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Madonna News - July 2008

Madonna To Perform In Seville on September 16

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We are happy to confirm that Madonna’s Sticky & Sweet Tour will stop at Seville’s Estadio Olimpico on September 16.
Tickets will go on sale Thursday 31st July, at 10am, Local Time.
If you’re a member of Madonna’s official fan club, please note that a devoted presale will start on Wednesday 30th July, at 9am, LOCAL TIME.

Madonna honorary chairperson at A Benefit for Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue

Madonna chairperson at A Benefit for Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue

Mane Event
A Benefit for Amaryllis Farm Equine Rescue

Saturday, August 9th, 2008
performance at 9pm by Olympic Rider Robert Dover

Honorary Chairperson

hosted by
Gwyneth Paltrow and Steven Klein

co chairs
Kelly Klein, Sale Johnson and Marcy Warren

Tickets start at $500
For information, call Linda B Shapiro at LBS Productions 631.329.5480

more info at

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Liz: Madonna’s the victim of a bad pic

Madonna’s not sick, her publicist says.

The singer raised eyebrows Friday after she was photographed looking gaunt while leaving the Kabbalah Center in New York. But according to her rep, the 49-year-old is the victim of a bad photograph.

“I just think the photographer got a bad shot of her or it was touched up to make her look bad,” Liz Rosenberg told People magazine. “I saw Madonna two days before at her rehearsal and she looked amazing – glowing skin and working really hard on her show.”

The pop star “may look a little thinner than usual,” Rosenberg conceeded, “but she was dancing and singing better than ever and ate a nice healthy meal.”

However, some experts aren’t buying it.

“There should be questions of whether she’s eating enough,” Stacey Shulman, a registered dietician who practices in New York, told the Daily News.

And anxiety could be behind the Material Girl’s rapid weight loss, Shulman says.

“The body’s metabolic rate increases with stress,” she said. “It’s going to take more calories to meet your nutritional demands as opposed to someone who isn’t under a lot of stress.”

Madonna is showing signs of strain following several months of drama in which her marriage – and the marriage of late-night visitor Alex Rodriguez – came under intense scruntiny.

The singer reportedly hosted the Yankees slugger at her Upper West Side apartment on several occasions while converting him to kabbalah, a Jewish mystic sect.
Rodriguez’s wife, Cynthia, filed for divorce after her husband was linked to the seven-time Grammy Award winner, although Madonna and husband Guy Ritchie have denied allegations of an affair.

Professionally, the pop star is under the gun for her upcoming Sticky & Sweet world tour. Madonna fired two of her dancers during a recent rehearsal and her tour manager is threatening to quit over her tantrums, according to Britain’s The Sun newspaper.

“Life with My Sister Madonna,” a vicious tell-all written by the singer’s brother Christopher Ciccone, was also recently released.

Rosenberg denied that stress is a factor in her client’s recent appearance: “She’s working hard rehearsing eight hours a day for her tour.”

But according to Eddy Sanchez, a trainer at the Upper West Side gym Boom Fitness the singer is “overworking.”

“From a fitness point of view, it’s a combination of overtraining and not eating right,” he said. “She looks like she’s a little bit anorexic.”

Despite concerns about the star’s health, Rosenberg says Madonna is “in a great space” now.

source : nydailynews

Madonna & Barbie – Material girls at 50

BBC Radio 3

As barbie and Madonna both turn 50, Emily Maitlis compares the two Material Girls. She looks at the parallel development of two of the best-known brands of the last half-century.

click here to listen.

Daily Mail has a new article with the similar topic

One’s small, tacky and comes in lots of different outfits – the other’s Barbie. As Madonna and the world’s favourite doll both hit their half century, we reveal the weird similarities between two hard-nosed material girls. more

Powerhouse to Release Madonna Photo Book

In something of a publishing coup, Brooklyn indie Powerhouse has acquired Madonna’s forthcoming tour book, Madonna: Confessions, which is due out October 1. The book, which will coincide with the star’s forthcoming Sticky and Sweet tour, features pictures by Guy Oseary and marks the first picture book Madonna has endorsed since her controversial 1992 hit, Sex.

The 256-page 8×10 title features color photos from Madonna’s 2006 Confessions Tour, at which Oseary was the sole photographer given full access to the star. Powerhouse, which acquired the project from William Morris after a deal fell apart at Doubleday–according to Powerhouse CEO and founder Daniel Power the Random House division made publicity demands that Madonna did not want to commit to–is going to press with an announced first printing of 50,000 copies.

Confessions isn’t the only Madonna project in the hopper for the Powerhouse, either. The indie is working on a companion book to the Madonna-produced documentary I Am Because We Are. The book will feature black and white photos by Kristen Ashburn chronicling, like the film, the orphan crisis in Malawi. Madonna has written a foreword to Ashburn’s book, which will be released to coincide with the documentary. (Powerhouse said no release date has been set for the movie, but the house is expecting a winter pub date.) And, because the situation in Malawi is a passion project of the star’s, Powerhouse said there is the possibility that Madonna might do more to promote Ahsburn’s book.

Both Ashrburn’s and Oseary’s proceeds on their books are going to the charity Madonna founded, Raising Malawi.

source : publishersweekly

Gossip : Madonna ‘ghosted’ bro’s tell all

from New York Post’s Page Six :

Madonna is truly the master of media manipulation. “The supposed scandal about [her brother] Christopher Ciccone’s book is bull[bleep],” an insider told Page Six. “She actually ghost-wrote parts of it with him, the way Princess Diana helped Andrew Morton write his book on her. That’s why there’s nothing too devastating in Chris’s book. He’s mean to others, but not so much to his sister.” In addition, Madge, now frighteningly rail thin, exploited Alex Rodriguez. “She flirted with him and manipulated him,” our source declared. “She didn’t count on wife Cynthia leaving him and naming her in the divorce, though.” Madonna is using the buzz over her relationship with A-Rod to her benefit. “She’s ordered three A-Rod Yankee jerseys she’ll wear in the finale of her upcoming shows. All of this was created to sell tickets for her tour, which hasn’t been selling so well.” A rep for Madonna didn’t return calls.

Madonna on UK Charts – 07272008

Albums :
15 (10) Madonna – Hard Candy (Warner Bros)

Singles :
10 (07) Madonna – Give It 2 Me (Warner Bros)
29 (22) Madonna Ft Justin Timberlake – 4 Minutes (Warner Bros)

Traverse City buzzing at the chance to see Madonna

Reservations for Saturday started pouring in more than a month ago to Red Ginger.

Tables usually are booked a few days in advance at the popular Asian-themed restaurant in Traverse City. But this won’t be any old day for businesses and residents of the tranquil cherry capital.

It’s Madonna day, and that changes everything.

The 49-year-old Material Girl is coming Saturday to the Traverse City Film Festival to introduce her documentary about the orphans of Malawi, “I Am Because We Are.”

Locals are quick to point out that Madonna has visited the region privately. Her father’s Ciccone Vineyards and Winery is located in nearby Suttons Bay (and it’s a site of a reception tonight for festival sponsors).

But now Madonna will be part of a very public event in her home state. And the world’s biggest pop diva is doing it at a time when her personal life, always a hot gossip item, is under extra-intense scrutiny.

“It’s definitely generated a lot of excitement. A lot. It’s the talk of the town,” says Mark Haworth, manager of Red Ginger, who hopes Madonna can drop by the VIP room that will be set aside for special festival guests.

The plan is for Madonna to fly in Saturday from New York, where she’s rehearsing for her upcoming world tour (which currently doesn’t have a metro Detroit stop). She’s supposed to depart later that night.

She’s expected to introduce the film at a sold-out 8 p.m. screening at the State Theatre (a sold-out audience at the nearby City Opera House will see a simulcast of her appearance).

A possible question-and-answer session afterward hasn’t been confirmed.

“It’s going to be an electrifying moment. There’s only going to be 500 people in the theater. Usually, if you want to see Madonna, you’re in a 20,000-seat arena,” says the festival’s founder, Oscar-winning director Michael Moore, who invited Madonna to be part of this year’s lineup. “Ten minutes into the film, you’re going to forget about all the noise that surrounds the celebrity aspect of this and get into the film in a deep and personal way.”

Moore’s prediction just may come true. Residents of Traverse City sound committed to keeping things as civilized and frenzy-free as possible.

Madonna mania may be the norm in the tabloids, but that’s not how they roll in northern Michigan.

“We tend to be kind of protective of our celebrities,” says Mike Norton of the Traverse City Convention & Visitors Bureau. “One of the worries here, if there is a worry, is not having Madonna around, but that some people would create a crush experience. We’re just not like that here. People come here to relax and get away from that kind of stuff.”

In other words, if anyone behaves rudely on Saturday, it’s likely to be the paparazzi, not a native. “We’d be embarrassed if someone came up here and wouldn’t have the space to relax,” says Norton.

Celebrity media outlets like People magazine and the syndicated TV show “Extra” are set to cover Madonna’s visit.

“She’s helping us in so many ways to get the word out about the festival, because everything she does is so interesting, in so many ways, to people,” says the festival’s executive director, Deb Lake.

Madonna, who was born in Bay City and raised in Pontiac and Rochester Hills, is constantly in the spotlight, whether it’s for releasing a new CD, like her latest “Hard Candy,” or for adopting a child from Malawi, her son, David, who’s now 2.

Most recently, she has denied rumors that she’s splitting from her husband, British director Guy Ritchie, and involved somehow with New York Yankees slugger Alex Rodriguez, whose wife recently filed for divorce.

To top it off, her brother Christopher Ciccone has a new book out, “Life with My Sister Madonna” (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, $26), a tell-all account that portrays Ritchie as homophobic and Madonna as a self-absorbed superstar.

Compared to all the celebrity coverage, there’s been much less focus on Madonna’s efforts to help Malawi through her documentary.

“All … the public knows is what they read in Us Weekly about Madonna adopting David,” says Moore. “It’s just fodder for the mean-spirited gossip columns and celebrity press that exists in this country. When you see this film, you really understand not only her adoption of this child, but her desire to really try to save a nation of people that are dying.”

Moore and Madonna have been friends since he made 1995’s “Canadian Bacon,” which was coproduced by her company Maverick Films.

When he was in London filming scenes for his health-care documentary, “Sicko,” Madonna invited him to see an early cut of “I Am Because We Are” and give his two cents.

“When it was finished earlier this year, she sent me the final version of it and I loved it and I was moved by it,” he says.

The Traverse City screening is a logical result of Madonna and Moore’s mutual respect and her mission to educate fans about Malawi, a nation of 12 million and more than a million orphans that has been devastated by poverty and AIDS, says Nathan Rissman, who directed “I Am Because We Are.”

“We wanted people everywhere to see it,” says Rissman. “I think we’re trying to get as much exposure as we can, because at the end of the day, the most important thing is for people to see this and feel like they can make a difference.”

Tickets to the documentary were sold out immediately after going on sale on a Saturday in early June.

Half of the 500 available tickets were sold at the State Theatre box office, while the other half were sold by lottery to members of the Friends of the Traverse City Film Festival.

A line started forming outside the theater around 3 a.m. Thursday. On Friday, festival staffers handed out numbers to ensure an orderly and fair process. Instead of using ordinary pieces of paper, they tore pages out of an old math textbook, which would have been extremely difficult to copy.

People flew in from all over the country for a chance to buy the maximum two seats at $25 each, says Beth Milligan, publicist for the festival. Proceeds from the screenings will go to Madonna’s foundation, Raising Malawi.

The desire to see Madonna was so huge that tickets were spotted on Web sites like eBay for $1,000 to $3,000 a pair.

Ever since Madonna’s visit was announced in May, the festival has been working to make sure the evening goes smoothly, according to Milligan.

The anticipation and planning has been “a good kind of crazy,” says Milligan, who expects everyone in town to be well-behaved on the big night.

She hasn’t seen anyone hawking Madonna T-shirts or other souvenirs. Not yet.

“I think the city is a little classier than that,” she says.

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