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Madonna News - August 2006

Madonna on Billboard Charts – 09092006

Hot 100 Singles Sales :
16 (13) Madonna – Get Together
34 (38) Madonna – Sorry
50 (43) Madonna – Hung Up

Hot Dance Music/Club Play :
— (50) Madonna – Get Together

Dance Radio Airplay :
14 (12) Madonna – Get Together

Hot Dance Singles Sales :
05 (05) Madonna – Get Together
09 (08) Madonna – Sorry
11 (10) Madonna – Hung Up

Top Music Video :
31 (29) Madonna – I’m Going To Tell You A Secret

Billboard Comprehensive Music Videos
31 (29) Madonna – I’m Going To Tell You A Secret

Rumour : Madonna to be face of Louis Vuitton

Madonna will be performing at a private party for Lousi Vuitton next month – and the pop superstar is also reportedly being courted as the next face of the fashion house. The Material Girl will play at a bash in Prague, Czech Republic on 8 September (06). The day before she is playing in the city as part of her Confessions tour. Insiders report the 48-year-old is “very interested” in modelling for Louis Vuitton.
source : contact music

Madonna Ticket Swap Starts Monday

The organizer of Madonna’s upcoming Moscow concert said holders of the 36,000 tickets already sold could begin exchanging them Monday.
Vladimir Kiselyov told the newspaper Trud in an interview published Wednesday that the concert would not be canceled as a result of weeks of confusion that ended Tuesday, when the date and venue of the concert were changed.
Kiselyov is general director of a state-owned management company called Kreml, or Kremlin, which is part of the Presidential Property Department. Kreml has emerged in recent days as the lead organizer of Madonna’s concert, now scheduled for Sept. 12 at Luzhniki stadium.
Kiselyov told Trud he had just returned from London, where he met with Madonna’s representatives and discussed security for the concert. Tickets will be verified at four checkpoints at the stadium, and concertgoers will be given special bracelets.
source : the moscow times

Madonna’s AIDS auction

Madonna is to auction off her designer stage outfits to raise money for an AIDS charity.
The ‘Hung Up’ singer’s flamboyant costumes – designed by Jean Paul Gaultier for her ‘Confessions’ tour – will reportedly be sold off to raise money to help AIDS victims in Africa.
A source told Britain’s Closer magazine: “She has pledged money to AIDS charities since the beginning of her career. She’s thinking about doing it through eBay, or maybe an auction house in London.”
The singer has already pledged over L2 million to help orphans in Malawi.
She is reportedly also planning to visit the impoverished country later this year.
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Gang counterfeiting tickets to Madonna’s concert arrested

Czech police arrested on Tuesday four members of an organised group who allegedly counterfeited tickets for two concerts of U.S. pop signer Madonna in Prague, Prague police spokeswoman Iva Knolova said.
According to original information, the men have forged more than 300 tickets. Since the suspects are members of the “hard core” of fans of one of the Czech soccer clubs, a riot police unit dealt with them, Knolova said.
During home searches police seized forged tickets, equipment for their production, pistols in illegal possession and the money originated from criminal activity.
“It is about 500,000 crowns,” Knolova said.
The police are questioning the four suspects and they could be charged in the next hours with fraud, illegal arms possession and harming the rights of other people.
According to the police, the group activities were well organised. They produced and sold the tickets for several months.
The police detained the men on August 29 at various places in Prague.
Madonna was originally to give only one concert in Prague on September within her Confessions Tour as her first ever concert in the Czech Republic.
Madonna’s fans bought out the tickets for the first concert in less than two hours. That is why the signer decided at the very last moment to add another performance a day later.
Tickets for Madonna’s second concert, to be held on September 7, were also sold out at Sazka company’s terminals in a record short time of over one hour and half.
source : ceske noviny

52,000 tickets for Madonna’s Moscow concert

A total of 52,000 tickets to Madonna’s concert in Moscow will be sold, Kremlin state owned company director Vladimir Kiselyov told journalists on Tuesday.
“Now we have a more spacious venue – the Luzhniki Central Sports Arena. More tickets will be issued and added to the previously sold 36,000, bringing the overall number of tickets to 52,000,” he said.
source : interfax

Madonna to sing in Moscow’s Luzhniki stadium on Sept. 12

Madonna’s concert will be held at a stadium in southwest Moscow on September 12, the organizers said Monday, correcting earlier reports that the much-awaited event would take place September 11.
Initially Madonna’s concert was to take place at the Vorobyovy Gory hill overlooking the capital in front of Moscow State University also in the southwest of the capital. But authorities said the venue had to be changed for security reasons.
The decision to hold the concert in Luzhniki was made by NCA, an official partner to LIFE NATION, the promoter of the American pop diva’s “Confessions on a Dance Floor” tour, and the Moscow authorities, NCA President Mikhail Shurygin said.
Moscow’s police chief, Vladimir Pronin, had said earlier Monday that Tushino airfield in the northwest of the capital was the only possible venue for concerts with as many as over 200,000 ticket holders.
Pronin said 250,000 people were expected at the concert but Vorobyovy Gory and Luzhniki could only accommodate around 40,000 and 70,000 spectators respectively. About 100,000 tickets have been sold already, he said.
Considering Luzhniki’s limited capacity, Madonna may have to perform there twice, he said.
source : ria

Moscow govt confirms Madonna’s show at Luzhniki

Madonna’s concert is scheduled to take place at the Luzhniki sports center, First Deputy Moscow Mayor Lyudmila Shvetsova told Interfax on Monday.
“We are preparing a draft order on assisting holding Madonna’s performance at the Luzhniki,” she said.
“The organizers have already said that the place suits them well,” the first deputy Moscow mayor said, adding that “security for the concert-goers and other organizational issues can be guaranteed” at the Luzhniki.
It was reported earlier that organizers planned to hold the September 11 concert at Vorobyovy Gory.
source : interfax

No 2nd Moscow Concert and more about Madonna’s visit

Despite the information that Madonna wants to meet Russian president in person, the meeting between American pop star and Vladimir Putin will not be held, apparently. Instead the dinner with the president, an extensive cultural program was offered to Madonna. The program includes visiting one of Moscow’s fashionable clubs or restaurants.
According to British newspaper The Sun, Madonna plans to meet with Russian president the next day after her concert in Moscow scheduled for September 11. The newspaper claims that both daughters of Vladimir Putin, Masha and Katya, will attend the dinner together with their father, because they persuaded him to meet their favorite singer. “Such possibility has been considered for quite a long time,”? a source close to Madonna told the newspaper. “She wanted to meet with President Putin, who at first doubted the necessity of this meeting. However, knowing that his daughters are Madonna’s fans, Putin finally agreed.”? “It is unlikely that Madonna will be discussing her disputable body movements on the stage. She will rather talk about peace in the world,”? said Madonna’s friend quoted by The Sun. Perhaps, she wanted to tell Vladimir Putin about the magic qualities of a liquid discovered in one of Russia’s lakes. Madonna, being the follower of Hebrew mystic cult of cabbala, firmly believes this liquid can accumulate people’s positive energy which can neutralize nuclear waste. Madonna even wrote to British government and Britain’s nuclear energy committee about the magic liquid. However, British nuclear scientists were not so enthusiastic about the idea, and said it contradicts the laws of nature.
Meanwhile, President Putin’s administration officials absolutely denied the possibility of Putin’s meeting with Madonna, saying The Sun’s information is only speculations. “Vladimir Putin hasn’t been planning any meetings or contacts with Madonna,”? said Dmitry Peskov, first deputy spokesman of Russian president. Moreover, a Kremlin source said the president will not even attend Madonna’s concert, which means his preferences differ from those of his daughters.
Spokesman of Russian organizers of Madonna’s concert Anton Atrashkin told Kommersant that he knows nothing of such plans of the pop diva, and that all such declarations are simply conjectures. “Madonna never told her tour organizers of her wish to meet with Vladimir Putin,”? said Atrashkin. Yet, he admitted that the singer will have an extensive cultural program. Beside the usual sight-seeing of Moscow’s architectural and historic monuments, Madonna will see Moscow’s night-life. She plans to visit one of fashionable night clubs. “A list of most interesting clubs and restaurants in Moscow was compiled for Madonna. She will make her own choice out of this list,”? said Atrashkin. He did not name those clubs and restaurants, as well as the hotel where the pop star will be staying, due to security reasons. According to The Sun, Russian mafia threatened to kidnap Madonna (Kommersant, August 20).
While Madonna is left to make her choice, Moscow clubs’ promoters are trying to influence it. Opera club promoter Andreas Lobjanidze said his colleagues are even ready to pay for Madonna’s visit to their restaurants and clubs. “Everyone from Dyagilev to Metelitsa compete for Madonna’s visit. I’ve heard the stakes reach half a million. Opera club is ready to pay $300,000, although none of us believes anymore that Madonna will really come.”?
Atrashkin noted that Madonna did not set any unusual or shocking requirements. As to the rumors about Madonna’s second concert in Moscow, Atrashkin firmly denied it as absolutely unreal. “Such possibility was discussed. Yet, Madonna’s representatives confirmed only one concert,”? said Atrashkin.
source : kommersant

Rumour : Madonna’s Moscow concert to be held at Luzhniki

Madonna’s Moscow show will take place at the Luzhniki stadium, a source in the Russian authorities close to organizers of the concert told Interfax on Friday.
The concert had been scheduled to be held at Vorobyovy Gory, “but law enforcement bodies objected to the venue, saying it would be impossible to guarantee security there,” the source said.
The Tushino airfield was also mooted as a possible venue, he said.
“Luzhniki stadium is a suitable venue, there everything is in place to ensure the security of visitors and musicians,” the source said.
“The venue for the concert will be announced early next week,” he said.
source : interfax