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Madonna Reacts to Elizabeth Taylor’s Passing

In the wake of Elizabeth Taylor’s Wednesday passing, celebrities are sharing their memories of the 79-year-old screen legend on Twitter and with

“I am so sorry to hear that this great legend has passed,” Madonna, 52, tells Us exclusively. “I admired and respected her not only as an actress but for her amazing and inspiring work as an AIDS activist. She was one of a kind.”

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  • tomislav

    Liz Thailor is that the woman who was 38 in ‘who’s afraid of Virginia Wolf’ and looked like she was 58????

    Fatass alcoholic and narcotic morron….

    • Steve

      to say that about Liz means you are ignorant of any relevant pop culture importance. Liz was an amazing actress, mother and activist. She shit more wisdom than you could ever dream of.

  • bitch

    Aw, its sweet that Madonna’s rep released a statement claiming that Madonna made it. Really makes it look like that Madonna gave a damn.

    I’m surprised her statement didn’t being with something along the lines of : “Liz Taylor was born with brunette hair; so was I…”

    • tomislav

      God u are pathetic…..

    • jake

      bitch good name for you.

      • bitch

        “Its more than a name, its an attitude.”

    • Material dick

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      • bitch

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        Kind of like your comments.

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      • Material Dick

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      • bitch

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      • Material Dick

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      • bitch

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  • shardy

    i recall this, i think it was a heartfelt speech,
    they both looked great, and Madonna seemed to be beaming

    Elizabeth’s passing is a true end of a bygone classic Hollywood era,
    with her gone, there isn’t really anyone left from Hollywood’s Studio
    system from the 40′ / 50’s / 60’s

    my favorite role Elizabeth ever did was playing Martha
    in Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf….she really killed that part

    i had forgotten about this clip…thanx for posting it

  • Gabor

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    • hmmmm

      gabor you are so strange.

  • Jeremy

    i wonder what Lady GaGa has to say about this…….

    • Richard


    • thelightinthedark

      and who’s lady gaga??

      do you mean this selfdeclared mother of the monsters, this strange product of low-quality internet-age and declining music industry?

      who cares what she says??

    • Jeremy

      I just love saying “Lady GaGa” and reading how crazy all you people get. It works every time and I always get a laugh out of it!!!

      • Tandy

        Not crazy, but we love to shit on her and trash her. She deserves it too. She is a cheat, a drag queen, stupid and has a horse face and horse voice.

        You don’t get it, do you, actually you are no more than a good excuse for us to trash gaga even more.

        You think you are playing us, while in fact we are the ones playing you. Gaga has got in the Madonna shadow for the rest of her life and she will never be able to get out of it.

    • tomislav

      yes, I am sure….that is the only reason…ahahahhahaha!

    • Tandy

      You look like unlady like gaga. Shit face.

  • Blockhead

    They weren’t best friends, but Madonna & Liz were definitely friends. Madonna participated in a tribute for Liz once. She also said Liz advised her on being a working Hollywood mom, making sure she raised her kids & didn’t let the help do it. Research it haters! RIP Liz, this is about U. Such a beautiful and wonderful talent. She will truly be missed.

  • Elly

    Rest in Peace Liz…loved her and always adored her since I was just a little child!

  • Gabor

    Madonna is like a vulture. The moment a true Hollywood legend dies she tries to get some cheap publicity for herself. It’s disgusting. Liz didn’t even like her so why is she trying to convince the world she was a friend? Madonna would have loved to have been part of Liz’s and Michael’s inner circle but she was tooGabor vulgar. Elizabeth Taylor was not only beautiful and caring, she was a superb actress. Her monologue at the end of Suddenly Last Summer, where she recounts the gang rape and murder of her cousin is amongst the best acting ever. Madonna should watch it and then she may discover how talentless she really is. R.I.P. The unique ELIZABETH TAYLOR.

    • LMFAO

      Liz didn’t like her? Wow on her birthday in 1996, Madonna gave a speech and Liz went on stage with a smile and gave her a hug. Yeah she definitely hates Madonna. And Madonna is talented, and she had a lot more publicity than Elizabeth, who was a terrific actress. But it makes no sense to compare a singer to an actress. Just shows how pathetic people like you are to come on a fanpage and talk shit. Nice goin bro.

  • SAM

    hi all. I can’t believe you people!!!! concerning any news about MADONNA you have to stick Lady Gaga in the middle!!! stop it and concentrate on the event. losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you hate MADONNA that much don’t visite this site whatsoever!!! your brain is fuckd up. MADONNA IS a classy woman and number 1. she is the best.
    SAM, the biggest MADONNA fan since 1984

    • KC

      Why don’t you address the Madonna fans who do the same thing?

  • jimmy

    madonna u are classy woman…you are #1 & always will be….

  • eatdogs

    “and Liz asshole was more beautiful than my face”.

    • jimmy

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  • Jenny

    She’s with Michael now.

    • Jeremy

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    • Danny

      Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, I mean Lady GaGa is made of ‘Lies’. ;)