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Madonna News - April 2007

Madonna on ‘Idol Gives Back’

As part of the Idol Gives Back charity event, Madonna will deliver a pre-taped message during Wednesday night’s special two-hour results show of American Idol, a representative for the singer confirmed to Access Hollywood on Tuesday. The event is designed to raise both awareness and funds for organizations that provide relief to children and young people living in poverty in Africa and America.

“I’m gonna blow [a secret] now: Madonna came on board yesterday,” Idol executive producer Nigel Lythgoe said as a guest on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS FM morning radio program on Wednesday, according to Access Hollywood. “And that is just fantastic.”

While the 48-year-old is most recognizable for her work as a singer-songwriter, record producer, film producer, fashion designer, dancer, author, and actress, she is also a well-known humanitarian, having worked with numerous philanthropic organizations over the years.

Madonna will join numerous other artists and celebrities, including Celine Dion, Bono, Ellen DeGeneres, Kelly Clarkson, Pink, Gwen Stefani, Earth, Wind & Fire, Il Divo, Keira Knightley, Hugh Grant, Josh Groban with the African Children’s Choir, Jack Black, Helen Mirren, Rascal Flatts, Quincy Jones, Carrie Underwood, Annie Lennox, and many more, who are all involved with the two-hour Idol Gives Back special.

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Celebrating 25 Years Of “Everybody”

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It may seem like only yesterday but 25 years ago on April 24, 1982, Sire Records honcho Seymour Stein released a single called “Everybody” on Warner Bros. Records by an unknown singer from Rochester, Michigan by the name of Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone. To say the world would never be the same is an understatement. The song went on to become a huge dancefloor hit and was heard all over the radio in the Summer of 1982. That little girl from Michigan would go on to become one of the most famous entertainers and cultural icons in history – selling close to 200 million records and remaining a star of enormous magnitude and influence for the next 25 years. She’s just getting started. Long Live the Queen and Happy Anniversary to Madonna.

Madonna nominated for 2 The Ivor Novello Awards

PRS Most Performed Work

I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’
Writers: Sir Elton John / Scott Hoffman / Jason Sellards
Performed By: Scissor Sisters
UK Publisher: HST Management Ltd / Universal Music Publishing / EMI Music Publishing

Put Your Records On
Writers: Corinne Bailey Rae / John Beck / Steve Chrisanthou
Performed By: Corinne Bailey Rae
UK Publisher: Global Talent Publishing / Good Groove Songs

Writers: Madonna / Stuart Price
Performed By: Madonna
UK Publisher: Warner Chappell Music

International Hit Of The Year

I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’
Writer/s: Sir Elton John / Scott Hoffman / Jason Sellards
Performed By: Scissor Sisters
UK Publisher: HST Management Ltd / Universal Music Publishing / EMI Music Publishing

Writers: Robbie Williams / Danny Spencer / Kelvin Andrews / Sly Dunbar / Robbie Shakespeare / William “Earl”? Collins / Bill Laswell / Edmund “Carl Jr”? Aiken
Performed By: Robbie Williams
UK Publisher: BMG Music Publishing / Chrysalis Music Ltd / Universal Music Publishing / Warner Chappell Music

Writers: Madonna / Stuart Price
Performed By: Madonna
UK Publisher: Warner Chappell Music

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Madonna’s Baby’s Father Left Distraught

Madonna has left Malawi without letting the father of her adopted son see his only child, it has been claimed. Farmer Yohane Banda is said to be distraught after two meetings for him to be reunited with 18-month-old David were cancelled.

The singer visited the African country last week with baby David and daughter Lourdes, where she spent time working on projects for her charity, Raising Malawi.

Although the trio went to the Home of Hope orphanage, where Madonna first met David last year, the much-publicised father and son reunion failed to materialise.

A source told People magazine: “Yohane was there all day on Saturday and in the morning of her visit.

“He was told he would spend some time with his son but the meeting was cancelled.”

Madonna’s representative, Liz Rosenberg, said she did not know whether the reunion took place. During the trip, it was revealed Madonna had met the three year-old Malawian girl she reportedly wants to adopt.

Despite her publicist denying she is to adopt again, Madonna reportedly told friends she is looking for a sister for David and is considering welcoming orphan Grace into her family.

A source said: “Madonna was talking with Grace and looked very happy. They were together for about 15 minutes.”

Madonna and Elton top Ivors list

Madonna and Sir Elton John have two nominations each for this year’s Ivor Novello songwriting awards.

Madonna’s track, Sorry, which appeared on her album Confessions on a Dance Floor is up for international hit of the year and most performed work.

I Don’t Feel Like Dancing, written by Sir Elton and performed by the Scissor Sisters, has also been nominated in the same categories.

This year’s Ivors will be held at Grosvenor House in London on 24 May.

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Madonna leaves Malawi after charity visit

Madonna jetted out of Malawi on Sunday after a six-day visit focussed on her charity work in the impoverished southern African country.

Madonna, wearing dark glasses and carrying the one-year-old Malawian boy she is adopting, boarded a private jet at Lilongwe airport at the end of her visit, a Reuters witness said.

Officials said she spent Saturday meeting people involved in the charities she set up in Malawi.

Raising Malawi, a charity co-founded by Madonna, provides food, education and health services to 32,000 orphans in the country through seven community-based organisations.

This is Madonna’s second visit to Malawi six months after she and her film director husband Guy Ritchie signed interim adoption papers for custody of local toddler David Banda.

David will stay with the couple for 18 months at their home in London before a decision by the Malawian government on whether to finalise the adoption.

Rights groups have accused Madonna of using her fame and wealth to circumvent the country’s adoption rules, but the singer has insisted she is following the law.

Madonna’s spokeswoman has denied media reports the American star plans to adopt a second child and said she is focusing on her charity work in Malawi during this visit.

On Thursday Madonna visited the Home of Hope orphanage where David once lived, and where witnesses said he met his biological father.

HIV/AIDS has killed millions in Malawi, leaving more than a million orphans.

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Madonna Winds Down Malawi Trip

One of the entertainer’s last stops in her weeklong sojourn was in centrally located village of Kazimbe, about 60 miles from the capital of Lilongwe, where she planted a tree to mark the opening of the new Katawa clinic, which is partly funded by her fellow Kabbalah enthusiasts.

The visit came a day after Madonna and her entourage, which included daughter Lourdes and adoptive son David Banda, turned up to inspect a new daycare center her charity, Raising Malawi Organization, is constructing to benefit impoverished children in the area.

Appearing before cheering locals in Mphandula, a village with a population of 2,500 approximately 30 miles west of Lilongwe, Madonna made her first public remarks since touching down in the African nation on Monday.

“Keep working hard. I hope you realize how much power you have to make a good future for yourselves,” Madonna said.

“It was a bush before and there was nothing. Now there are these beautiful buildings,” she continued.

The entertainer was given a half-hour tour by Alfred Chapomba, the director and founder of the Consol Homes orphans charity, the group that will run the facility, while a group of local women danced and sang songs welcoming her presence. She then addressed a throng in the center’s main hall.

“It is not the buildings that matter, but your kind heart for giving this land freely,” Madonna said. “I have heard people say please come back. Remember, this is a partnership, it’s not [for] me to do everything but we need to work together and you have to help yourselves.”

In honor of the pop star’s visit, local musicians played homemade instruments as she mingledand even dancedwith villagers and orphans.

Clapping her hands, she urged David to get into the groove with some moves of his own, which the youngster did after receiving some friendly encouragement from smiling bystanders.

The village’s chief, Kalolo, offered his people’s gratitude for the good works she and her charity had done for their rural community, which has neither electricity nor running water.

“We are now proud villagers who are seeing this type of development for the first time in our lives,” he said. “Thank you for everything.”

While her latest trip has been happy times for Madonna and familyhaving been greeted warmly everywhere they’ve gone so farit hasn’t been without incident, largely thanks to an ever-present pack of paparazzi and reporters that have been trailing her every move.

Her holiday has included stops at several United Nations-backed crop initiatives in the village of Mtanga and a return visit to the Home of Hopethe orphanage in the village of Mchinji where David once lived. (According to some reports, David also had a chance to meet with his biological father, Yohane Banda.)

While at the orphanage, a group of teens hurled stones at the shutterbugs. The press corps was also kept at bay by a coterie of Madonna’s bodyguards backed by local police, until the singer relented and allowed reporters and cameramen in for an impromptu photo-op.

The heavy-handed security has, unsurprisingly, prompted some criticism from local papers.

The influential Daily Times published an editorial supporting Madonna’s efforts to adopt David and raise HIV/AIDS awareness in the country. But the newspaper also urged her to be more open about her activities, especially in light of the backlash surrounding her previous trip, when she came under fire for allegedly using her star power to circumvent adoption laws.

“It is surprising that just like her first trip, Madonna’s second trip to Malawi is shrouded in secrecy,” the newspaper said. “This kind of behavior is what gives room to speculation and in the end, people are fed with wrong information which may lead to wrong conclusions and actions.”

Meanwhile, British tabloids continue to insist that Madonna has taken a shine to an orphan named Grace and may soon add the girl to her brood, despite an announcement last week from publicist Liz Rosenberg stating that the pop star was not planning to adopt a second child during her trip.

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Gossip : Madonna returns from Malawi

The superstar has finished a four day tour of the charity projects she has donated money to in the African country – one of the poorest in the world.
Madonna is on her way back from Malawi – but will there be an extra passenger on her private jet?

Madonna’s visit sparked intense speculation that she would be adopting another Malawian child but the claims have been fiercely denied by her people.

Earlier in the trip, the pop singer took her ten-year-old daughter Lourdes and the little Malawian boy she is in the process of adopting to visit the Home of Hope orphanage where the tot once lived.

Waiting paparazzi were treated to a rare glimpse of Madonna with the newest member of her family as she strolled around with the 18-month-old on her hip.

The Material Girl and her husband Guy Richie will have to wait another year before the Malawian government makes a final decision on their adoption case.

Gossip : Madonna Meets Grace

Madonna has met the three-year-old Malawian girl she reportedly wants to adopt. The singer is currently in Malawi with adopted son David and daughter Lourdes and the trio visited the orphanage where the child, called Grace, lives earlier this week.

Despite her publicist denying she is to adopt again, Madonna has reportedly told friends she is looking for a sister for David and is considering welcoming Grace into her family. A source said: “Madonna was talking with Grace and looked very happy. They were together for about 15 minutes.”

The 48-year-old star first saw Grace on DVD footage and fell in love with her immediately. She then asked for a 15-minute film to be made of the little girl, who has no relatives and has been living at the orphanage since she was three months old.

However, though she had a successful meeting with Grace, Madonna has not made a final decision on the adoption.

She has allegedly met with 10 other children, on the request of the Malawian authorities.

A source said: “Grace may not be the child Madonna adopts though she certainly is a favourite. Madonna is considering other children.”

Madonna’s representatives have repeatedly denied the star is in Malawi to adopt again, insisting she is only in the country to do charity work.

Publicist Liz Rosenberg said: “Madonna is indeed going to Africa to continue her work with the Raising Malawi organisation. She is overseeing the building of a children’s health care centre.

“She is absolutely not adopting another baby. I know that has been a rumour ever since she began the adoption process for her son David but it just isn’t true.”

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Madonna visits day care center she is funding in Malawi

Wearing a T-shirt proclaiming “Love” and dancing to the rhythm of a pop song, Madonna opened a day care center Thursday, one of the projects she is funding in impoverished, disease-stricken Malawi.

The pop star and the Malawian toddler she wants to adopt, David Banda, were greeted by singing children as she toured the project, which is being run by a local charity Consol Homes.

The center will eventually provide education and food for up to 4,000 children from surrounding rural areas, trying to break the vicious cycle of lack of education, hunger and sickness that afflicts many Malawians.

“You should not expect much from me alone but we are working together as a partnership,” Madonna told local officials.

The pop star caused international controversy last year when she took then 14-month-old David from a Malawian orphanage back to London. Critics accused her of using her celebrity status to flout Malawian restrictions on adoptions. Her latest visit to Malawi, to check on projects run by her Raising Malawi organization, has won praise from many here who say she has shown she cares about their plight.

Tight security has accompanied the star throughout her stay and it remains unclear whether she has met with Yohane Banda, father of David. The boy’s mother died in childbirth and his father sent him to an orphanage, saying he was too poor to care for him.

Madonna’s entourage visited David’s old orphanage on Tuesday. Thursday, she hushed the boy, clad in blue dungarees, at the day care center when he cried after being handed to a nanny.

The director of Consol Homes, Jacinta Chapombsa, said parents would be able to bring their children to the day care center safe in the knowledge they would receive a basic education and food.

Local children performed the Paul Simon-Joseph Shabalala hit “Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes”, playing traditional instruments and singing. Madonna danced to the refrain.

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No meeting for Madonna, Madiba

Famous pop star Madonna will not meet South Africa’s former president Nelson Mandela, his office said on Thursday.

“There was never any meeting scheduled between the two. They will not be meeting tomorrow,” said a receptionist at Mandela’s office who declined to be named.

The Sunday Times reported that Madonna would during her visit to Malawi pop over to meet Madiba in South Africa on Friday.

Madonna is in Malawi to continue her charity work with the Raising Malawi organisation and to allow her adopted son David Banda to visit his home country.

Media reports also suggested that Madonna wanted to adopt a second child, allegations which the pop star has denied.

Madonna, 48, caused a storm last year when she went to Malawi to adopt the one-year-old boy.

Adoption groups accused her of using her celebrity status to bypass laws about foreigners adopting from Malawi.

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Rumour : Justin & Madonna’s Sexy Duets

Justin Timberlake is getting into the groove with Madonna : The pop prince – along with rapper/producer Timbaland – has written three or four dance tracks for the megastar’s upcoming album.

“They have a good thing going,” Timbaland, 36, Timbaland told US of the Madonna-Timberlake collaboration (which took place this month at a London recording studio). “He’s had a busy few days.”

Indeed, a source tells “US” that Madonna, 48, has been cracking the whip, making her new protege work up to 16 hours a day and then calling him in the middle of the night with new ideas.

“Justin had no idea what a workhorse she is,” sais the source. Adds another insider, “They spent a lot of time talking about what sound they want.” (Though it has been reported her album will be hip-hop-inspired, the insider says there will be “a lot of different sounds and styles.”)

The Britney connection : Another topic of conversation ? Timberlake’s old flame Britney Spears, whom Madonna famously kissed at the MTV VMAs in 2003. “It came up in conversation that one of the songs sounded like one of Britney’s old tracks,” says the insider. “Madonna then smirked and said, ‘Hey, I tried to help her !”

A source says Madonna bought Timberlake a blue Christian Audigier T-shirt that had a “J” with a crown over it, much like the red tee with an “M” on it that Madonna sported in London (“which he thought was hysterical”).

Justin Timberlake “had a childhood crash on Madonna and was nervous to meet her,” the source tells US. “But they are getting along swimmingly.”

source : US Weekly