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Matthew Bellamy (Muse) talks about Madonna

BBC 6 Music Week interviewer played a word association game with Muse singer Matthew Bellamy, here’s what he said about “Ambition”:

Matthew Bellamy: Ambition, whenever I hear the word, in my head, all I can think of is Madonna, for some reason. Her in the 80s. Very ambitious person and a great artist, certainly explores many avenues to get her name out there. I think she’s a very special lady.

Interviewer: As an artist I suppose people would associate your music with more the kind of rock genre, but when you were growing up, did you admire pop stars like that ? Did you see the scale of their performances and their image and find that quite appealing ?

Matthew Bellamy: Specially live performances. I think artists like Madonna and Michael Jackson are both amazing live performers. I remember seeing the footage of their concerts and really thinking, well that’s something really extraordinary. Rock bands don’t really do that…