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Rupert Everret talks about Madonna

…What’s more, he has a special knack of always being where the action is: in Moscow with the tanks and Yeltsin during the 1991 coup, strolling through downtown Manhattan on 11 September, nightclubbing in Miami with Gianni Versace before he was shot, sleeping with Béatrice Dalle when she was the most desirable woman in France, having an affair with Paula Yates when she was one half of the most famous couple in Britain. Not forgetting his most publicly defining role: gay best friend to Madonna.

Or at least he was. Until she read his book.

“She really didn’t like it.”

Didn’t she, I say? But it’s very affectionate.

“I think it is very affectionate, and certainly with her I was very careful to only write things that were. But she felt it was an infringement of privacy.”

In fact, it is mostly very affectionate. Of their first meeting, he writes: “She had the cupid-bow lips of a silent screen star, and it was obvious that she was playing with Sean [Penn]’s cock throughout the meal. She was mesmerizing. She oozed sex and demanded a sexual response from everyone. It didn’t matter if you were gay. You were swept up all the same.”

When I read it a second time around, though, I think I spot some of the areas of potential concern. His observation that she smells “vaguely of sweat”, to take one example. Or that, like all Hollywood’s alpha females, she’s something of a “she-man”. Or just possibly it was this bit that she didn’t care much for: “Just like America, everything about Madonna had changed. And what had happened had been carefully wrapped in psychological clingfilm and locked inside an interior fridge. Sometimes, in moments of stress, Madonna had power cuts and the old whiny barmaid came screaming out of the defrosting cold room.”

Still, I say, it’s not like you give anything away.

“No I don’t, but goddesses like that are obsessed with their public image and want to control everything about it, so if anyone is to tell anyone anything about her it’s got to be her.”

So has she forgiven you for that now?



“Elephants don’t forget.”

Has she not forgiven you in a jokey way, or has she really not forgiven you?

“She doesn’t trust me any more.”

from Guardian

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  • Miranda

    I wish I was a bitch like Madonna.

  • Gigglejuice69

    Anyhow, hope you all have a lovely day…

  • Gigglejuice69

    I read somewhere that Rupert’s ass is so loose it’s like fucking a bucket of warm water.

  • Stevie




  • Diarrhea Carey

    If he was her friend, He wouldn’t of let her do that horrid movie, THE NEXT BEST THING!

  • David

    I find it fascinating, if a little strange, that certain people do anything to claw their way to global fame and subsequently spend the rest of their lives mistrusting almost everyone they come into contact with.

  • Sarah

    Good call, Madonna.

    • DyMy


  • ed

    He deserves it. I wanted to make some money selling his book at her expense. Of course she controls…Its her life.

  • Roadwork

    Anyone who writes a book about Madonna just adds to the great myth of Madonna and gives her more publicity, Madonna is Americas Sweetheart theyll forgive her for anything

    • vix

      I wouldn’t go so far as calling her America’s Sweetheart. She’s no sweetheart, sweetheart. She’s a cunning, bitchy, strong willed business woman from Detroit. She knows how to market herself and push the public’s buttons and if people can’t forgive her for her past mistakes she gives them the finger and cashes in on the publicity. So a sweetheart that is forgiven…I don’t think so. She’s a strong woman with a jaw dropping past and if people can’t forgive her she won’t lose sleep over it. Long live the queen! I love that bitch!

      • DyMy

        Vix can I say I adore you for aying that?

  • Roadwork

    I remeber when she did that interview with him going back to her old stomping grounds in NYC, and she was trying to tell a story and you could see the frustration in her eyes cause Rupert was to ignorant to catch on to her skillful story telling

  • Scott (the real one)

    I tried reading his book but it was so dreadfully boring that I ended the misery and returned it to the library (like I’d waste money on this bitchy queen whose only real offerings are snide comments). I don’t blame Madonna for being upset because, regardless of her celebrity/superstar status, no one wants to be betrayed by a friend. Sure, they’re not huge revelations but they’re still personal. Who can blame her for playing with Sean’s gearshift, though? Righton!

  • shardy

    it’s a bit interesting to read this

    Madonna’s image in regards to her closest circle is so well
    guarded, and managed, it’s odd to hear someone who does
    not subscribe to Madonna’s well ruled and oiled PR machine
    simply be candid about their perception of her

    i don’t think he set out to exploit her,
    i think that it’s the folks who are interested in Madonna
    and how she might be without her PR person and manager
    around who will take only the parts in his book about her
    as the gospel truth, rather than see it for what it is…

  • Michael

    Jeez they make out like M no longer being friends with him (or anyone else for that matter) is the end of the world. From what I’ve heard it doesn’t take much to get her offside anyway. Let’s move on.

  • Suneil

    I like Rupert, its a shame he and M are no longer friends. I thought they were great in the Next Best Thing!

  • Jon

    If he was her friend, he should have shown the book to her before it was published and asked her if it was okay to write those things. Lots of people write autobiographies and talk about their famous friends but usually they will show what they wrote to their friend before it’s published and ask if it’s okay to write about them. If their friend has a problem with something, they will take it out of their book. I’m surprised a smart guy like Rupert never thought of that.

  • remidelino

    i love that she was playing with sean’s cock thru out the meal. she’s so me.

  • JimmyJamSC

    Wow, that is sad to hear, or read about.

  • Cyndy

    For most of us who are not “celebrities” it’s hard enough to find trusting and REAL people as friends, etc. I’m sure that’s intentified when you are someone like Madonna. I can understand the feeling of trust being broken. Maybe Rupert was trying to add to the allure of his gossipy/tell-all book by adding her to it ($$$).

  • Jimmy

    Yeah, I’m Sort Of Disapointed
    He’s Sort Of Good Actor
    But We’re All Full Of Shit…

  • Matteo

    why everyone that knew madonna talk about her personal life … i never once heard her talking about her friend’s personal life even if she is not friends with them anymore…
    thats why she takes trust seriously coz she believe it and do it …

    • jay

      exactly…why he didn’t talk about HIS life….HIS lovers….HIS addictions,whatever….

    • CYK

      They do talk about their own personal life and other thing but when thay talk about Madonna it’s posted here morons. Why would you see a news here about Rupert talking about him self ..

      • jay

        i read little snaps of his book..apparently u did not
        he did not talk about HIS lovers
        HIS childhood
        HIS huge ego
        HIS hollywood lovers
        it is more like let me talk about madonna and make some headlines it will sell.
        so i guess this makes him and YOU morons….

  • Maddye

    hát jah ….

  • *Yohanka

    …no wonder she doesn’t trust him anymore…