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Billy Steinberg On Meeting Madonna

from : In “Heart & Soul: Revealing The Craft Of Songwriting” by Chris Bradford, Billy Steinberg recalls the moment he finally met Madonna after writing Like A Virgin:
Once you have sold your song ” and in Nashville alone some 50,000 songs are pitched each year to fewer than 100 major artists ” sit back and wait for a hit. It could be a fraught time. Even then, don’t expect much in the way of recognition or thanks from the artist. After writing Madonna’s signature hit, Like a Virgin, Billy Steinberg waited five years to meet her. At a swish Beverly Hills party he was finally introduced to her and her beau Warren Beatty. “I gave her my biggest smile and said, “~Madonna, I’ve wanted to meet you for so long.’ She said: “~Well now you did,’ grabbed Warren and walked away. I was devastated.”?
Heart & Soul: Revealing the Craft of Songwriting by Chris Bradford is published by Sanctuary