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Madonna News - July 2005

Rumour : Documentory to premiere on TV ?

For a variety of reasons, Madonna’s documentary feature did not go to the Cannes Film Festival, and it has become clear that it’s not going to be screening at the Venice cinema jamboree either.
So where will it get shown? Um, television.
The singer and her many associates have decided, or rather been advised, that the film – which is a behind-the-scenes and in-front- of-the-scenes look at her last tour – would work better on the small screen.
At one point, the Cannes czars were going to give Madonna a place on the jury and show the documentary as a work in progress.
Cannes festival boss Thierry Fremaux told me he had seen three hours’ worth of footage but, in his view, “it wasn’t ready”.
Others have seen more footage, and it appears that wasn’t ready, either.
Documentaries about artists’ exploration of their work often come across better on the box than on the big screen.
One tends to want to doze at the cinema, whereas at home one can hit the pause button while pouring a glass of cranberry juice to stay awake.
One wag commented last night: “What’s happened to Madge? Is she too busy feeding her chickens to sort this thing out?”
Some films that will be at the Venice Film festival include Proof, which stars Gwyneth Paltrow and Jake Gyllenhaal, and Casanova, with Heath Ledger and Sienna Miller.
Sienna is hoping to attend the festival for Casanova’s world premiere screening on September 3, but first she will have to work out whether it would be feasible to miss a performance of As You Like It, which is running at Wyndham’s Theatre in London’s West End.
While I’m on the Sienna topic, it’s worth remembering that Jude Law is one of the few actors in this country whose work has been honoured with Oscar nominations.
And by the way, the producers of Casanova want to know if they are booking a suite in Venice for one, or two.

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The Sexiest Music Videos – Justify My Love at #6

Christina Aguilera’s Dirrty has clinched the title of sexiest music video.
Eric Prydz’s Call On Me, which featured a women’s aerobics work-out, came second behind Aguilera, whose video was set in a boxing ring.
Benny Benassi’s Satisfaction, which stars scantily-clad women clutching power tools, was third.
Nerd’s Lapdance was fourth, followed by tATu’s All the Things She Said, famous for its lesbian clinch in pouring rain.
Madonna’s erotic black-and-white video Justify My Love came sixth, followed by Kylie Minogue’s Spinning Around, in the online poll for FHM Music TV.
Mariah Carey’s Heartbreaker – which features a girl-on-girl fight – was eighth, followed by Britney Spears’s Toxic, and Narcotic Thrust’s I Like It.
FHM Music TV spokeswoman Vikki Timmons said of the winning video: “David LaChapelle created this erotic masterpiece in a sweaty boxing ring.
“Dirrty oozes sex appeal from start to finish. Christina is one of the sexiest women in music.
“It was a tough decision for the public to make but I think few would dispute the winner.”
FHM Music TV is presenting the Top 100 Sexiest Music Videos of all time on Channel Q, co-hosted by Myleene Klass and ex-England footballer Lee Sharpe. More than 150,000 votes were cast in the online poll.

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Liz Rosenberg on album rumours

Don’t believe those reports that Madonna is teaming up with Christina Aguilera. “Christina is working on an album in the [same] building [as Madonna] but they have not seen each other,” – Madonna’s spokeswoman, Liz Rosenberg, tells The Scoop. She went on to debunk another rumor. “Gwen Stefani is not guesting on the record either. It’s all Madonna, all the time ” a total dance record called ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor.’ No ballads, no messages. Her fans will go insane when they hear it. It’s back to Madonna the queen of the dance floor.”?

Madonna is “Hung Up”

Madonna has announced details of the first release from her new album, “Confessions On A Dancefloor”.
The comeback single will be “Hung Up”, which has been produced by Stuart Price, aka Jacques Lu Cont, reports An autumn release is expected.
Lu Cont is understood to have produced “Confessions On A Dancefloor”, Madonna’s first new album since 2003’s “American Life”. The album is apparently currently being mixed in Los Angeles.
According to reports, Madonna will shoot the album cover next month with Steven Klein, who is also expected to direct the video for “Hung Up”.
Producer Lu Cont was the musical director for Madonna’s “Re-Invention Tour” last year and also co-wrote the track “X-Static Process” from “American Life”.

source : : Album and Single Confirmed is happy to announce the name of the first single off of the new album is called Hung Up (produced by Stuart Price). The album, Confessions on a Dancefloor, will be released this fall. Stay logged in to for more exciting album news!

That’s no lady, that’s Madonna

Madonna is the new Audrey fforbes-Hamilton, albeit more To the Manor Bought than Penelope Keith’s dowager. She has been shot in jodhpurs (only with a camera, not a 12-bore) enjoying British aristo pleasures and wafting grain around the lawn of her Wiltshire pile wearing a catwalk gown.
Her transformation from one who played the pop ho to one who might bank at Hoares is complete. So if I were her husband I’d be very nervous. Guy Ritchie might have anticipated retirement as a squire as his film career nears the end of its reel, but how long before the old girl wearies of green wellies? The chanteuse has talent, above all, for reinvention; the material girl is a mercurial woman. When she masters one look, she is soon shopping for the next. By the time toffs pile round for the start of the pheasant season she may even have adopted peasant chic ” as long as it keeps her in the manner to which she has become so very accustomed.

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“Like A Duchess” – Vogue Article

“Who would have thunk it?” says Madonna with a laugh. “The last thing I thought I would do is marry some laddish, shooting, pubgoing nature lover”and the last thing he thought he was going to do was marry some cheeky girl from the Midwest who doesn’t take no for an answer!”
Speaking in carefully modulated tones, dressed with faux-bourgeois sobriety (this afternoon in Issa’s prim satin blouse with a print of flying ducks, black Kate Hepburn pants, and Marc Jacobs teal lizard shoes), a flotilla of charming, noiseless assistants close at hand and a courtly husband making polite but distracted small talk, she has the air of an Edwardian dollar princess”the moneyed American belles who were married off to impecunious British nobles in the golden age”and the fragile beauty and substantial real estate to match. But no one understands metamorphosis better than Madonna; she even named her 2004 tour “Re-Invention.” That tour is the subject of Madonna’s documentary I’m Going to Tell You a Secret, directed by Jonas A…kerlund and to be released later this year. In some ways the new movie is a pendant to 1991’s Truth or Dare, which a mellower Madonna now admits “in some ways is hard for me to watch. I was a very selfish person. You go through periods of your life where the world does revolve around you, but you can’t live your whole life that way. On the other hand, I kind of admire my spunk and directness!”
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Rumour : Madonna to produce a movie about Dusty Springfield

Madonna and her quest for movie success continues at a fast pace… but she is now planning to hit the screen as a producer. While she may have been the undisputed star of the recent Live 8 show in London, as far as movies are concerned, Madonna’s star doesn’t shine so bright.
But she plans to rectify this by making a big-screen version of the life of Sixties singing legend Dusty Springfield – who scored worldwide success with tracks like I Only Want To Be With You. Madonna told my mole: “In order to work at the level I want in movies, I have to create my own vehicles. This is a story I can relate to well.”
Not only will she produce the movie, but she’s also hinted that she will take a small role… that of Dusty’s manager. Fans of Musical Madonna, take note that her new album – provisionally called Confessions Of A Dance Floor – will be out towards the end of October this year.

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When it’s too late for lusty, a rock chick can be formidable

Summertime, and the living is easy . . . so naturally American Vogue prints a photo-shoot of the English countryside, showing how the cream of English society disports itself during our brief but ravishing belle saison.
Now, who is this patrician figure, clad in buttermilk chiffon and cashmere, her wheat-blonde hair curled into immaculate waves, laughingly enacting a Petit Trianon charade of feeding her flock of happy hens from a dainty porcelain bowl, while in the background there looms the rose brick frontage of some small but perfectly formed English country house?
Here she is again, on horseback this time, dressed in hacking jacket, breeches and a slightly peculiar pair of boots. Last and prettiest of all is the set piece with evening dress and small children. A flowing silk skirt, the creamy smile of a woman who knows that she has fulfilled her destiny in every possible way, and two angelic moppets, a little girl in fairy frills, a small boy in chain mail, brandishing a sword as big as himself.
So go on, who is she, the girl in the pictures? Matriarch, countrywoman, grande dame. I give you one guess. The hens are the clinching detail. It’s the Duchess of Devonshire, isn’t it? Archive pictures from the Thirties, showing her at the height of her beauty. Odd about wearing chiffon to feed the poultry, but that’s eccentric Brits for you, right?
Wrong. The rose-and-blonde aristo, posing so charmingly with hens, hunter and lovely home is, in fact, none other than the Material Girl herself — Madonna, fetchingly got up for the photographer from American Vogue as Our Lady of the Manor. Fancy that!
Not, it is true, that Madonna’s latest incarnation comes as a total surprise. Between her dizzying variety of personae — the nasty-mouthed dominatrix in spiky fetish gear, the studious seeker after Kabbalistic knowledge, the sweet, Prada-clad librarian of her book launches — Madonna has been offering for some time periodic glimpses of herself in tweeds and wellies as the Country Wife.
Still, isn’t it a trifle rum that she chooses to offer up this vision of herself as an English gentlewoman at a time when the English gentry has never been more unfashionable or more energetically reviled? Do you think she’s losing the keen edge that has kept her ahead of the game for so long? Well, no, of course she isn’t. In fact, I think what she has done is to take a long, keen-eyed look into the future to see what awaits her there, and come up with a wonderfully pragmatic solution.
I’m always amazed when I read the things that fat, ugly, balding male journalists allow themselves to write about Madonna, their fabulously well preserved contemporary. “Menopausal” and “the old girl”, were a couple of the milder descriptions that appeared after her performance at the Live 8 concert in Hyde Park. Yeah, right, Mr Love God, and just look at you, I always think, on reading the painfully misogynistic prose of these barrel-shaped boobies.
However, I suspect that the secret of the Madonna phenomenon is a certain restlessness which ensures that she doesn’t sit around fulminating about patronising press but is instinctively always moving on to the next thing, and the next, and the one after that. The trouble is that, at 46, you begin to run out of next things.
However fabulously well preserved, an intelligent woman (and Madonna is certainly that) knows that there is no mileage after a certain point in pretending to be luscious. The result is simply sinister, as a brief tour d’horizon of Botoxed and desperate former beauties will confirm. So, what’s the alternative?
In the States there is no alternative. Unless you’re Barbara Bush, you just carry on getting thinner and thinner, more and more wide-eyed, sadder and madder, until you vanish altogether. You’d think Madonna might have been able to thrive in France, where allure is reckoned to be ageless, but the French are so intolerant of eccentricity (and their music scene is so peculiar). Besides, she’s married to an Englishman.
So, what have the Brits to offer a 46-year-old rock star — apart from an unpleasant claque of paunchy, sex-starved male journalists? Actually, more than you’d imagine. One always thinks of Latin nations as being supremely matriarchal, but in Britain we entertain a long and robust tradition of pale, willowy beauties who deal with the transition from flower-like nymph to middle age and older by becoming Formidable.
Even luckier for Madonna, our version of Formidable comes in an assortment of incarnations. There is Rock Chick Formidable, as modelled by Anita Pallenberg, Marianne Faithfull and Jane Birkin, all of whom are quite as much adored now — wrinkles, shattering life experiences and all — as they were in their dewy prime.
But if Madonna is too grand for that slightly down-at-heel form of celebrity, luckily we do a fabulous line in straight-up Dowager Formidable, which might suit her down to the ground. Consider the picture of the 50-year-old Queen Mary, or (to bring the matter up to date) Lady Annabel Goldsmith. Observe the wonderful posture, the ineradicable self-belief, the immense quantities of diamonds (or glitter of some sort, at any rate), and tell me if you don’t see there the very pattern of the Material Girl in later life.
Looking again at those Vogue pictures, I think Madonna has made a clever choice. At 46 she is still pretty enough to conceal the power behind the charm. Catch her again in 30 years’ time and she’ll have turned into one of P. G. Wodehouse’s aunts. Rock chick, bellowing to rock chick, like mastodons across the primeval swamp.

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Rumour : “Hung Up” the first single from Confessions on a Dancefloor

from MadonnaTribe : MadonnaTribe has heard some fresh and exclusive news about Madonna’s upcoming album.
The Queen of Pop is currently in Los Angeles mixing her album with Stuart Price and the first single to be released from the new album is called “Hung Up”. In mid-August Madonna will shoot the album cover in the UK with Steven Klein who will also direct her new video, also shot in August and also in the UK.

from DrownedMadonna : As DrownedMadonna revealed some weeks ago, Madonna and Stuart Price are currently mixing her new album in Los Angeles. We have been told that one of the possible songs to be chosen as first single is called “Hung Up”.

Chris Martin plays for Madonna

Chris Martin played a song for Madonna with his wife Gwyneth Paltrow at a recent party in the English countryside, according to reports.
The Coldplay singer and American movie star were invited to a party hosted by the Queen Of Pop at her home at Ashcombe Manor, in Tollard Royal on the Wiltshire-Dorset border.
Madonna has revealed in an interview with Vogue magazine that all the guests were asked to contribute a song, poem or piece of acting, leading to Martin and Paltrow’s song.
Apparently they were joined by Paul McCartney’s daughter Stella in a rendition of “American Wife”, a reworking of Madonna’s “American Life”.
Madonna said the party was to mark her fourth wedding anniversary. She explained: “Gwyneth did a fantastic rap and Stella sang background vocals and, well, Chris played the piano.”
Elsewhere at the showbiz knees-up, Sting reportedly played a lute, while Madonna herself performed a scene from the play “The Town Wench Or Chastity Rewarded”.

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