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Make Poverty History : Greatest Show ever


…now a beautiful 24-year-old agricultural student. ‘Hello, from Africa,’ she told the spell-bound crowd.
Madonna looked stunning but nervous as she realised she had to follow this amazing girl. She grabbed Birhan during her opening song, Like A Prayer, as if using her as a crutch.
But by the time she’d sung Ray Of Light and Music, Madonna showed why she’s one of the biggest stars in history…
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Top 10 Memorable Pop Moments At Live 8


1. Madonna – “Like a Prayer”
She strode onto the stage, clad entirely in white, hugged and kissed Birhan Woldu, survivor of the Ethiopian famine that inspired Live Aid 20 years ago, and kicked off a powerful performance of “Like a Prayer” backed by the London Community Gospel Choir. With her question “Are you ready for a revolution?” Madonna had the crowd of 200,000 in London and much of the world in her hands. As Bob Geldof said in introduction, she is the “Queen Bee Of Rock.”

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Fox News on Madonna


But it was Madonna everyone wanted to see, and even the most jaded of the A-list poured out from behind the celebrity barrier to catch her three song set of “Like a Prayer,” “Ray of Light,” and “Music.” Dressed in her white mom-goes-to-a-chic dinner suit Madonna launched the first song with a gospel choir and had the newly dense crowd swaying and clapping. But was this Madonna or a replacement android? Maybe she even sensed it. By the time “Ray of Light” began off came the jacket, up went the middle finger, and she sent out the F-word to wake up her old fans. Madonna was back!
And here’s the thing: she’s never looked better. Her face is tight and shining. Her body is lithe as ever. Her voice is rich, supple and perfect. However she’s doing it, Madonna is defying logic. She’s doing Madonna, and while it seems a little sterile compared to the real Madonna, it works. She’s still the superstar. Joss Stone, the 18-year-old phenom, should take note: you can have a great voice but you need a persona. Madonna’s is overflowing.

The Guardian – Live 8 Review


…Alt-rock stars Razorlight kick over mic stands, take their tops off, bend iron bars with their teeth, etc, in the hope of making an impression. It might have worked if they hadn’t been followed not just by Madonna, but Madonna on top form, hand in hand with a former victim of the Ethiopian famine, loudly berating the assembled journalists and VIPs in the “golden circle” in front of the stage. Within seconds of Like a Prayer starting, you forget Razorlight were ever on stage…
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BBC sorry for swearing stars

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The BBC has apologised to outraged viewers after stars including Madonna and Snoop Dogg peppered their performances with swear words at yesterday’s UK Live 8 gig.
The British broadcaster was bombarded with complaints when the Ray Of Light singer bellowed, “Are you f**king ready, London?” to a stunned family crowd in London’s Hyde Park. Meanwhile, rap star Snoop Dogg made no attempt to clean up his expletive-riddled lyrics.
A BBC spokesperson says, “We have received a number of complaints regarding offensive language. Unfortunately it is a live broadcast, passions are running high and many celebrities are emotional.
“We apologise to anyone who is offended.”
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Lady Madonna


In one of the most emotional moments of Live8, Queen Madge took to the stage with 24-year-old Birhan Woldu – the living symbol of hope from Bob Geldof’s 1985 Live Aid campaign.
Woldu was caught on film twenty years ago – given just ten minutes to live by doctors.
Sir Bob said: “~see this little girl? She had 10 minutes to live 20 years ago and because we did a concert in this city and Philadelphia and all of you came and some of you weren’t born, because we did that, last week she did her agricultural exams in the school she goes to in the northern European highlands.”?
Woldu herself addressed the crowd: “~Hello from Africa…We Africans love you very much . It’s a great honour to be here to stand on the Live8 stage and please continue to support Live8 and we love you very much and thank you.’
Madonna was visibly moved and appeared humbled as she clasped Woldu’s hand and sang eighties classic “~Like A Prayer.’
Speaking to the Sunday Mirror after her performance Madonna said: “~Today has been successful in terms of raising awareness but more than anything the pressure its going to put on the world leaders to decide whether to remove debt and increase funding – that’s the most important thing and hopefully we will have achieved that.
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NY Times Live 8 Review


… Madonna, a genius of the media event, played Live 8 just right. Dressed in white and surrounded by the London Community Gospel Choir, she sang spiritual dance-floor anthems – “Like a Prayer,” “Ray of Light” and “Music” – and pumped her hips, demanding and getting a full-park singalong for a chorus: “Music makes the people come together.” …

Jay-Z, U2, Madonna, Pink Floyd Deliver Live 8 Highlights


… Perhaps the day’s highest drama came during a set by Live Aid alum Madonna, who also provided one of the musical highlights with an electric performance of “Like a Prayer.” Twenty years after she took the stage as a budding star, Madonna was introduced by concert organizer Bob Geldof, who called her the “queen bee of rock.” Geldof also introduced a woman who had had “10 minutes to live” when she was featured 20 years ago in the African-famine documentary that inspired the original concert.
With the dramatic image of her emaciated face frozen on the stage’s massive screen, Geldof invited the now grown woman to stand beside him. Smiling broadly during an extended ovation, she urged the crowd to keep up its support and was eagerly embraced by Madonna, who kissed her and held her hand for several minutes.
“Are you ready to start a revolution?” asked Madonna, who, like many of the day’s performers, was dressed in an all-white outfit. “Are you ready to change history?” Backed by a choir also dressed in white, Madonna pranced the stage for a spirited gospel-rock rendition of her 1989 hit with the crowd clapping along and repeating the event-appropriate line “I hear your voice.” The set also included a run-through of “Music,” during which Madonna bumped and grinded with a pair of breakdancers…
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