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Designer Alexander McQueen dies

The fashion designer Alexander McQueen has died, his company has said.
His office confirmed to the BBC that Mr McQueen, 40, was found dead at his London home this morning.
Paramedics called to his home pronounced him dead at the scene. Police said his death was not being treated as suspicious.
A statement said his family were “devastated” at the “tragic news”, and added that they shared “a sense of shock and grief”.
A former British Designer of the Year winner, Mr McQueen started his career as an apprentice in Savile Row, where he learned how to make jackets at Gieves and Hawkes.
Madonna wore his designs at the 1998 MTV Video Music Awards, 2005 Vogue photo shoot etc.

Madonna wearing Alexander McQueenMadonna wearing Alexander McQueen

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  • Kim

    I don’t understand why these comments are not deleted. This crap is going to make me not even want to come to this site.

    • Valeska

      Well piss off then and go and visit Susan Boyle’s website where you can talk about daisy chains, butterflies and fairies all day long.

  • TwoFace

    How is he a genious, how has fashion benefited the world in anyway, its a messed up world where people like this get all the attention. They have everything, but still they commit suicide which is a coward and weak act, people dying in the world in worse ways and nobody cares, but whensome does a coward act like suicide the whole world feels sorry.

  • Ronald

    One of this generation’s greats! I prefer him over Marc Jacobs anytime. I will miss the spritzing paint over Shalom’s off-white ensemble. I will miss the watery runway. I’m glad Madonna loved his works.

    • shardy

      yes, McQueen will be remembered not only
      for his unique design styling, but also for his
      equally unique runway shows…

      i recall the “Blade Runner” collection he did
      in 1998 while he was with Givenchy, and the
      “Salem Witches” runway show a few years back…

      the Joan D’ Arc runway show, was really cool!,
      as was the robotic arms painting Shalom’s dress…

      Lost At Sea collection, and his most recent collection
      with the over the top footwear…

      one of his haute couture wedding dresses was
      featured in Madonna’s “X-Static Process” art
      project…his was the dress that was set on fire..

      i will miss his artwork…

  • MadgeRules


  • jesus

    That is so sad!
    What is our life?

  • MKC

    The heartless statements above shows how cynical some in the human race have become. To make fun of someone’s death like the heartless comments I’ve just read here is shameful behavior on these people’s part.

    Everything you do comes back to you.

    RIP Alexancer McQueen

    • wacko

      Death is not to be taken way too seriously. Soul never dies :)

  • Valeska

    It’s so depressing about Alexander that my boyfriend and I have cancelled our planned orgy tonight as a mark of respect. Instead we are just going to watch a porno dvd and have a coventional fuck.

    • FARTO


      • Valeska

        What the hell would YOU know about sex with a woman (or anyone or anything for that matter)? I bet you’re a fucking virgin ,you frigid fool. As for being 600lbs, if it makes you feel better about yourself to believe I’m said weight ,go ahead and believe virgin boy,but I’ve had no complaints from ANY of the MEN (which would discount you) of whose faces I’ve sat on.

      • solarpower

        What does is mean 600 LBS? 600 lesbians?

      • FARTO

        notice this vulgar bitch DOESNY deny thats she’s 600lbs….and to top it all off it OBVIOUS its a MAN.

  • Blanche

    What?????…I can’t believe sad…R.I.P. Alex:((((((

  • shardy

    i can not believe he died this young…his ideas and visions will be missed


  • norbNYC


    • Yma

      What’s a “genious”?

  • Valeska

    Like Madonna, I had a McQueen skirt but it got ruined after my boyfriend at the time, Arturo, a hot-blooded type from Ecuador, couldn’t contain himself when he saw how gorgeous I looked while wearing it. He simply ripped it to shreds from my hot body then proceeded to fuck me stiff. I was furious. The skirt cost thousands, and NO fuck is worth the destruction of a designer skirt, even if he did have ten inches. RIP Alexander (& my skirt) (& Arturo)

    • Sacha

      Do you think you are funny?
      shame on you

      • Valeska

        Didn’t you read my comment carefully you moron? It was no joke. It really did happen. Don’t be so fucking cynical.

    • Sacha


    • FARTO

      VALESKA =
      AND A MAN.

  • Me


  • Yma

    Who cares? So some self-centered loser tops himself. It makes me want to throw up to think of all those poor people in Haiti,who have no material possessions, desperate to live and all the young soldiers dying in needless wars and nobody cares, but the minute some over-rated “designer” tops himself every Z-list “celebrity” crawls out of the woodwork to see who can give the most “heartfelt” tribute. SICKENING!

    • Ashers

      Hey a grip mate! People can be sad about more than 1 thing at a time I’m sad that a great designer (why you put that in quote marks I’m not sure – he WAS a designer) has died.

      Take a look in the news, the world has came together help Haiti. War and the needless deaths have been protested about people care

      Why people seek out a notice board to post negitive comments – when clearly its going to be full of fans who care about this news – I just don’t know

      • jay

        when someone is as sick as YMA is he/she will never understand things as simple as u may feel sorry for haiti, soldiers, hungry people and all the problems around the world AND be sorry when a talented designer dies.

    • Valeska

      Yma theres no need to be nasty. I can sense you’re frustrated. Maybe if you had as much sex as I get you wouldn’t be so vicious. After a session with a ten incher you’ll feel a different man/woman .

      • miranda

        valeska, obviously you never have sex. as a rule it is known that the more people talk about sex, the less they actually have sex. As you talk about sex all the time, it has probably been a VERY long time for you. So go out flirting!

      • Valeska

        Miranda, you’re absolutely correct to state that as a rule people who talk all the time about sex usually don’t get any. However I am the exception that proves the rule and have had cock from every continent on this earth.One tip for you darling,if you’re ever in Malta and get the chance of a bang with a Maltese guy, DON’T let the opportunity pass by.What he did to my clit was HEAVEN.I just felt sorry for the maid who had to change the sheets the next day.

      • Danilo S

        Val doll…. U R on crack, right?

  • Johnboy

    R.I.P . Sad lost!!

  • lora

    really sad!

    • Yma

      What? Your life?