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Madonna News - April 2009

Hugh Jackman supports Madonnas adoption bid

Australian actor Hugh Jackman has come out in support of pop queen Madonna after her bid to adopt an African girl failed.

The 40-year-old star, who himself has two adopted kids Oscar, eight, and three-year-old Ava, said he is sickened by cynics who favoured an African judges decision to reject Madges bid to adopt four-year-old baby girl Mercy James earlier this month.

I challenge anyone who thinks you adopt a kid for a publicity stunt, the Sun quoted Jackman as saying.

Anyone parent knows that would have to be the most intensive publicity stunt in the world. I am sure she is coming from a good place, he added.

The X-men star admits that he can understand the Material Girls desire to adopt as he and wife Deborra-Lees wish to adopt a child from Asia or Africa was crushed under stringent Aussie rules.

The adoption laws in Australia are too restrictive. Of course, checks need to be made. But they had a very negative approach, Jackman said.

It was like they were trying to discourage you.

There are 130million orphans in the world who is looking after them? If you are a citizen of the world, on some level they are all our responsibility.

And if you have got parents who want to adopt and there are children who need a home, it seems like a no-brainer.

There are not that many children in Australia who need adopting, so we looked internationally and that is what is difficult, he added.

Jackman and wife Deborra-Lee kids adopted their kids from America.

source : ani

Madonna taking Flamenco lessons

Madonna is said to be taking Flamenco dance lessons as part of the rehearsals for the 2009 leg of her Sticky & Sweet Tour…


Madonna And Louis Vuitton Part Deux

Madonna will once again be the face of the upcoming Louis Vuitton campaign for their Autumn/Winter 2009 collection.

Following the extraordinary success of the Spring/Summer 2009 ad campaign, Louis Vuitton, its creative director Marc Jacobs, and Madonna, are proud to announce they will be collaborating for a second consecutive season.

The iconic pop star will be photographed by Steven Meisel in New York City, under the art direction of Marc Jacobs.

The first images of the campaign should appear in August issues of fashion magazines.


Forbes names Madonna Hollywood’s hardest working mom

With earnings of $110 million in 2008, Madonna topped Forbes’ list of Hollywood’s hardest working mothers, followed by actresses Reese Witherspoon and Gwyneth Paltrow.

The pop singer and mother of three, who was recently turned down in her bid to adopt a second child from Malawi, grossed $105 million on her tour and sold nearly a million albums in the United States. Madonna also signed several lucrative endorsement deals last year, according to

“She had an incredible year in 2008,” said Lauren Streib who helped to compile the list that was released on Friday.

“She had the top tour of any musician…The tour sold out around the world. So it wasn’t surprising as much as it is a commentary on how successful her year was,” she said.

Witherspoon, who earned an estimated $24 million last year, was second on the list, followed closely behind by Paltrow with $20 million in earnings.

In addition to her film career and raising daughter Ava and son Deacon, Witherspoon, who is divorced from actor Ryan Phillippe, is also the international spokeswoman for the cosmetics company Avon.

Paltrow’s role in the blockbuster comic book film “Iron Man,” which earned $580 million worldwide, and her endorsements for Estee Lauder and shoe and handbag maker Tod’s propelled her to the third spot.

Streib said the list is based on estimated earnings of Hollywood mothers with at least one child. Earnings include album sales, salaries, box-office grosses and endorsements and licensing deals.

She added that for many of the women on the list endorsement deals are a significant part of their earnings.

“I think this is something that has been going on for decades now. We are seeing less and less models and more and more celebrity spokespeople. It is a big part of the business of being a celebrity,” she added.

Mother of three Julia Roberts, who returned to the big screen in a starring role in the film “Duplicity,” captured the fourth spot on the list, while actress Sarah Jessica Parker, who has a son with husband Matthew Broderick, rounded out the top five.

Angelina Jolie, who has six children but still earned $14 million last year, came in sixth, followed by model and television presenter Heidi Klum, who is pregnant with her fourth child.

Best actress Academy Award winner Kate Winslet, who has two children, and singer and mother of three Faith Hill also made the list, which is posted at

source : reuters

More Updates from the studio

from Guy’s Twitter:

# leaving the studio.. thanks for all the tweets today.. -guy

# @mrskutcher we need to throw more parties.. and spice things up a bit.. not enough people dancing these days.. -Madonna

# @mrskutcher hello scorpio.. how are you? -M

# finally listening to the track!!!.. been waiting and waiting for the right mix.. another great DANCE track.. -guy

# @fabriciovercosa very cool .. -guy

# @Madgefan33 come early to the show and lets start the party early.. really looking forward to seeing yall.. and i take requests -Paul O

# @SlippyInvader hello iconers… dont go to bed without saying your prayers.. -M

# @nellfidji we are not going to bed either.. we will be up all night..

# paul oakenfold is running around the studio naked.. because i wont put the air on.. its hot in here.. but the music is hotter!!!! -M

# back in the recording studio..

More updates about Madonna’s new tracks

from Guy Oseary’s Twitter:

* i was hoping to get madonna to tweet from the studio.. but shes been busy writing lyrics..

* back in the studio with Madonna..


Had a good day with Madonna in the studio yesterday. She worked on an amazing dance track with Paul Oakenfold producing – no title yet but will keep you posted. She also started a second one, so we are hoping to have two tracks done this week.

Next week she is working with another producer on one more track. Two of these tracks from these sessions will be on the Greatest Hits album.

I will try and get her to go on Twitter this week….wish me luck.

Liz: Madonna Wasn’t Questioned By Police

Madonna’s rep issued a new statement on Tuesday saying that police did not, in fact, question the pop star properly after she fell from a horse over the weekend in the Hamptons.

“Madonna was barely conscious and had fainted twice, right after the fall and when she was in the ambulance,” Madonna’s rep, Liz Rosenberg, said in a statement to Access Hollywood on Tuesday morning. “She only remembers giving the police her name. They never asked her what happened. This could have been a very dangerous situation and we’re just all grateful that she wasn’t hurt more seriously.”

On Saturday, Rosenberg had released a statement claiming that Madonna’s horse threw her after being startled “by paparazzi who jumped out of the bushes to photograph the singer.”

But on Monday, Thomas Hinton, a freelance photographer who took pictures of Madonna following her fall in the Hamptons, told Access he was not involved in the incident, and miles away when the accident happened.

The Southampton, NY, Police Department released their field report, also on Monday, which made no mention of a paparazzi presence or influence in Madonna’s fall.

As previously reported on, Madonna sustained, “minor injuries and bruises” following being thrown off a horse on Saturday, as Rosenberg had previously told Access.

“The accident occurred when the horse Madonna was riding was startled by paparazzi who jumped out of the bushes to photograph the singer who was visiting friends on Eastern Long Island over the weekend,” Rosenberg told Access last Saturday. “Madonna will be having further tests and continues to remain under observation by doctors.”

source : access hollywood