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Interview with Madonna’s Oxygen Facialist Michelle Peck

Everyone knows that Madonna has beautiful skin! Lately our favorite fair skinned diva has been letting the public in on one of her beauty secrets! Madonna has become so fond of her Oxygen Treatments that she keeps an oxygen machine in each of her homes, she told Harpar’s Bazaar Magazine. sat down with Madonna’s personal Oxygen Treatment Facialist to find out more about this fountain of youth! What is an O2 Intraceutical Oxygen Treatment?

Michelle Peck: The 02 Intraceutical Treatment is what I give to Madonna when I give her what is commonly known as an oxygen facial. The treatment reduces the appearance of fine lines, improves skin tone and provides an instant firming and lift by using hyperbaric technology to saturate the skin with oxygen and infuse a rejuvenating hyaluronic acid serum. How does a Intraceutical Oxygen Treatment work and what does it accomplish.

Michelle Peck: I begin each treatment with a product from our line called Atoxlene, it is our natural solution to fine lines, made of hexapeptides and amino acids, I infuse it into Madonna’s skin using hyperbaric technology which is simply oxygen applied under pressure. I concentrate the treatment around the eyes, the nasal labial fold and between the eyebrows. Then I move on to our infamous rejuvenating treatment which leaves the skin completely hydrated, plumped, glowing, tightened and lifted ready for the application of make-up. While Madonna takes exceptional care of her porcelain skin, I always recommend this treatment before & after air travel as it can be so dehydrating. How did you and the oxygen system come to work with Madonna?

Gina Brooke is Madonna’s make-up artist and is known to use the best and most innovative products on the market. Gina discovered, after intensive research, O2 Intraceuticals is unlike any other oxygen skin treatment existing today. Gina believes taking care of one’s skin is the foundation to beautiful make-up. Gina introduced me and the Hyperbaric Oxygen Technology to Madonna, who has been a devoted fan of the treatment ever since!
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