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Rare Madonna Pictures with ex-assistant available on eBay

Old photos of Madonna, most with her ex-assistant Melissa Crow, are being sold on eBay:

Rare Madonna Photos on eBay
Rare Madonna Photos on eBay
Rare Madonna Photos on eBay
Rare Madonna Photos on eBay
Rare Madonna Photos on eBay

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  • Anny

    Madonna Fuiste sos y seras por siempre
    TE AMO ♥

  • Anny

    Madonna Te amoo
    fuiste sos y siempre seras La Reina Del Pop

  • Blackberry

    these were the times where she was MADONNA.. no plastic surg. shits, so natural, so normal and so she is a typical L.A society lady; monster face with 25 years old girls body.. you see that sort of women just wenn you walk on the street of L.A.. LoL.. the obsession to youth, to be forever young will never ever work out…

    • JewOn

      I totally agree with this. I live in LA and have seen so many of them. The weird thing is that they actually believe that they look good.

  • ll

    amazing madonna is the queen. her attitude is unique. theres noone with her personality

  • mergirl

    Ace Face

  • dumbfounded

    I love these candid shots! thanks for sharing!

  • valter

    kkkkkkkkkkkkk beautifull beautifull!jesus christ,in this time,madonna was crazy.misses of time!

  • Pedro

    I live for things like that…Madonna was and still is the most beautiful woman on earth…
    Love you Madonna!

    P.S – Hate seeing people with my name making rude remarks and using rude language to describe the Divine.

  • Sassy


  • shardy

    i wonder who sold out here, Madonna’s brother again….?

  • Pedro

    beauty untouched by lasers, a surgeons knife or injectibles…long before the fall. Madonna was once a force of life, now shes a energy vampire.

  • Scott (the real one)

    When she was young, Madonna could not take a bad picture – her looks were flawless and she was truly beautiful – and these pictures prove it, as silly as they are.

    Whatever happened to Melissa, anwyay???????

    • akkord

      she killed herself

  • Roadwork

    Madonna always seems so alive so awake, even in regular old photos, shes probably alot of fun to be around, she seems really charming, I bet she livens up a room like nobody else, and she always looks really good!

    • Pedro


  • Joe

    love them all Madonna looks so sexy in all this pix

  • Axel

    Ok guys! I was in contact with Mel and these items are stolen! And are sold illegaly!


    I think Madonna acted like a complete child with Warren and all her ambition and greed left his dick limp.

    • Ivanka

      Warren is a complete bore darling – his idea of a good time is sitting in his rocking chair re-watching old movies for the 900th time. Madonna is deserving of a much more dynamic personality. By the way dear, speaking of limp – I think your brain is limp. Like I told you before, you must dust off your vibrator – sex might cheer you up a bit.

      • AGNES

        oh Ivanka you bore me now, im done with you…move on tramp.

    • khosrow

      Warren became limp after Joan Collins was done with him, and that was back in the 60s. In the 90s, the time Madonna was in the mood to play him, but soon she found out that he was not all the man he pretended to be. So she was done with him too. I can assure you that back then as well as now, there are plenty of guys who would do just about anything to get close to Madonna’s SEXY BACK. As far as the childish attitude is concerned, it all depends on the context and how you choose to look at it. There is something Ultra Sexy about adults who keep a part of their childishness with them as they grow.

      Madonna is too much for most men. And I say this from a male’s perspective. I mean, to begin with she is smarter than most of us could dream of being. Secondly, in this modern world a lot of people go around moaning and complaining about a full day’s work. Madonna on the other hand is the kind person who does not sit there like a silly boy/ girl. She has been working her sexy butt off since the very first day that she arrived in NY. Normal people cannot keep up with her.

      Goddess cannot settle for anything less than a God. Hail her maDjesty queen of universe for not settling for 60s leftover. Did you see all the guys and girls waiting in line to get close to her S&S stage? Now that is what I call Madonna eat wave and Madonna Magnetism.
      Warren was and is a dud. The best things about Dick Tracy were: Madonna, her part, her songs, and Madonna’s costume designer.

  • robertkiddo

    holy smoke!!!
    madonna was sooo super hot back in the day!!! much sexier than any of these new britneys, rihannas and lady gagas!!!!

  • Valeska

    WOW! Madonna is superhot but what did she ever see in the mega overrated Warren Beatty? He may have fucked 80% of Hollywood’s top actresses, but he’d never get to spend a night with me. He’s vile , plus despite all the rumours he’s not too big in the rod department (only 5 inches hard). Hot ladies like Madonna and I NEED at least ten inches a night. A friend of mine once spent a night with Jean Claude Van Damme who has a 12 incher and I had a year long affair with a top Syrian diplomat who was a 13 incher. My fanny had never worked so hard but it was worth it.If you are eaten up with envy over Madonna’s and my sex life, I don’t FUCKING CARE.

    • Demar

      you must have one stretched out gapping deep whole, you pig.

      • dumbfounded

        that’s funny!

    • idk

      Does it please you to read that everyone thinks you are a whore? Your stories are nothing you should be boasting about, it makes you look like a dirty slut.

      • JewOn

        Valeska, you’re a funny dirty slut… I’m still laughing.

  • billionarie





    IT IS THE EYE!!!!!!!

    wow… i need to sit down for a bit.

    • ted

      lol, i love the first pic and the one where she had just done the MTV ’89 performance with the “cherish” video hairstyle!

    • David

      wow you are crazy for her beauty…in my opinion Madonnas beauty is average at best…and certainly below average these days.

      • billionarie

        ahahaha ur funny David.

        u have completely no idea what your talking about
        trust me.

        the people ive seen…. in this biz.

        Madonna beauty is the highest.
        her lines are inescapable, and her nose fit the lines from all angles, ideally….

        at times, it may look bigger but that is bad angles period.

        anyhow.. its ur opinion.

        that’s all ;)

  • i’m damn fat, but sexy!

    madonna looks so good. i love her!!!!!!!

  • ERIC

    The first pic must be from that Interview magazine shoot and the one with Beatty must be Christmas 1989.

  • ted

    lovely pics of M- love her with the dark hair

  • super c*nt

    I didn’t know she had been a brunette at any point while with warren beaty

  • JewOn

    Crazy young Madonna! Love the pictures, but I wouldn’t sell them either.

  • Sandro

    ……..Madonna………in the 80’s 90’s ; )))))!!!

  • Mr.Brightside

    I would never sale that to anyone… What a bzz…

  • COMON, M***** F*******

    boy really old pictures from her ;
    somewhere in the end of the 80s

  • Hector

    Melly Mel!