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Madonna News - March 2006

Madonna on Billboard’s European Charts – Update

European Top 100 Albums :
09 (08) – Madonna – Confessions on A Dance Floor

European Hot 100 Singles :
03 (01) – Madonna – Sorry
27 (26) – Madonna – Hung Up

European Digital Tracks
11 (09) – Madonna – Sorry (Album Version)


01 – X & Y, Coldplay (8.3m)
02 – The Emancipation of Mimi, Mariah Carey (7.7m)
03 – The Massacre, 50 Cent (7.5m)
04 – Monkey Business, Black Eyed Peas (6.8m)
05 – American Idiot, Green Day (6.4m)
06 – Confessions on a Dance Floor, Madonna (6.3m)
07 – Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson (6.1m)
08 – Curtain Call, Eminem (5.5m)
09 – Back to Bedlam, James Blunt (5.5m)
10 – Intensive Care, Robbie Williams (5.4m)

New Book about Madonna

“Popjustice Idols” is a brand new range of illustrated pop biographies created by leading pop website and popular artist David Whittle (Channel 4’s Bromwell High). The first four Popjustice Idols books are published by Friday Books, priced GBP 3.99 and will be available soon at Waterstones, Virgin, HMV and all good book outlets.

‘A Girl Called Madonna’ tells the story of frankly the most amazing ‘n’ important female singer in the history of everything. Among the breathtaking revelations: * Madonna likes to sing and dance! * Madonna was very honest about kissing people and made other people realise that kissing people was a good thing! * One day Madonna drank a special potion called ‘bitter’? it turned her into an English lady! ‘A Girl Called Madonna’ is part of a fairly amazing new series of ultra-concise and brilliantly illustrated pop biographies.
Click on images bellow to see the small previews of this book.

A Girl Called Madonna Book

Goldfrapp fears Madonna duet

Alison Goldfrapp has scrapped plans for a duet with Madonna, because she’s scared the Material Girl would expose her physical weakness. Madonna is a fan of the British Black Cherry hitmaker, and a collaboration has been rumoured. But Goldfrapp insists, “I would look so stupid next to her. She would be very agile and I would be trying to drag myself around the stage.”
source : contactmusic

Madonna on Billboard – Update

Hot 200 Albums :
75 (67) Madonna – Confessions On A Dancefloor

Billboard Comprehensive Albums :
76 (68) Madonna – Confessions On A Dancefloor

Hot 100 Singles :
82 (77) Madonna – Sorry

Hot 100 Singles Sales :
03 (03) Madonna – Sorry
14 (10) Madonna – Hung Up

Pop 100 :
66 (64) Madonna – Sorry
72 (73) Madonna – Hung Up

Hot Dance Music/Club Play :
06 (04) Madonna – Sorry

Dance Radio Airplay :
03 (01) Madonna – Sorry

Hot Dance Singles Sales :
02 (02) Madonna – Sorry
04 (04) Madonna – Hung Up

Hot Videoclips :
21 (20) Madonna – Sorry

Tour Rumours from The Sun

I have managed to obtain the first details of Madonna’s forthcoming world tour.
And if you thought re-Invention was special, this one is shaping up to be even more spectacular.
Her Madjesty is recreating wild scenes from notorious New York nightclub Studio 54 famous for its debauched antics and drug-fuelled dancing in the Seventies.
The Queen of Pop is even learning to krump a cool hip-hop dance based on body-popping and breakdancing.
And I reckon krumping also known as clowning after its inventor, hip-hop dancer Tommy The Clown could be as big as the Vogue craze she started in the Eighties.
The dance featured in Rize, a documentary by film-maker David LaChapelle.
A source said: “Madonna has been practising krumping ever since she filmed the videos to Hung Up and Sorry.
“It started as un underground dance in gangland LA and Madonna now wants to make it her own.
“Madge has ordered a unique spinning platform to be designed so she and her dancers can recreate Studio 54’s extravagant scenes.
“She has also ordered dozens of disco balls to decorate the stage with authentic Seventies lighting.”?
The show will open with a Disco Queen section, featuring girls in sparkling suits, male dancers dressed as pimps and more dancers roller-skating.Another section, American Land, will indulge Madonna’s obsession with horses, with video walls showing footage of her riding scantily clad in the pouring rain.
A third part, Oriental And Eastern, will see Madonna joined on stage by a Kabbalah singer to perform a remix of her brilliant album track Isaac.
One section will have a Parkour specialist the wacky sport on the BBC promotional film with a bloke running across London rooftops. Madge will also showcase some new music, if her label Warner give the go-ahead.
And I have the provisional setlist on above right to prove it.
Producer Stuart Price has been working on Keep The Trance and History, which I hear are both killer tracks, and he has completely reworked Erotica and Who’s That Girl, which are almost unrecognisable.
Madonna has had her wardrobe designed by old allies Jean Paul Gaultier and Dolce & Gabbana, with her jewellery and accessories by Lacroix.
Madge has been locking herself away for 13 hours a day perfecting her routines for her most dance-oriented show ever.
She has also started a strength-building diet and is jogging to get into shape for the gruelling two-hour shows which kick off in LA this May.

Set List :
Hung Up
Where’s The Party?
La Isla Bonita
Love Profusion
Get Together
Nothing Really Matters
Dress You Up
I Love New York
Bedtime Story
Ray Of Light
Keep The Trance (new track)
History (new track)
Like A Virgin

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Madonna won 3 International Dance Music Awards

Best Pop Dance Track :

Hung Up – Madonna (Warner Bros.) (Winner)
Since U Been Gone – Kelly Clarkson (RCA/RNG)
Don’t Cha – The Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes (A&M/Interscope)
Listen To Your Heart – D.H.T. (Robbins)
Technologic – Daft Punk (Virgin)
Love Generation – Bob Sinclair featuring Gary Pine (Yellow/Tommy Boy Silver Label 2490/Tommy Boy)

Best Dance Video :

Hung Up – Madonna (Warner Brothers) (Winner)
The Other Side – Paul van Dyk (Vandit/Mute)
Lose Control – Missy Elliott featuring Ciara and Fat Man Scoop (The Gold Mine/Atlantic)
Don’t Cha – The Pussycat Dolls featuring Busta Rhymes (A&M/Interscope)
Deep Dish – Say Hello (Deep Dish/Thrive)

Best Dance Artist Solo

Madonna (Winner)
Mariah Carey
Gwen Stefani
Kristine W

source : True Hectic (MadonnaNation) /

Madonna’s material hurl

Here’s Madonna and Guy Ritchie stepping out in casual clobber for a Kabbalah meeting in Hollywood.
The mish-mash of sports wear was a far cry from the glam duo we’re used to. As for Guy he opted to team his Nike zip-up with a Puma hat. That is a big no-no, fella.
Madge is in the middle of rehearsals for her world tour, which kicks off in LA on May 21.
Let’s hope the Material Girl leaves this dodgy get-up at home.

Madonna with Guy Ritchie in LA

source : thesun

Madonna on E! Latin America

E! Latin America will broadcast a half hour special TV program about Madonna, this Tuesday at 7:00pm.

Madonna on E! Latin America

Thanks to Hector

Madonna collaborates with Giovanni Bianco! is thrilled to confirm that the creative collaboration which brought the world Confessions on A Dancefloor, have teamed up again! Designing genius Giovanni Bianco from Studio 65 in New York will again work with Madonna as she prepares to dance her way across the globe for the upcoming tour! Stay tuned to for more news about this summer’s tour!
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Madonna: Too old, too white and too English

With a country estate in Wiltshire, a love for shooting and even a taste for Timothy Taylor’s real ale, Madonna has become the epitome of the English lady of the manor.

But the Queen of Pop’s reincarnation as Middle England’s favourite mum is alienating her American fan base and hindering chart success in her homeland.

Many leading radio stations in the United States now regard the 47-year-old Anglophile as passée and are refusing to give her the airtime she once enjoyed.

Her new single Sorry, which topped the charts in Britain, last week stalled at number 58 on the US Billboard Hot 100, which takes into account both airplay and sales. Now in its fourth week of release, the single languishes at number 77.

Madonna has not had a top five hit in the US singles chart for more than five years. Even Hung Up, which reached number one in 41 countries, peaked at number seven in America.

Music critics and fans cite her attachment to England – she once said: ”I love England and I want to be here and not in America” – as one of the reasons for her dwindling chart success back home.

Gareth Grundy, the deputy editor of Q magazine, one of Britain’s most prestigious music publications, said Madonna’s move across the Atlantic had changed the perception of the American audience.

“I think the key reason why she is more popular in Britain and Europe than she is in America is that she lives here now,” he said.

“A lot of Americans now think of her as an expat. She is no longer the American girl next door who turned herself into the greatest-ever pop star.”

Clare Parmenter, who runs the British-based Madonnalicious website, said: “Fans in America who have tried to request Sorry on some American radio stations have found that stations are just not interested any more. They say she does not fit their demographics.

Even a commercial pop song like Hung Up, which is one of her biggest hits ever, is not considered suitable. American radio is only interested in R n B and rap these days.”

Gary Blake, the corporate programme director of the American station Electric 94.9, admitted that Madonna’s “Britishness” could be a factor.

He said: “I really liked Sorry and we did get some good requests on it but we’re just not seeing the response we used to. It may be because of her new-found Britishness, but sometimes it’s just the song.”

After the comparative failure of her 2003 album, American Life, millions was spent promoting Madonna’s latest album, Confessions On A Dancefloor, last November. Despite this, it has sold only 1.3 million copies in the US, less than a third of the sales of her 2000 album Music, released before she moved to Britain.

Perhaps betraying concern about how she is now perceived in America, one track on the new album was entitled I love New York and included the line: “Paris and London baby you can keep. . . no other city made me glad except New York.”

Elsewhere, however, Confessions On A Dancefloor has been a runaway success, topping the album charts in 40 countries and spawning two number one singles in this country.

Despite the slump in the US, Geoff Mayfield, the chart editor of Billboard, said he believed that Madonna could overcome American radio’s lack of support. “I think Madonna is very much her own person and does what she wants to do. The album is a triumph when compared to American Life and she will be pleased with that.”

Madonna’s spokesman, Liz Rosenberg, said yesterday: “Dance music isn’t getting the recognition that it deserves on radio stations in America right now, but Madonna really doesn’t evaluate the success of a record by its chart position. She likes to come out of a studio feeling she has done the very best work she can and earning the respect of her peers.

“She would love American radio to come on board in that way and show the same sort of commitment that European radio has done, but that is not a decision for her. She is about to go on tour and when radio stations are reminded that she is the most phenomenal performer of our time, I am sure they will tune into her again.”


Madonna on Billboard – Update

Hot 200 Albums :
67 (60) Madonna – Confessions On A Dancefloor

Billboard Comprehensive Albums :
68 (61) Madonna – Confessions On A Dancefloor

Hot 100 Singles :
77 (77) Madonna – Sorry

Hot 100 Singles Sales :
03 (03) Madonna – Sorry
10 (11) Madonna – Hung Up

Pop 100 :
64 (62) Madonna – Sorry
73 (67) Madonna – Hung Up

Hot Dance Music/Club Play :
04 (01) Madonna – Sorry

Dance Radio Airplay :
01 (01) Madonna – Sorry

Hot Dance Singles Sales :
02 (02) Madonna – Sorry
04 (04) Madonna – Hung Up

Hot Videoclips :
20 (17) Madonna – Sorry

European Top 100 Albums
08 (06) Madonna – Confessions On A Dancefloor

European Hot 100 Singles
01 (01) Madonna – Sorry
26 (17) Madonna – Hung Up

European Digital Tracks
04 (03) Madonna – Sorry (Album Version)
16 (12) Madonna – Hung Up (Album Version)