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MuchMoreMusic Primetime Exclusive – “Madonna: Confessions”

The All New Interview Special (30 min.) This Sunday, October 23rd – 9pm ET on MuchMoreMusic Plus… Interview Highlights: Tonight on MuchMoreMusic’s ‘The Loop’ beginning @ 6:30pm ET and on
MuchMoreMusic presents an all-new primetime profile of multi-award-winning music icon, Madonna – direct from New York – as she prepares to release her upcoming album, ‘Confessions On A Dance Floor’.
MuchMoreMusic’s own Traci Melchor spoke one-on-one with Madonna in NYC – capturing new insight into the superstar’s life, including thoughts on her spiritual evolution, the growth of her relationship with daughter Lourdes, the inspiration behind the new record, and a candid update on the effects of – and recovery from – her recent horseback riding accident.
In addition to the revealing, all-new interview, “Madonna: Confessions”, airing Sunday, October 23rd @ 9pm ET will also showcase a peek at her upcoming video “Hung Up”, as well as choice clips and context from the extensive CHUM entertainment archive.
On Sunday, November 13th @ 6pm ET, The CHUM Radio Network will present the Exclusive Canadian Radio Premiere of the new album on ‘Confessions On A Dancefloor’: The Radio Special. In addition to new tracks from the disc, the special will also feature the best of the 104.5 CHUM FM interview with Madonna, by Maie Pauts.
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