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Susan Boyle to cover Madonna on her Debut Album

Britain’s Got Talent runner up Susan Boyle has recorded a Madonna cover for her debut album, it’s been reported.

The Scottish starlet, whose singing became a YouTube hit earlier this year, is said to have recorded her own version of ‘You’ll See’ to avenge her past critics.

“Susan chose it herself – it’s a song she has loved for years,” a source told The Sun newspaper.

“She sang it at auditions for TV shows and music contests when she used to be cruelly turned away by people”.

“At the end, when she was sometimes reduced to tears, she used to say, ‘You’ll See’. And she’s proof she can do it now as one of the most famous women in the world.”

Her debut album is due to be released in November.

source: entertainmentwise

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  • Kendra Smith

    Susan Boyle has a great voice, if she only look good then she could have been a fast rising star. the music industry is also like showbiz, somehow you need to look good if you want to become famous fast.

  • Kerry

    Susan Boyle has a great voice, no doubt about that. She was my first choice in American Idol and sadly she did not make it.

    • England

      Susan Boyle did not appear in American Idol Contest – she is British!!!

  • Taylor

    Susan Boyle has a superb voice. Me and my sister like her performace a lot and we voted for her.

  • Razel

    the voice of Susan Boyle is phenomenal and for me she is a great performer. too bad she was unable to make it to the finals.

  • Acne Treatment and Remedy

    Susan Boyle has a good singing voice but it is not only the voice that counts if you want to win a singing contest.

  • khosrow

    My old neighbor, used to sing in her bathtub. She sounded just like Mariah, which was one of the reasons why I moved. If a bathtub can make one sound like that, guess what the recording techniques have done for Mariah. Oh well in some quarters screaming is labeled as ‘range’.

    Neither Madonna, nor her fans have ever claimed that Madonna had a high range. However, Madonna does have an exquisitely beautiful voice. In the beginning it was beautiful in a girlish manner, but as years went by, her voice became velvet like and she learned how to take care of her voice as well as how to use it.

    It was Madonna’s voice versatility (, emotive, broadness and depth) that managed to amass and deliver 36 songs ultra immaculate/ ultimate collection CD. NOT Mariah. Mariah may wannabee, but she will never be. Mariah’s music is socially irrelevant. While Madonna’s songs are left, right, middle of society. The nice thing about Susan is the fact that is down to earth. she does it her way and she does it good. Unlike Mariah, Susan doesn’t claim somebody else’s throne and she doesn’t let her success go to her head.

  • Roadwork

    Thats awesome I love that song and that video Im glad theirs someone else out their who appreciates it as much as me.


    of course M will allow her to record one of her songs…this cd is one of the most GLOBALLY anticapted of the year!…$$$$$$$$$$$$…..

  • Suneil

    More power to her then x

  • remidelino

    i haven’t kept up with susan boyle but i know she’s really famous right now so i’m glad she’s covering m. i hope it’s a single so that the media will point out that it’s WRITTEN BY MADONNA (and foster).

  • jay

    this is the prove madonna writes such great songs and still people don’t give her the credits…madonna’s weak voice can sing it but also it can goes like this…

    • Mike (and not Mike or the other Mike)

      Jay, I love Shirley Bassey as much as any other person, but Madonna’s version is just as good as this. Give me a break.

    • FARTO

      LOLLLLLLLLLLL thanks Jay…that made me laugh…Shirley is so DRAMATIC and OVER THE TOP!……perfect drag show material.

      • jay

        i know it’s all decadent…the dress…her looks…cenario…but it was 1998 and i’m saying she’s a powerful voice singing the version of song that everyone can sing the way madonna sings….you know what i mean..try the other way……try to sing maryah’s songs with an average voice….won’t happen.

      • FARTO

        I totally got your point Jay..and agree..GOLLLLLLLLLDFINGA!

    • Roadwork

      she has superb delivery and timing, what a flattering rendition of Madonnas song

      • cladue

        it shits…4 old people.

  • khosrow

    Susan has a great voice and I know she will do the song and queen Madonna justice. I am glad that Susan kept going, bringing out an album and working towards her dreams.
    The world is a judgmental place. People judge and disqualify each other so easily. I like it when those who are prejudged and discriminated against, hold onto their dreams and work hard to make them come true. Both Madonna and Susan are very inspiring humans regardless of their corset sizes. What really matters the most is what one has to say (what one sings) and how they say it.
    I love the song you’ll see, because it is about not being afraid to shed a tear, getting back up, moving on, trying again and eventually prevailing. One does not always have to win. Nevertheless, not trying is always a loss.

    Go Susan.

    • FARTO


  • Linda

    I know Susan will do the song justice. The question, Adam, is rather Madonna is good with Susan singing the song, not you. Susan has mentioned Madonna being one of her favorite artist. Have you actually listen to Susan sing…Cry Me A River, Killing Me Softly? I just wondering.

  • Adam

    You’ll See is my all time favourite song…EVER! It so should have been included on the track listing for CELEBRATION! A truly overlooked classic that was a big hit around the world. Not sure how I feel about susan covering it.

    • Robert

      at least it’s finally on a dvd
      i was very disappointed when it was not included on 93:99 – come on it is pt.2 of take a bow (which was of course on that release)