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Madonna given official warning over loud party at London home

Madonna has been issued with an official warning by Westminster council after a noisy party held by staff at her Marylebone home.

Neighbours complained about music and singing from the 10-bedroom Georgian townhouse she bought for £6 million in 2007.

Despite being out of the country at the time, the 51-year-old singer as owner of the house has been issued with an official noise abatement notice and faces a £5,000 fine for any further offences.

The council received a complaint on Sunday June 27 in the middle of the afternoon. Within 30 minutes, Westminster council noise officers were at the front door and judged that the noise — believed to have been caused by a karaoke party — was loud enough to be a “statutory nuisance”.

They spoke to staff through the entryphone system, who confirmed the property belonged to Madonna but that she was not present.

A council spokesman said: “In order to deal with the matter, a notice was served by posting it through the box at the premises. The notice was addressed to the owner or occupier at the address ordering that the noise is stopped — which it was.

“Any further offence could see Madonna landed with a £5,000 fine.”

A spokesman for Madonna was unavailable for comment.


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  • snuggler

    obviously “balalala” is fat and ugly and jealous and poops their panties WAAAAAAAAH

  • Nick

    some people just need to chill!!! I hate it when neighbors with no life complain that you have one!!!

  • xxx

    Yes the Madonna has come off as dirty a knot and let all world knows about it

  • No good for nothing mariah

    I am sure the problem will be solved.

    But here is a nice picture of Madonna with that I rule the world attitude & Sexy everything.

    Take a bow

    • madonnamaniac

      YES BABY

    • Rodrigo

      I hope she adds some Ballet to her next tour!!! it would be BANANAS!!!



  • Scott (the real one)

    Let’s not forget that the co-op board in Madonna’s current NYC apartment have tried kicking her out for being a loud and obnoxious neighbor, so I’m sure she couldn’t care less that this was going on in her absence. Since when does she put other people ahead of her own desires? I hope she isn’t like that in her gorgeous new townhouse here in NYC!

  • Riff-Raff

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    1. What smells like pussy of Madonna?
    2.Why Jesus Luz did not have testicles?
    If you answer , you are my friend.

    • madonnamaniac


      • timbo

        I wouldn’t want a friend who asks such questions.
        But now that you have asked, judging from her fashion taste, Madonna’s probably smells like Dior, Givenchy, D&G. Madonna rules.

      • timbo

        Sorry friend Madonnamaniac.
        My response above was to Riff-Raff.

      • madonnamaniac


  • luis.

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    Sorry Lola , your mother`s gonna charge u the fine, just get lower `n that`s it.
    And YES Englsh people are haughty.

    And for the rest of the comments ,… how sick could be some people in their thoughts.

  • JJ

    in the middle of the afternoon?!? Who cares? In what city would people actually complain about people’s muffled singing in the middle of the afternoon? London has gotten so uptight.

    • Falluz


  • inga

    madonna is doing one of her world famous orgies again

    • Sam

      Good for her

  • Tim

    Uh-oh, heads are going to roll!
    IF she really wasn’t there and did not okay the party, then its wrong of the staff to be so loud and disturb the neighbs. C’mon we all know how annoying it can be.

    But then, she could think : “5000 pounds, psh, put it on my tab…”

    Either way, its uncourteaous to the neighborhood.

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  • Rodrigo

    Well 5000 its nothing for her! but who was throwing the party?? OH OH!! somebody is going to get fire! and he or she should! LOL

    or or or maybe it was rocco!! hmmm who knows!

  • CYK

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