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Rolling Stone reviews Set The Right

from Oct 14 Issue

Rolling Stone reviews Set The Right

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  • nikki

    madomma is so cool i love her

  • Jason

    Broken is amazing!!! It rips off Miles Away and a bit of Give It 2 Me, but who cares… two fantastic songs become one!!!!

  • Ben

    Madonna is has Paris today?

  • whateveee!

    You are all fucking morons! Who the fuck is Madonna? Idiots!

    • Danilo S

      If U don´t know who Madonna is…. What the hell R U doing here, dick?

    • Dandy

      If You don’t know Madonna, then you are the biggest moron yourself.

  • Elden

    How many times has Madonna been on the cover of Rolling Stone?

  • Danilo S

    I say it again like I said it before: Broken and Across the Sky, R the best ones!!!
    Rolling S guys are making a fuzz ´bout anything. I mean, they have a horrid taste: they pick Candy Shop as the best Madonna track from 2008 (???). Keep that in mind….

  • 95miyu

    they didn’t listen to broken, that song is amazing!!!!! but people say bad comment to madonna just coz they’re jealous

    • zsope87

      Yes,I’m totally agreeing, Broken is a great song, they should write about it!!!

  • Lady Gargoyle

    Out of all the leaks, they chose this??? He simply wanted to write a bad review. He could have at least ended the article with suggesting you download really good leaks like “Animal”, “Latte” or “Across The Sky”

  • JoJo

    Madonna cannot lose to Gaga! She’s the ORIGINAL diva! Vote for her to win here:

    • Lady Gargoyle

      The article states this: “Gaga is on track to become the world’s top-selling female recording artist of all time – a title held by Madonna.”

      WTF??? She’s sold around 15 million albums. She has to get over 250 million to match MADONNA

      • madonnamaniac


      • NinaFly

        What people should understnad, Gaga will never be Madonna, she already said that! Both are great artists! Let’s not get into that boring shit over and over again! It’s Done!

  • Material Dick

    I am starving. Starving for an all-new Madonna album containing 10 immaculate pop dance and moving ballad songs, a cross between, True Blue, Like a Prayer, Ray of Light and Confession on the Dance floor. I loved the dark masterpieces Erotica and American Life as well as kinky hiphop oriented Hard Candy, but now I am really in the mood for reflective, fruity & sweet pop dance album with great videos. I hoop she works again with the directors of papa don’t preach, frozen and borderline. I also hope that she releases her records to the shops and the radio at the same time.

    Give me back Madonna and MTV.
    The MTV prior to being distracted with all the dumb reality shows, trash queens like gaga and other dime a dozen waannabees.

    When that Happens I would also love to see a new Rolling Stone’s MADONNA cover and extensive review of her immaculate madjesty Queen of Universe.

    In the meantime let hail and continue to celebrate Madonna’s Goddessness.

    Time goes by so slowly,,,,,,,

    • Lady Gargoyle

      Trash GaGa all you want, but her videos squash the crap Madonna has been putting out for the past 3 albums! Madge needs to up her game and make better videos.

      • AllMadonnaAllTheTime

        Her videos squash Madonna? ARE YOU F&CKING KIDDING ME? She’s stolen every video idea either from Madonna or someone else. At least Madonna was original. Eff Off. Go play on Lady CaCa’s Monster page.

    • RETIRED Pop career RIP

      You’re out of luck i’m afraid Material Dick, haven’t you heard? M doesn’t give one about her career now as long as she can continue to make $$$ much more than recording music by fleecing all the gullibles with a cheap + shoddy tour, she’ll never have to make a full album of new studio recordings again (just ones full of “live” tracks + the odd “newie”) with her new deal :D

      • madonnamaniac

        GO EFF OFF.

  • Goryl
    • nikki

      wat the HELL shit head are you on DRUGS

  • super c*nt

    If they were going to review one of these recently released demos, I would have chosen animal or latte. set the right is cool, but it is not the best of the pack.

  • Ronald

    Yes, Erotica and American Life are Madonna’s hidden masterpieces. May the world discover them!




    • Danilo S

      True. Desperate and true! :)

    • KC

      This rather tiny review is in a rather tiny section of their review section. I would hardly call that being desperate. Over the last 25 years, Rolling Stone has been more than kind in their reviews of Madonna’s work. It’s one negative review; it’s not the end of the world.

  • Gus

    Am I the only one who finds it odd that her demo is getting a rating? Are we that starved for new M material that we have resorted to critiquing a demo?

    • Material Dick

      But on the other hand, since nobody makes any record worth commentary anymore, even Madonna’s outtakes are worth being reviewed by Rolling Stone. Compliments to Madonna.
      As far as a dime a dozen divas like whitney and mariah is concerned. They never had a record worth reviewing, so one can conclude that their outtakes are even worse than their albums.

      • Dax

        Who died and made you the arbiter of good taste? There’s plenty of current good music out there. You just have to get off your arse and find it.

  • Material Dick

    What is the point in reviewing something that is incomplete and officially unreleased? If that is the reviewing norm nowadays, then they should dig out and review all the dumb demos that Mariah and Whitney made but left out of their many boring albums of the same nature and same styles.

    • JohnSmithe

      They don’t “dig out” these demos. These are demos that are allegedly leaked, and if they are creating some small buzz, then RS will review them, and yes, RS has done this with other artists as well. It’s not like they spent an entire page reviewing this single.


    the song is a DEMO, and as a DEMO is a good one!

  • desperetlysearchingofmadge

    that is not fear !!!!!!! :-( hir album is very nice