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Glenn Close praises Madonna again!

Q: How do you relax?
GC: I come home after recording Damges and I pour myself a large glass of red wine and play Madonna

Q: Any Madonna album in particular?
GC: Oh, have you ever hear her Erotica album?

Q: Er….no? *scared Glenn may freak out*
GC: Oh my god, get on youtube and watch ‘Madonna, Bad Girl’ video man! *laughs*, that album is just genius and I guess it has so many memories for me and the first time I ever saw her live in MSG (Madison Square Gardens), I saw her live in 2008 and I got the chance to go backstage and I was so scared! (laughs) but she is lovely and she is fan of Damages, so not a bad compromise right…!

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  • Antonio

    I love that Glen is a huge fan of the Icon!! I am a huge fan of both. And the show Damages is deliciously good. I get all the shows sent to me because I can. :-)

  • Sandy

    Yes that’s right, Glenn was on Ellen in 2004, said she just saw opening night of RIT and loved it and was going to see it in NY again.

  • Pedro

    oh please…u know shes a bitch and has trampled over a TON of poeple to get where she is.

  • khosrow

    People who are in touch with their own inner selves including their fears, and dare to be open about it too, are often interesting people. Glen is one of those people. I too have always liked Glen, not only for some of her roles but her views too. Erotica is a great album to play in the dark. Who said you need light to do things right? I think the mind and defiantly the bodies are far more creative and productive after dark.

  • Roadwork

    and it wasnt even nominated for a Grammy….Theif of Hearts, Words, Secret Garden such awesome songs

    • khosrow

      Indeed. Grammies are duds. They gave Grammies to Millie Vanillie too. Obviously the Grammy voters are not as smart as they think they are.
      Madonna’s back catalogues including EROTICA are musical Diamonds/ landmarks.
      To Madonna’s fans everywhere.


    I think most famous people are afraid or intimiatded to meet Madonna not only because of her superstardom but also because she has cultivated a reputation of not being so nice at times.For years we have all heard about how she meets people and asks what they do and if its not up to her standards she treats them like a low life. I think like many egomaniacs it depends on where her mental focus is at the time…on herself or someone else.

    • Ivanka

      Farto you commented: “For years we have all heard about how she meets people and asks what they do and if its not up to her standards she treats them like a low life”

      The key word here is that you think she is/was a cartain way because of stories that you have “heard”…it’s ridiculous to think you know someone based off of your way of thinking. She’s an alpha female – people in general are intimidated by strong/ambitious personality types. I you are a strong woman your immediately labeled as being a bitch. I do think madonna has matured and is more aware of her actions and therefore is more evolved in certain ways but ultimately her alpha personality has served her well and goes hand in hand with her career accomplishments as the number one female recording artist in the world.

      • FARTO

        obviously you havent read much about her behavior.

      • Ivanka

        Farto – I don’t base my sole opinion of her based of of what “I’ve read” b/c that would be from someone else’s perspective – like her bitter drugged out brother, the tabloid press, etc. , etc.

      • Scott (the real one)

        Ivanka, give it a rest, sister. No one on this site really knows Madonna. Do you? I doubt it. Of course everyone draws certain conclusions based on what they read in the media. Where do you get your assumtions that Madonna has matrued & is more aware of her actions? Most likely not from interacting with her in person.

      • khosrow

        You are Right. I believe neither in what I read and hear about her, nor in the partially scripted media interviews. I believe in Madonna’s work, the way she expresses herself, and the context in which she expresses herself.
        To me Madonna is a postmodern American Shakespeare. She is an Alpha female indeed. But her interest in different worlds has also led her to become a Beta person too. I mean a woman who has managed to grow her income every single decade since she started, a woman who generated a Billion $ in concert ticket sales as well as sold nearly a third of her total record sales within the last decade, must be a Beta person too. Madonna is a woman with Balls. She likes people who do something positive in their lives regardless of their positions or ascribed status and not those who sit there like silly boys/ girls.

      • khosrow

        Ivanka, I love your assessment of Madonna because you point exactly to the things in her that make some people feel threatened.
        People do not like an Alpha woman, especially an alpha woman who happens to be a bigger Beta than most men are.

      • day4night

        come on now.. EVERYBODY knows she’s a miserable egotistical bitch. i admire her as a pop icon, but as a human being she’s garbage.

  • Scott (the real one)

    Who WOULDN’T be nervous meeting the most famous and infamous woman of our time? I’m sure even the Queen of England was a bit jittery meeting Madonna. And I agree with Glenn and everyone on here – “Erotica” really is a genius album and it’s a shame that it’s brilliance was eclipsed by all the fuss over the “Sex” book. But it stands the test of time.

  • DyMy

    I knew I loved Glenn Close! I just didn’t know why! Now I know!

  • ted

    great to hear Glenn likes this album- she shares my same love of the album! also shares the same time i first saw M live in ’93 x

  • day4night

    i can see the connection. erotica, madonna’s darkest album and miss close w/all the dark characters she plays.

  • Josefine

    Ohhhhhh EROTICA is the best album of madonna. I miss you DITA!!!! i want another album like Erotica!! madonna can do it again…

  • eD

    Glen close was afraid of Madonna because Madonna is known for being rude and vulgar(Kevin Costner?).

    • DyMy

      Damn Right! But she’s like that with people who is quite anoying (Kevin Costner)! I understand her attitude completely! Peace!

  • madonnamaniac


  • jay

    who knew…Ms. close loves madonna…

  • Harry

    I wish Madonna sung Bad Girl on tour such a fab track!

    Superb album Erotica is.

    • madgefan

      Absolutely agree, Erotica would be in my Top 3 Madonna albums, fantastic album.

  • eD

    I respect that comment. Glen close? She is royalty.

  • La DreDre

    If only Madonna could make an album like Erotica again. That album, Like a Prayer and Ray of Light had a theme. They flowed and weaved. Her new albums are like all the current crap. Nothing flows. They just sound like a mashed up iTunes playlist.



  • me

    why almost every famous person is scared of meeting madonna?it’s kinda weird…i think…anywayz…

    • Elly

      yeah right, like she’d be naomi campbell throwing a cell after everybody^^…
      I dont get it either. I think they’re just so scared cause she’s got a strong personality

    • Cal

      People are intimidated of those with strong personalities who are too honest and Madonna rap in the press is exaggerated, so people don’t know what to expect from her until they meet her and most are pleasantly surprised.

  • Michael

    Umm, Madonna watches DAMAGES does she? So all her comments about how she doesn’t watch television are are crap then? I remember reading that her kids were absolutely forbidden to watch. Ah, the integrity of the parent…or Madonna…xoxo

    • Cal

      Madonna gets stuff on DVD sent to her. She doesn’t normally see in front of a TV and watch shows. Her kids are allowed to watch DVDs too on weekends.



  • nn

    always loved glen and now like her even more and M is simply the best

  • Adrian

    I’ve always liked Glenn Close, and now I like her even more.

    I’m glad to hear someone giving ‘Erotica’ kudos. I think the album is so underrated.

    It has an atmosphere of mystery, passion, and darkness about it that I love.

  • shardy

    who knew Glenn was such a fan of the Erotica album!

    i can more than relate, Erotica is one of Madonna’s best albums.

  • Cal

    When did she previously talk about her?

    • John

      Last yr she spoke about COADF and how she loved hung up and she has saw all of M’s tour’s since 1993, and I think she said her fav was RIT

      • Cal

        Wow, that’s fantastic. I love that she’s a long time fan. Strong women should stick together and support each other. I think Sarah Jessica Parker is also a long time fan.