar Madonna has joined a host of stars in urging young people to vote in the British general election next month. The American icon is pleading with teens to take an interest in politics and shake off their youthful apathy, because their votes can make a difference to the UK’s future political landscape.
Madonna has joined Coldplay singer Chris Martin, music mogul Simon Cowell and pop stars Geri Halliwell, Will Young and Beverley Knight in championing British newspaper The Sun’s Rock The Vote campaign.
She says, “Take responsibility for yourself and the world around you. Vote!”
Madonna has made Britain her home since marrying Snatch director Guy Ritchie in 2000.
source : contactmusic

Oscar-Winning British Actor Sir John Mills Dies

British actor Sir John Mills, who won an Oscar in 1971 for his portrayal of a mute village idiot in “Ryan”~s Daughter,” died on Saturday aged 97, a trustee for his estate said. Sir John died this morning at around 6:30.
Mills made his name in patriotic films during and after World War II including “The October Man,” “Scott of the Antarctic,” “Dunkirk” and “Ice Cold in Alex.”
A versatile actor, Mills had a minor role in pop star Madonna”~s 1987 film “Who”~s that Girl?” and made his final film appearance in 2003 in “Bright Young Things,” directed by British comedian Stephen Fry.
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Hamish Hamilton sues Madonna

A British director and production company have sued Madonna for failing to pay expenses racked up during the making of a television show, it emerged today.
Hamish Hamilton claims the pop star refused to pay his director’s fee after employing him to direct a two-hour concert special.He is seeking £91,000 ($175,000) in damages.
In the same lawsuit, filed in a Los Angeles court, London-based production company Done and Dusted is seeking the same amount for production costs after filming various concerts and rehearsals in the making of the programme.
“Despite acknowledging that the money is owed, Madonna refuses to pay Mr Hamilton his $175,000 director’s fee and refuses to reimburse Done and Dusted Ltd for approximately $175,000 for expenses incurred,” the suit reads.
“Defendants have failed and refuse, and continue to fail and refuse to pay… any portion of the fee owed.”
Hamilton claims he was employed in May 2004 to direct a two-hour programme about Madonna’s European Re-Invention tour.
At her request, he said he attended shows around the world but the singer has failed to pay the costs as promised, according to the complaint obtained by the Celebrity Justice website.
Madonna’s publicist was unavailable for comment.
Mr Hamilton has directed several music television shows including the 2004 Brit Awards, Britney Spears Live from Miami and Robbie Williams Live at Knebworth.
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Sean Penn talks about Madonna

Sean Penn claims his life would have been ruined if he had stayed married to Madonna.
The Oscar-winning actor wed the pop superstar in 1985 under a blaze of media interest and Sean believes their different attitudes towards fame were one of the main reasons their marriages didn’t work.
He said: “Had we stayed together, we’d have driven each other mad. But I was just as badly behaved as her.
“I never liked being under the spotlight. Our marriage guaranteed that we lived in the public gaze, which meant that we had no real marriage at all. We didn’t even have time to have a proper conversation.
She was in the process of becoming the biggest star in the world. I just wanted to make my films and hide.”
However, the ‘Mystic River’ star says he now gets on with his ex-spouse – thanks to second wife Robin Wright.
Sean – who married the mother of his two children nine years ago – told Britain’s Now magazine: “I was an angry young man. I had a lot of demons and I don’t really know who could’ve lived with me at the time. When I got together with Robin, things changed.
“She was also very good at getting me to deal with memories of my first wife. She told me: ‘Madonna’s very real, sensitive and wants what we all want out of life.’
She was right. I’ve talked to Madonna since and we get along fine. We both accept that to have stayed together would probably have ruined our lives.”
source : femalefirst