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Seymour Stein on Madonna

…But his greatest coup came in 1982, when a DJ called Mark Kamins suggested he listen to a new singer called Madonna.

Stein was recovering from a heart infection at the time. “I was in the hospital, I had her come see me in the hospital,” he says. “We talked a deal in the hospital and we did the deal in the hospital.

“Within days, even before I got out of the hospital, she was starting to record what became her first single, Everybody, and we were off and running.”

Madonna’s desire to succeed “clinched it” with Stein, he says.

“I saw her staunch determination and I knew she would work as hard as I did and much harder, in fact. And that’s what you need in an artist.

“She worked harder than anybody. I just saw her perform in Berlin, and she still works harder than anybody.”

Sire became part of Warner Bros Records, where Madonna stayed until this year, when she signed a radical deal rumoured to be worth $120m (L59m) with touring giant Live Nation.

“Being an Italian-American girl, she was made an offer she couldn’t refuse,” Stein says.

source : bbc