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Madonna News - May 2009

Paul Oakenfold on supporting Madonna on tour

Paul Oakenfold is supporting the pop superstar on her ‘Sticky and Sweet’ world tour and admits it’s his job to match the pop superstar’s incredible live energy.

He said: “Planning my set for a Madonna show is tough because she covers the whole spectrum. It’s a white, black, gay, straight crowd, aged between 15 and 60.

“It’s no good making it too underground. Despite the big venues it’ll still be clubby and I’ll get the crowd going. And it doesn’t take much to get Madonna in the mood.”

Oakenfold, 45, has supported the 50-year-old singer – who is set to play two shows at London’s 02 arena in July – before and insists it’s a “privilege” sharing the same bill as her.

He told Britain’s Daily Star newspaper: “Her fans adore her. I remember we did four sell-out shows in Buenos Aires in front of 80,000 people each night. It’s a privilege for crowds like that.”

The DJ is also producing three new songs for Madonna’s upcoming ‘Greatest Hits’ release.

He said: “We’ve been in New York working on the tunes. She’s a truly lovely lady, but she’s the boss so everyone will just have to wait for the new stuff.”

Titles of Madonna’s New Tracks revealed

from Attitude Magazine:

Nobody else knows about this (well aside from Paul Oakenfold, Madonna, some studio people, her manager, friends, Lourdes, Rocco, David and several hundread nannies) but we can exclusively reveal the name of the new songs that Paul Oakenfold has recorded with her royal highness, all time queen of the pop fiefdom and snout rubberer of the puffed up and self righteous in the poop (ie Madonna).

We just got off the blower with legendary superstar DJ Paul Oakenfold for a little interview we will be running in our July issue out at the end of June in our nightlife section. Paul is doing his amazing thing all over the world and has been Djing for the Madonna tour of last year which returns to London on Pride day July 4th before going to Manchester and then heading out into the wider world. So taken with the Oakenfold was she that she invited him into the studio to work on some new tracks for possible inclusion on Madonna’s highly anticipated new Greatest Hits album due for release sometime this year.

Paul said Madonna was highly professional, he learned a lot and that the new tracks are ‘lyrically classic Madonna with an edgy modern sound’.

‘Oooh’ we gasped, as we help the phone on a cord under our chin, and whipped up an omelette with the other hand, in a Thelma and Louise serving omelettes in a Texas Diner kind of way.

He told us the tracks were sitting right there next to him and he told us what they are called. He didn’t know which ones would be the Greatest Hits CD and didn’t know when it would be out, though he imagined the run up to Christmas ‘when most greatest hits come out’. Our other pixie sources have told us that it may well be before that (ie Madonna wrote in a fan newsletter that it would be spring).

So, the song titles are… (in no order)


‘I’m sorry’



So there we are. We don’t know what this says about our glorious leader’s emotional state – the first two we decided were about her sadness at splitting from Guy but then we thought maybe she is saying ‘celebrate my freedom, I’m sorry I waited so long and I’ve broken the bed with Jesus’.

But who knows.

We are hovering our hands over our crystal balls in a mystical manner and predict that the album may well just be called MADONNA CELEBRATE. But that is just a guess, because we’re slightly OCD.

More from Globo’s Interview with Jesus Luz

Did you listen to Madonna’s music when you were younger ?
I always listen to all kinds of music, mainly pop and electronic music.

When you were a child what do you remember about Madonna? Tell us about her image.
A person who always shines on a stage and is very elegant.

What are your plans for the future?
I’m studying electronic music in New York and I’m taking English classes to improve it. I already speak English but I want to loose the accents to talk more fluently and continue my modeling career.

Thanks to Rafa

Interview with Jesus Luz

English translation and video thanks to Rafael from

Could you have imagined this success in a short time?
Yes, I believed that someday something will happened to me but i can’t imagine in this proportion. It has been three years that I’m working with figuration, ads, etc to try to begin my career.

Press said that Madonna was impressed with you and your name. Is that true?
This is what people are saying, I don’t know.

How did you meet Madonna?
I was introduced by Steven Klien and I thought she’s a wonderful person, with such a positive energy, nice and with no defects.

I was in the unreleased photoshoot party in Fasano Hotel and I could see you and Madonna dancing, watching each other in a sexy way. Is it true that she asked you to take off your shirt?
No, it was just a photoshoot, a professional party. Me and the other models had to continue dancing, posing and watching Madonna so that Steven Klein can take photos. I was working and what you saw was only a professional job.

Who is Jesus Luz?
I’m a quiet person, born in Rio de Janeiro. I love nature, beaches, taking care of my body, working out. And I was always looking for a spirituality in different religions, to find the God inside of me.

Everybody wants to ask you this question: Are you dating Madonna? Will you marry her?
She’s a person that I admire and she’s a good friend in my life and we worked together.
She’s my friend and I can’t talk more about this.

We saw you in a jewel store this week. Those gifts are for Madonna?
I won those jewels that were inspired by Kabbalah. They are for me and I can give them to anyone, to my mom for example. They aren’t marital gifts.

Do you often talk to Madonna?
Yes, we are friends and I’m in contact with my friends.

The international press called you Madonna’s ToyBoy. Does that make you feel discomfortable ?
I never give a chance to hear what people are saying about me. If I let people’s negativity into my life I really can’t go on my way.

DJ Enferno on working with Madonna

DJ Enferno – known to his friends and family as Eric Jao – is from Fairfax and grew up in Northern Virginia. He’ll be spinning at Ultra Bar on Saturday night. He spent eight months touring with Madonna last year, but he’s stopped home for a bit of a break before going on her European summer tour.

So what’s it like being on the road with Madonna?

“She has so much knowledge– she’s been in the business for so long, she’s got so many good ideas, and she’s really witty,” he said during an interview with FOX 5. “That was one surprising thing that I found out about her. She’s really sharp and she’ll kind of bust your chops a little bit.”

DJ Enferno says he landed his gig with Madonna after the music director for the tour saw him perform in Orlando.

source: fox