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Travis Payne on meeting Madonna

In a new interview with Chris Yandek of, celebrity choreographer Travis Payne shares his stories of working with Madonna and how she didn’t know the game of the chess. Travis worked with Madonna on the Power of Goodbye video. The song was featured on the Material Girl’s Ray of Light Album. The game of chess is featured in the video. Payne says Madonna didn’t know how to play the game. The dancer first met Madonna in Mexico when her tour and Michael Jackson’s tour were taking place at the same time.

“She was very about the business, very to the point and very cordial in that working environment… She didn’t know how to play chess. It was a chess game in the video that we were creating and she didn’t know how to play chess or at least she said she didn’t and she wanted me to show her how to play chess. So I was showing her what I knew and it was pretty cool. We pulled it off. I had met her before in Mexico, but we never worked together. She was doing The Girlie Show and I was on tour with Michael for the Dangerous Tour. So all of the dancers would go back and forth to each other’s shows while we were there together that week and I met her first there at one of her concerts.”