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Lourdes Ciccone Leon blogs


Lourdes Ciccone Leon blogs

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  • Julianna G

    Great genes. It is already clear she is now and will be a ‘KNOCKOUT’. Mom and Dad should be and are, I’m sure, very pleased. She seems sweet, smart and gorgeous!

  • damaged_one

    wtf?? madonna didnt give her the name “lola”, lola is her nickname. her real name is lourdes which is a classic and respectable name. and dont be talkin about her if you dont know her. shes not slutty shes 13. your just jealous cause you probably look like crap compared to her!

  • VanDer

    HAHAH Gagas Kingdom!!!!
    Like we will be hearing PokerFace and her other meaningless singles even 5 years from now! HAHAHA…the biggest difference if GAGA has a child, will be that Gagas baby will looking FUGLY just like her momma, unlike Lourdes who is beautiful and a spitting image of her Mom when she was younger LMAO!!!
    Gagas child will have buck teeth and chipmunk cheeks wearing beer cans in her hair when shes 3 years old HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH

  • eD

    I give u $2 for that outfit

  • Roadwork

    Thats is such a great photo of Lourdes, she is such a good model for this line, Material Girl, and I think it does represent her personal style pretty closely.

  • lourdes-jovana-lola-maddy

    Beautiful….and amazing…..I love lourdes……<3

  • madonnamaniac


  • Mimi

    Lola, you are such a talented Fashionista – for realzzz

  • Dudu

    If we don’t like MCR we must “GO AWAY!! or download their songs”.
    Nice way to talk to your costumers little Lola. Anyways, I hope she’s being ironic the way she writes. Anyways, let the kid.
    I just miss seeing more material from her momma!

  • dave

    i don´t know what´s going on. she´s still a kid.

    and now she became a marketing tool??? of whom?

  • tim

    Why do I need to read her blog? I don’t have anything against her, she is a kid and thats my point.
    Why would Madonna even let her blog and get involved in this Hollywood and Entertainment business so young? What happened to focusing on being a kid and school?

    • tim

      Just read her 2 blogs.
      Is SHE really blogging or some moron?

      “For realzzzz”
      “Holla Holla”

      Who uses these words anymore? And so much for the proper Lycee French private school education Mommy shelled out for!

      • Tom

        tim – u sound ultra boring and conservative – what 13/14 year old speaks in “proper” english 24/7? If she did, you would be bitching that she sounds too proper.

    • N0R

      who says that you “NEED” to read her blog tim? if you want read it, if you don’t want don’t read it!

    • M

      I don’t think you need to be involved in Hollywood to write a blog lol. Stop the judging. The only thing I don’t like Lola posting something is because people are really judgemental and will start criticizing on her based on stupid things, like Tim up here. People have too much time in their hands. And they’ll always find something wrong. But guess what! Madonna nor Lola are asking your permission or opinion to do whatever they want to do.

  • MADONNA’s fan!!

    Make Madonna blog!!!!

  • Johnni

    I dont want Lola, I want Madonna :(

    • Susan


    • lourdes-jovana-lola-maddy

      eeeey…..I wont madonna and lola too…I’m big fan of madonna and lourdes….

  • live to tell

    she´ll never be like her mother

    • wacko

      shes not trying to be


    The presentation is first rate….creative director at 13!…..impressive… the photo, very edgy, creative, yet innocent…gonne be a homerun!

    • Roadwork

      I agree everything is right about that photo!

  • jg

    Like, omg, that was soooooo like, kewl u know?

  • shardy

    this photo of Lourdes is all kinds of wrong.

    • Carl

      I LOVE IT!

  • day4night

    i have a bad feeling about this

  • mariOOO

    a star is born!!

    • live to tell

      a victim of fame and fortune is born!

      • mariOOO

        and you are just a victim of nothing

      • mariOOO

        i meant that you are just a victim without fame and fortune

    • lalola

      a star is porn!

  • goldracke


  • madonnamaniac