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Madonna’s Tribute during Udine concert tonight

“Before I continue the show I want to take a moment to acknowledge and pay tribute to two people who lost their lives today. I don’t know if you’ve heard. Two men building my show in Marseille where we’re going next – the crane fell and we don’t know why. (Madonna names them). I hate to be associated with suffering. I want to pay tribute to their families. Let’s take a moment to appreciate our family, loved ones, friends around us”. – Madonna before “You Must Love Me”

“Let’s give it up for the two Charlies”. – Madonna before Ray Of Light

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  • Ricky

    I see she’s picked up another strange accent to ad to her collection.

  • stevejb4u

    I agree with some comments on here she didnt have to say anything but she did as she cares. They were working for her and just like the MJ tribute she wanted to show her appreciation for the guys & there families and show compassion for the family Good on ya madge. xxx Cant wait to hear the new single in few weeks time yeah lets CELEBRATE.

  • Tiago

    No, I guess that the last statement was “I hate to be associated with suffering”?? That was very strange, narcissistic, but honest!

    • wacko

      Thats not what she said, she said “I feel so devastasted to be in any way associated with anyone suffer”

    • Sharon

      You are not quoting her correctly…that’s not what she said.

  • Mdolla

    In response to one of the posters here….how can the last statement, “Let’s give it up for the 2 Charlies!” be narcissistic? *I am not bashing…I’m simply asking a question.

    She’s dedicating the songs to them. She telling those more than 50,000 fans to cheer for them.

  • Richard
  • Alex

    Wonderful Girl! Let us pray together.

    • Pau

      Yes! well said Alex…



    • JUDAH



  • Amanda

    I thought some of the comments from Madonna were rather strange – “let’s give it up for the two Charlies”?? “I hate to be associated with suffering”??
    That last statement seems very narcissistic.

  • Stevie

    I think this will screw up the tour dates…expect more cancellations.

  • TinkerTenor

    I’m sorry but moderating hateful comments is a necessity for anyone who wants to operate a blog or website like this. Is anyone paying attention?!

    • Stevie

      free speech baby

      • TinkerTenor

        Woah, there man. Let’s get a couple things straight.

        First, I’m not your baby. Secondly, this is a fan community. This is a community for celebration where people who share a common appreciation for Madonna and her music can join one another and peacefully discuss the latest video, news story, etc.

        Those who come in with disdain for the basic premise of the site, and then post intentionally derogatory comments are not and should not be protected. Why should Madonna fans on a Madonna FANSITE have to listen to outrageous comments which stem from an outright dislike of Madonna?

        Declaring it “free speech” is absurd.

        It’s akin to suggesting that I have a right to run into someone else’s church and start yelling about what BS their religion is, during their services. If that’s how I feel, than why did I come? Clearly for a purpose that is directly opposed to the proper functioning of the church. And even though said church may be open to the public, I did not come to worship. I came to insult, and that is not what the church is open for. It would still constitute obstructing the congregations’ right to worship and I could be removed for doing it.

        I’m not suggesting that we are in any sort of church or that we are worshiping Madonna, but the analogy should be clear. I rightfully take offense as a fan on what should be neutral territory having to listen to ignorant Madonna-haters cast stones.

        If you operated a site about civil rights you would generally exclude hurtful comments from the KKK.

        Allowing “free speech” of comments like “eat my cock u ugly mule” does little to foster a celebratory or even remotely pleasant environment. I can’t see why a Madonna fan should want to be a part of a fansite which allows that kind of comment to go unchecked.

    • shardy

      to: TinkerTenor

      your reply to “Stevie” simply wreaks
      of the most basic common sense

      most of which will completely
      be ignored or misunderstood
      by certain folks on these boards

      Great Post there TinkerTenor

      • TinkerTenor

        thx shardy ;)

      • teaboy

        I have actually complained myself a couple of Months back, when posts started to become increasingly hateful and almost every news/update will flare un in an argument. I was replied from the Administrator who said that it is very difficult to block people posting hateful messages, as Users can change their IP Addresses pretty easily, mostly though he’s excuse was that this is his “hobby” zand not a professional site, therefore he doesntr have time to screen posts, which i find very lame, as at the end of the day, either you do one thing well or you don’t do it at all. Surely this site is spiralling down, as it is now total anarchy and any bored moron can come here and throw shit left and right. This is NOT free speech. This is abuse. I’m glad that others are also raising this concern. Something ought to be done, even something radical, like eliminating the posting facilities. FREEDOM ENDS WHERE SOMEBODY ELSE’S FREEDOM BEGIN.

      • jay

        people….it is easy….don’t read…don’t give these people any attention…they will go away…they use always the same nick so when i read the comments and the nick is like ‘ Paul A.’ i just go to the next…cause i know that this sick person has NOTHING interesting for me to read.the person who runs the site have no responsability for anyone’s sickness…if this site no longer exist because of this we (real fans) have no place to express our admiration for her.I’m not criticizing you i’m just saying that as madonna we can run different ways to get,see or do whatever we want.

      • TinkerTenor

        …which is precisely what I now intend to do after reading some of the comments on the YT video. The site is no longer bookmarked for me.

        By everybody! Cooler heads are heading elsewhere.


    Ya know some of the comments here are just stupid LAWSUIT? ETC two guys died she was about to go on for a show in Italy. And to the person tears fall from her frozen face FUCK YOU!

    • Tadb

      eat my cock u ugly mule.


    you know Madonna is taking it hard because she
    is a work horse , respects hard work and those men work very hard and very long hours.

  • Sharon

    So very thoughtful of her….

    • Tadb

      ..sometimes tears do fall from her frozen face.

  • Dana

    She’s so sweet, she didn’t have to do that but she did, M is such an amazing woman

    • Scattledag

      LOL an amazing woman who fears a lawsuit.

  • FrankieZ

    that was sooooo nice of her……love to hear the sweet things about my lady…but if I have to see one more pic of Sticky and Sweet, im gonna tear out my eyeballs and eat them.

    • Pera

      I’m adding some more tomorrow morning lol