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Alice Cooper on Madonna

“I’ve always said, if you’re going to go way out on a limb and have an insane image like Lady Gaga and do ridiculously, outrageous things, the people that succeed at that really have talent,” Cooper mused. “I mean, look at Madonna. She did all the outrageous stuff, but she could sing. She was a great performer! If she got up there and she couldn’t sing a lick, I’d go, ‘Ok, this is a sideshow.’ But, she can really sing.”

source: noisecreep

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  • Lisa

    I have known for some time that the music industry male opinion of Madonna seperates the men from the boys! : ) Thanks for not letting me down Mr. Cooper!

  • charles weinner

    Ok, so Mr. Cooper has just discovered gold…lol…when it comes to Music it’s all about it in the end…Madonna has been recording some of th best and catchy pop music in the Industry…even more than Elvis and alike The Beatles who are a little more rock…I have always envision Madonna as a rock and Pop artist rather than just a Pop act, she has the “It” factor of Rock and even hard rock acts have pointed her transcendency… she’s done Rock-Pop, Electronica, Dance, some latin, Urban, R&B-Hip hop , outraging some and pissing others for that daring spirit which is pure Rock and roll spirit…and u know what? sh’s even dared to create and deliver great soft ballads…once i even heard no artist who cannot pull off a balad can call themselves “a singer(talking about the voice)”, and Madonna has a pile of great ballads where her vocals have the “It” factor…but guess what?…this is nothing for haters…the fact that she became the Biggest female artist in the Music Industry without vocals like those of Whitney Houston or Maria Callas(lol) has always hit spots in those who hate her because what she accomplished…and so they go shitting(because that’s such absurd stuff can only be called like that) about her vocals…come on you people…even Celine Dione sang Papa don’t preach in her youth and she sounds soul-less although clean)…Having an extraordinary voice can be a knife that cuts both ways most times…the voice fades in time and if u have basd ur whole career on that then u’ll be fucked up…so better yell less and last long…and dliver good Music, because in the end, it’s what matters the most…
    Oh, in another similar matter…did(or do) John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger,Elvis, Michael Jackson(maybe when he was a kid and lastly, people even laughed at his cheap vocals) or even Justin Timberlake etc etc, have extraordinary voices like Pavarotti, Farinelli etc?…no, sure they didn’t…and was it ever said they can’t sing?…?!?!…no…so what does this tell us?…hello?…never mind…lol…:)

  • Dicky

    Obviously, Mr. Cooper is hearing impaired.

    • FARTO

      LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL….and they are both old.

  • peter


  • MLC

    It’s nice that there are people who finally recognize she can actually sing and she has many talents. I think people are too quick to dismiss her and discredit her simply because they dislike her.

  • shardy

    Alice Cooper respects Madonna’s talents…who knew!

    • jay


  • modar_angham

    she’s the one & only , all in one

  • *Yohanka

    Hey Pera! Just wanna say THANK YOU for the rating stuff you`ve added to this site….creative n helpful idea.
    Great job!!

  • Scott (the real one)

    It’s what I’ve always said about Madonna – if she didn’t have the talent to go along with her formerly outrageous persona, people wouldn’t have cared as much as they have. The bottom line is, her work has always been the platform for everything that followed. She’s more than just a singer, of course, but Alice Cooper makes an excellent point.

  • khosrow

    Exactly. You can’t make three decades worth of fabulous records without a good voice. You can’t fill up concert arenas and stadiums for three decade without fabulous performing capabilities.

    Madonna has an exquisite voice and is fantastic performer.

  • alexandra

    no shit! of course she can sing..the re-invention tour was the proof. but she also can dance in the same time..that’s a plus !