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Madonna’s Demo Tape on Auction

Have you ever had a burning desire to own a pair of Michael Jackson’s beaded socks? How about a suit tailor-made for John Lennon when he was a Beatle? Or you might like a size 42 jacket Elvis Presley wore in the film “Speedway.” If you’re in the market for a used car, how about a black 1985 Mercedes that once provided a royal ride for the King of Pop?

…Another unique item is a demo tape an unknown performer named Madonna made in 1979 to send to record companies in an attempt to get a recording contract. Accompanied by an acoustic guitar, it’s just Madonna, her music unadorned by post-production magic and elaborate orchestration. The songs on the tape include “All My Love,” “Hear Me” (a song that evolved into “Shine a Light”), “Simon Says” (which became the familiar “Love Express”) and “Little Lost Boy.”

Madonna's Demo Tape on Auction

Julien estimates the tape will bring $1,000 to $2,000, noting that the Material Girl still holds the copyrights to all the songs.

Those items are among hundreds of rare rock relics being auctioned off this Saturday, Nov. 21, by Julien’s Auctions at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square in New York City and online at

source: msnbc

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  • shardy

    wow…talk about a vintage Madonna sound

    i am guessing (and hoping) it sells for
    far more than what it is estimated to sell.

    think about it…

    she is the top selling solo female recording artist in history
    or something like that. she is not only a music industry icon,
    she is now a R & R Hall of Fame inductee, she paved the way
    for most (if not all) of the female singers and acts since she
    became really famous in the mid 1980’s…and far beyond

    not only is that tape an original demo, but has her earliest works,
    heart and soul mixed in, along with her original handwriting…

    sounds like a genuine collectors item to me

    • NATE

      you are so right…. :)

  • Cal

    That’s just the minimum amount they think it will get, it’s likely to get more.

  • Sarah

    I would think it would make more than $2,000.