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Madonna News - August 2009

Madonna’s “Celebration” Video World Premiere on the iTunes Store as a FREE Download!!!

Madonna’s hotly anticipated new video for her “Celebration” single will have its exclusive world premiere on the iTunes store as a free download for two days beginning Tuesday, September 1, 2009. Madonna is a multi-award winning visionary in the realm of video performance. The “Celebration” video, which contains mind-boggling dance moves, reaffirms yet again her reputation as the master of the “short movie.” The video will be available for purchase on iTunes on Thursday, September 3rd.

The “Celebration” video, directed by long time Madonna creative collaborator Jonas Akerlund (“Ray of Light”) was filmed recently in Milan, Italy and features the Material Girl dancing with her amazing troupe of performers from her current “Sticky & Sweet” Tour. The video also includes cameo appearances by Madonna’s daughter, Lola Leon and model/DJ Jesus Luz.

Simultaneous to the video debut, Madonna’s definitive greatest hits album, “Celebration” which has been totally remastered and includes two new songs, can be pre-ordered on iTunes.

Full video available on iTunes beginning September 1st.

Madonna Tours Jewish Holy Sites In Jerusalem

The Material Girl has opened a visit to the Holy Land with a spiritual touch.

Madonna headed to Jerusalem’s Old City late Sunday where she toured an ancient tunnel near the Western Wall — the holiest site where Jews can pray.

The 50-year-old pop star arrived in a black Mercedes van and was escorted into the tunnel by police. She made no comment to reporters and was whisked away about a half hour later.

Madonna isn’t Jewish, but she’s a follower of Jewish mysticism and has even taken the Hebrew name Esther.

She arrived early Sunday for a pair of concerts this week. It will be her first performance in Israel since 1993, though she came on private pilgrimages in 2004 and 2007.

Madonna is also set to meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday.

source: ap

Eager Fans Already Wait for Madonna in Downtown Sofia

Dozens of anxious fans have already gathered around the Vasil Levski Stadium in downtown Sofia awaiting Madonna’s first ever concert in Bulgaria scheduled for Saturday night.

Some of the fans even showed up early Friday morning occupying the parks around the stadium, playing cards and drinking beer in what they have described as “Madonna partying”.

The fans are prepared to stop drinking water at 3 pm on Saturday in order to avoid having to go to the bathroom once they are admitted inside the stadium after 5 pm.

50 000 fans are expected to watch Madonna live in Sofia; the concert starts at 8 pm, August 29, and Madonna herself is expected to appear on stage at about 9 pm.

source: novinite

Gypsy Trio Criticizes Booing Of Madonna

A Russian trio performing Gypsy music with Madonna on her worldwide “Sticky and Sweet” tour says it regrets the pop star was booed during her Bucharest concert for criticizing widespread discrimination against Gypsies.

Thousands of people applauded the trio’s performance with Madonna in Bucharest on Wednesday night. But minutes later they booed Madonna when she said discrimination should end against East Europe’s Gypsies, also known as Roma.

In Bucharest on Friday, the Kolpakov Trio said it believes it is the only time the tour has been booed, but declined to say if Madonna had commented about Gypsies at other concerts.

Band member Vadim Kolpakov said “Madonna was surprised” by the booing.

Two members of the band are Roma, while the third is a Russian Jew.

Kolpakov Trio in BucharestKolpakov Trio in Bucharest

source: ap

Madonna explains Gypsy comments

Madonna has said she was “compelled” to comment on the discrimination of Romany Gypsies while on stage in Romania, despite being booed by fans.

The 51-year-old was jeered by the audience in Bucharest after saying the discrimination “made me feel very sad”.

Publicist Liz Rosenberg said Madonna made the comments after being made aware of the prejudice towards Romany people in eastern Europe.

The star uses a group of Roma musicians on her Sticky and Sweet tour.

Madonna paused during her two-hour show to say: “It has been brought to my attention, that there is a lot of discrimination against Romanies and Gypsies in general in Eastern Europe – it made me feel very sad.”

“We don’t believe in discrimination, we believe in freedom and equal rights for everyone.”

The star then received more boos when she mentioned prejudice against homosexuals and others.

Rosenberg said Madonna had told her there were cheers as well as jeers from the 60,000-strong crowd.

“Madonna has been touring with a phenomenal troupe of Roma musicians who made her aware of the discrimination toward them in several countries so she felt compelled to make a brief statement,” she added.

Concert goer Ionut Dinu, 23, said: “I jeered her because it seemed false what she was telling us. What business does she have telling us these things?”

Romania has the largest number of Roma in eastern Europe.

Nearly half of Europe’s estimated 12 million Roma claimed to have suffered an act of discrimination over the past 12 months, according to a recent report by the EU Fundamental Rights Agency.

The agency says Roma face “overt discrimination” in housing, health care and education.

source: bbc

Hindu & Jewish leaders applaud Madonna for Roma comments

Hindu and Jewish leaders in Madonna’s native America have applauded Madonna’s efforts.

Hindu statesman Rajan Zed and Rabbi Jonathan B. Freirich have joined forces to commend Madonna for at least trying to get a message across.

A joint statement from the two religious leaders reads, “Romania and Europe should apologize for the blatant show of prejudice shown towards Roma brothers and sisters when Madonna spoke against Roma discrimination during her concert in Bucharest.

“The alarming condition of Roma people is a social blight for Europe and the rest of the world as these people face social exclusion, racism, substandard education, hostility, joblessness, rampant illness, inadequate housing, lower life expectancy, unrest, living on desperate margins, language barriers, stereotypes, mistrust, rights violations, discrimination, marginalisation, appalling living conditions, prejudice, human rights abuse and racist slogans.

“It’s like an undeclared apartheid… The Roma issue should be one of the highest priorities of the human rights agenda of Europe and (the) world.”

Zed and Rabbi Freirich are now urging other celebrities to take Madonna’s example and use their status to highlight “the apartheid conditions faced by about 15 million Roma people in Europe”.

The Roma people migrated to mainland Europe from India in the 11th century; they are believed to have their roots in the Indian subcontinent.

source: yahoo news