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Madonna to ring in New Year in a Rajasthan village

Pop star Madonna will ring in the New Year along with her husband and son at a private heritage resort at a non-descript village, 150km from here.

Soon after reaching here from the Maldives by a chartered plane, Madonna reached Dechu village where she will will have a night’s stay before moving to Jaisalmer on Tuesday.

Earlier, the plane carrying Madonna, who is also accompanied by five family friends, landed at Jaipur airport on Monday afternoon, Airport Director Anju Agarwal told PTI.

The singing sensation is in Rajasthan on a five to six-day programme which will will see her touring Jodhpur and Udaipur also, sources said.

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Madonna adoption joy

Madonna is to be granted full custody of African toddler David Banda after a glowing social workers’ report.

Simon Chisale, who visited Madonna’s London home in September, will present his report to a judge in Malawi today.

In it he describes Madonna as “a perfect mum for David… a confident and able parent”.

Her husband Guy Ritchie has formed a strong bond of “warm, playful interaction”.
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The full adoption could be sanctioned by a Malawian court in April.

At his village home in Malawi, David’s biological father Yohane Banda, 32, said he was glad the controversial adoption was nearing completion.

He just wanted the best for him – “I know she means well for him”.

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Madonna Gets What She Wants

Madonna knows exactly how to use her sex appeal to get what she wants. As we reported yesterday, Madge will make her directorial debut in Filth and Wisdom. Richard E. Grant will appear in the film and he admits that it was Madonna’s flirting that got him to give in.

Grant says, “I respond well to flattery. Flattery and money. “Madonna flirted with me to get me to make her new film, Filth and Wisdom. She’s a terrible flirt and very attractive.

“I was bewitched, so of course I fell at her feet.”

Who could ever say no to Madonna? I would be terrified to say no. She seems like the type that would hold a grudge and make your life a living hell till you give in.

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Madonna’s DRM free MP3s on Amazon soon

Today, Warner Music Group began selling music on Amazon in the MP3 format without the digital rights management that hampers many of the files sold in iTunes and other online music stores.

Listening Post confirmed with spokespeople for both Amazon and Universal Music Group that the deal includes all of the label’s digitized music catalog — “hundreds of thousands of tracks,” according to WMG. Amazon’s store now contains over 2.9 million tracks, all in the unprotected MP3 format, and including music from three of the world’s four major labels. (EMI began offering its digital catalog to Amazon in May, and Universal has experimented with MP3s on Amazon since August.)

The WMG spokesperson also confirmed that the label did not include watermarks in the MP3 files the way Universal Music Group did. (UMG included anonymous watermarks on the MP3s it delivered to Amazon, used to track purchased MP3s online.)

“We believe that giving consumers the assurance that the music they purchase can be played on any device they own will only encourage more sales of music,” said Michael Nash, SVP of digital strategy and business development for Warner Music Group.

This is good news for music fans who have been reluctant to buy music that only plays on certain devices, but it may not be good news for Apple. Despite Steve Jobs’ February plea to the labels that they stop insisting on DRM, Apple has likely benefited to some degree from iTunes’ unique ability to offer music from the most popular labels (the majors) that plays on the most popular MP3 players (iPods).

Jobs refused to license Fair Play to competing third-party music stores, writing, “Apple has concluded that if it licenses FairPlay to others, it can no longer guarantee to protect the music it licenses from the big four music companies.”

An industry-wide abandonment of DRM would allow other music download retailers to compete, but Apple’s music business could expand nonetheless. As DRM goes away, the digital music market could grow so much that Apple’s slice would get bigger, even if its share diminishes.

With only 5 days to go, 2007 became the year that 3 of the 4 major labels started selling music in the MP3 format. Sony/BMG is the only remaining holdout.

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Madonna film to debut at Berlin festival

The first film directed by pop icon Madonna is to have its world premiere at the Berlin Film Festival taking place from February 7-17, organizers announced Thursday. Filth And Wisdom, a romantic musical comedy reportedly based on the star’s own experiences, is Britain’s entry in the festival’s Panoroma section, but will not be in line for an award in the main competition.

It is not clear if Madonna, 49, will put in an appearance in Berlin, but directors usually show up for the premieres of their movies.

The lead role is played by Eugene Huetz, whose Gypsy punk band Gogol Bordello accompanied Madonna during a concert in London this year. Other actors include Stephen Graham and Richard E. Grant.

Madonna, who is married to British director Guy Ritchie, does not appear in the film. Her last major role was in the musical Evita.

Around 50 works are entered in the Berlinale’s Panorama section, among them efforts by Canadian underground star Bruce LaBruce and Taiwanese female director Zero Chou.

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Madge aims to take on Elvis

Madonna has hatched a plan to beat Elvis Presley’s record of the most UK No1 hits.

The Material Girl aims to re-release all her huge singles as downloads this year to celebrate her 50th birthday.

That will annoy her soon to be ex-label Warner, who want to make the most of her back catalogue before she leaves them. Next year is going to be a Madgefest, with a massive gig in New York to mark the milestone.

She’s entering the wrinkly rocker stage of her career – at least she would be if not for her beautician – and you have to salute her.

But I’d salute her even more if she bowed out at the top.

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Blender Magazine on Madonna’s New Album

as yet untitled. due april

What’s the deal : The Material Girl has been so tight-lipped about her eleventh album that even her collaborators are scared. Said Justin Timberlake about his contribution: “I don’t want to tell you the name of the song because she’ll kill me, or have me kill you.”

Behind The Music : Madge is keeping it straight gangsta, recording in LA. and London with Pharrell, Swizz Beatz, Danjahandz, Akon and more. “Madonna’s a funky lady,” Timbaland said earlier this year. “We’re working round the clock. She’s up for everything.”

Ka-Ching : This is Madonna’s next-to-last release for Warner Bros.; the singer recently jumped ship for a 10-year, $120 million recording, touring and merchandising deal with concert-promotion giant Live Nation. “Live Nation has offered me a true partnership, and after 25 years in the business, I feel that I deserve that,” she said.

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Madonnalicious on EW’s 25 Essential Fansites list

10. Madonna
Launch Date January 2003

What You’ll Find London-based blogger Clare puts a decidedly European spin on Her Madgesty’s comings and goings, from German tabloid scans to an archived BBC audio interview with Madonna’s producer/collaborator Stuart Price.

Why It’s Essential Madonnalicious’ basic HTML isn’t pretty, but the site is incredibly meticulous — from constant updates on the Material Woman’s estimated $120 million deal with Live Nation to camera-phone snapshots from the U.K. premiere of the new Desperately Seeking Susan stage show, all accompanied by Clare’s chatty, conversational musings. There are also reams of vintage and obscure photos with handy links should you feel compelled to download a 1987 Madonna-starring Mitsubishi ad.

Official Site
Find a feature on the singer’s current cause,, and design your own Madonna T-shirt; membership (which costs $39.99 a year) also gets you the digital magazine Icon — but none of the juicy pap shots or behind-the-scenes ‘licious drama.

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WWD on Gucci’s Raising Malawi Benefit

Gucci’s Feb. 6 fund-raiser to accompany the opening of its biggest flagship worldwide on Fifth Avenue won’t be in New York, at least not technically. The company disclosed that the event, dubbed “A Night to Benefit Raising Malawi and UNICEF,” will take place in a purpose-built structure on the North Lawn of the United Nations.

The 18-acre U.N. site on Manhattan’s East River is international territory, which means that it doesn’t belong to any one country or government, and the Gucci soiree is the first of its kind to ever take place there.

It promises to be quite a party. Hosted by the luxury house and Madonna, Gucci tapped Alicia Keys, Timbaland and Rihanna for special musical performances; there will be a presentation by renowned economist and Columbia University professor Jeffrey Sachs, who is also a co-chair, and a live auction, slated to be emceed by Chris Rock.

Along with Madonna and Gucci creative director Frida Giannini, Drew Barrymore, Adrien Brody, Salma Hayek and Fran

Forbes’ 20 Biggest Celebrity Paydays Of 2007

8. Madonna

Oct. 10

$43 million

Some 25 years after she emerged as pop music’s most bankable provocateur, the 49-year-old mother of three shocked her fans again by dumping her longtime record label Warner Music in favor of a 10-year, $120 million deal with concert promoter Live Nation. Madonna pocketed an $18 million signing bonus, plus another $25 million in stock. She’ll score $17 million advances for each of her next three albums under Live Nation. (She owes Warner one more studio album and a greatest hits collection before she bails.)

MTV : The Year The Industry Broke

October 16: Madonna finalizes a massive 10-year deal with Live Nation, believed to be worth $120 million. It’s the largest so-called “360 deal” in history, involving not only Madge’s future studio albums but her tours, merchandising, film and TV projects, DVD releases and music-licensing agreements. “For the first time in my career, the way that my music can reach my fans is unlimited,” Madonna says in a statement. “The possibilities are endless. Who knows how my albums will be distributed in the future?” The deal brings to an end the singer’s 25-year relationship with Warner Music Group, which has released all of her albums to date.