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Madonna at VF Oscars Party – Video

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  • JoannaLove

    Lola`s skirt/dress is way too short for her age and innocence.
    She has all her lifetime in front of her to wear this kind of dress but now she is fourteen and she will never be fourteen again.

  • Nastya Zubenko

    Madonna and Lola- great!!!!!!! wonderfyl!!!!!!!

  • Ricky D

    She’s always so cute when she waves to spectators :)

  • Roadwork

    When you see her walking she just oozes sex appeal and confidence

  • shardy

    that is a really lovely Deco-style hotel

    it use to be called “The St.James Club”,
    then “The Argyle”, now “The Sunset Tower”

    it’s odd to see Madonna simply walking
    down Sunset Blvd. like a civilian, on her
    way to her very own Post-Oscar bash…..

    must be nice!

  • Elden

    All I can say is WOW!!! :)

  • Jason tells it like it is!
  • Jason tells it like it is!