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Madonna News - November 2006

Madonna on Billboard Charts – 12092006

Top Electronic Albums :
03 (06) Madonna – Confessions On A Dance Floor

Hot 100 Singles Sales :
04 (01) Madonna – Jump
27 (26) Madonna – Get Together
35 (50) Madonna – Sorry
47 (–) Madonna – Hung Up *re-entry*

Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks
— (24) Madonna – Jump

Hot Dance Music/Club Play
06 (05) Madonna – Jump

Dance Radio Airplay :
01 (01) Madonna – Jump

Hot Dance Singles Sales :
01 (01) Madonna – Jump
08 (07) Madonna – Get Together
09 (13) Madonna – Sorry
12 (16) Madonna – Hung Up

Confessions Tour DVD Announced on Icon

ICON members are the first to see the cover of the Confessions Tour DVD! And we are happy to announce that the wait is almost over! The DVD will be released on January 22, 2007 internationally, January 23, 2007 in the US.

Madonna - Confessions Tour DVD - Cover

Gossip : Madonna – Thank Bob for baby

Madonna has sent sir Bob Geldof a heartfelt thank-you letter for inspiring her to adopt an African baby.
I can reveal that charity campaigner Sir Bob was the key man behind Madge’s decision to pluck little David Banda from poverty in Malawi.
And as a sign of her gratitude, she has secretly made a huge donation to Sir Bob’s Band Aid charity for Africa. The pair chatted about Africa after he persuaded Madge to perform at last year’s Live 8 concert in London’s Hyde Park.
Now the Queen Of Pop has told pals she would never have visited Malawi if Sir Bob had not told her about the country’s plight.
And she credits him with helping her to extend her family.
She has also promised to support Bob at the drop of a hat if he ever needs her influence on a new charity campaign.
Madonna was shocked at the backlash she suffered after she returned to the UK with baby David last month. After donating millions of pounds to fight poverty in Malawi she was accused by her critics of “buying”? her African child.
But the Material Girl didn’t think lightly about the adoption and spent hours discussing her plans with Sir Bob.
A source close to Madonna said: “She feels that she is forever in Sir Bob’s debt for having introduced her to the country where she eventually met her beloved son.
“She is extremely grateful to him for bringing David into her life and feels she owes him a lot.
“Madonna and Sir Bob fell out a little bit after he announced she would be performing at Hyde Park before she had agreed to the gig.
“But that is all forgotten now. It was a flash in the pan and Madonna has never regretted doing the show.”?
The source added: “She has now made a very generous donation to the Band Aid charity through her own Ray Of Light Foundation.
“She also sent Bob a lovely personal thank-you letter to extend her gratitude to him.
“And she gave him a huge bundle of photos that she and her husband Guy had taken while they were in Malawi.
“She thought Bob would appreciate them.”?
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Groups to Judge Madonna Fitness to Adopt

A judge in Malawi will permit a coalition of 67 human-rights groups to move forward with their legal challenge to Madonna’s adoption of one-year-old David Banda – and allow them to help decide if the singer is a fit mother.
In his Wednesday ruling in the Malawian capital, Judge Andrew Nyirenda said the human-rights organizations could be viewed as “friends of the court.”
The groups can therefore pursue the application for a full review of an interim 18-month custody order that allowed Madonna to take the child out of the country. The groups members can also be party to the assessment of the pop singer’s fitness as a mother.
“We want to be joined as a party to the assessment because we have a lot of legal issues we want to raise,” Justin Dzonzi of the coalition told reporters last month.
The groups had argued that the Malawian government cut legal corners to “fast-track” the adoption, and said regulations must be followed to protect children, the Associated Press reports.
Madonna has denied that she was given VIP treatment.
David is currently living with Madonna and her family in London. “David is amazing,” Madonna, speaking via satellite from a TV studio in London, said during an October interview with Oprah Winfrey.
“What really surprises me is how great my children are with him and how he’s transitioned so easily from living in Africa in an orphanage to living in our house,” she said.
source : ap/people

Madonna bustier up for sale

A bustier worn by Madonna on her Who’s that Girl tour goes under the hammer tonight.
The creation is one of 160 lots featuring in the It’s More than Rock ‘n’ Roll auction.
Marvin Gaye’s handwritten musical manuscripts are also up for sale.
The manuscripts had been given to a friend and forgotten about until they recently resurfaced in London.
Other objects include the original Rolling Stones tongue artwork, Elvis Presley’s 1960s Cherry Sunburst guitar and John Lennon’s beige mohair 1963 stage suit worn at the London Palladium.
The auction takes place at 7pm at the Sound venue in London’s Leicester Square.
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Judge defers ruling on Madonna adoption challenge

Malawian lawyers said that a judge had Tuesday deferred a ruling on whether rights groups could challenge pop diva Madonna’s bid to adopt a local toddler whose mother died shortly after childbirth.
“There is nothing … we are still waiting to hear from the judge and hopefully a ruling will be made next week,” Alan Chinula, an attorney for Madonna, said.
Judge Andrew Nyirenda was due to make his ruling Tuesday behind closed doors in the administrative capital Lilongwe but postponed the judgment for a third time.
Lawyer Justin Dzodzi, who represents the Human Rights Consultative Committee grouping 67 local children’s rights organizations, said: “The arrangement was that it would be up to the judge to call us to say when ruling is ready.”
The coalition first lodged a petition in October, insisting that current laws did not permit for intra-country adoptions and asking for the right to bring a fully-fledged appeal at a later hearing.
Judge Nyirenda, handling the first high-profile adoption case in Malawi, granted an 18-month interim custody to Madonna to enable her to take David Banda to Britain.
The 14-month-old baby is now living with Madonna and her British filmmaker husband Guy Ritchie in London even though would-be adoptive parents are usually subject to an 18-month monitoring period by social workers in Malawi.
Madonna has denied using her vast wealth to fast-track the process while David’s father Yohane Banda has called on the coalition to drop their action over fear that the singer will return the child to a life of poverty back home.
source : afp

New Madonna canvas debuts at Z Gallerie

From : Another gorgeous fine art canvas hits Z Gallerie this week, just in time for the holidays! The image was taken by Steven Klein for W Magazine and features Madonna wearing the riding hat that she donned all over the world in her record breaking Confessions Tour. This instant classic is a 36″ x48″ hand painted glicee print only available at Z Gallerie. Click here to purchase online or find the closest retailer.

Gossip : Madonna plans dream Xmas break for family

Madonna is planning to take adopted son David Banda on a paradise holiday this Christmas.
The Queen of Pop is hoping to visit the Cayman Islands or Seychelles next month to celebrate her first holiday season with the African orphan. She originally had her heart set on a trip to the Maldives but decided to cancel after a hotel demanded £250,000 if her family wished to book the entire complex for a week.
A source told The People: “She has got her staff pulling out all the stops to find somewhere else.
“Madge has been so happy since adopting David. She decided to make Christmas really special this year as it is his first with his new family. She and Guy decided to go somewhere idyllic where they could get away from it all. When it went wrong she was devastated.”
source : digitalspy

Gossip : Britney set for a Mad Christmas

Madonna has offered to help Britney Spears get through her divorce crisis – by inviting her to spend Christmas in Britain.
She wants to show her support as Britney, 24, prepares for battle with estranged husband Kevin Federline over custody of their children.
The two pop queens have been close friends since their notorious staged kiss at the MTV Music Awards in 2003.
Madonna, 48, has told Britney she is welcome to bring sons Sean, 13 months, and 11-week-old Jayden James to spend the festive season in London with her husband Guy Ritchie and their children, Rocco, Lourdes and newly adopted 14-month-old Malawian son David.
A source close to Britney in Los Angeles said yesterday: “Madonna has always been a guiding force in her life and career.
“Brit’s confident she’ll get full custody of her kids and, with Kevin gone, she’s focusing on motherhood and resurrecting her career with a new album.
“Publicly, she’s looking gorgeous and happy. But there’s a lot of inner turmoil. Brit’s no different to any woman whose marriage has failed. She blames herself for not trying harder to change Kevin, and can’t stop asking herself how it all went so disastrously wrong.”?
The source added: “Brit hasn’t decided whether to accept her invitation – but it means a hell of a lot to her to know Madonna is there for her.”?
Britney faces an ordeal when the divorce petitions are heard in court, early next year. Madonna, whose own divorce from actor Sean Penn in 1989 was not at all amicable, believes that Britney was right to put the Malibu mansion where she and Federline lived on the market for £6.99million.”?
The source said: “Brit has always listened to Madonna who, next to her own mom Lynne, has become a guiding light in her life and career.”?
Britney’s Los Angeles spokesman yesterday refused to comment on a magazine report that she wants to drop “Federline”? from the children’s names after the divorce.
source : sunday express

Emma Thompson praises Madonna adoption

British actress Emma Thompson has praised Madonna for adopting Malawian baby David Banda last month.
The Sense and Sensibility star has seen the plight of Malawi’s children orphaned by AIDS first hand after becoming involved in charity work in the African country.
Shocked by the suffering she saw, in 2003 Thompson also welcomed an African orphan – 16-year-old Tindy – into her home after meeting the Rwandan refugee in London.
And the 47-year-old is convinced Madonna has made the right decision, despite taking David away from his native country and culture.
She says, “Malawi is a very difficult country, with tremendous problems with AIDS.
“While I understand the arguments about taking people away from their culture, there is a culture of deprivation and poverty that is not fun to be part of.
“She found a child in desperate need. Some people want to bring up a child personally, others want to act in a more general way, but both ways are surely to be welcomed.”