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Madonna News - May 2011

Dolly Parton wants Madonna Duet

The country legend has always wanted to work with the ‘Like a Prayer’ singer, and thinks their styles would be a good match.

She told The Sunday Times newspaper: “I’d love to do a duet, I always wanted to work with Madonna, but she never asked.”

She added that either Madonna or Lady Gaga would be: “The perfect fit. I’m as outrageous as they are. I was gaudy before they were gaudy.”


Take A Bow – Madonna at MoMA

“Madonna has so much influence in every sphere. I think she could kill people just by looking at them.”

We walked by the paparazzi step-and-repeat and down a blue carpet in MoMA’s sculpture garden, passing male models who held umbrellas for guests in case of rain.

She has a lot of restraint, I suggested.

“She’s the only person that would make me pass out if I met them.”

Then: “Madonna, I’d like you to meet Ryan Trecartin! He’s a fabulous artist.”

Ryan Trecartin did not in fact pass out when Klaus Biesenbach introduced him to Madonna, though neither of us was able to muster any words for the occasion. She didn’t have much to say either. She just looked up at us dubiously (murderously?), her weapon eyes framed by black hipster glasses as she chewed on a piece of bread. (LOOKING GOOD! Perez Hilton e-scrawled on the shot-from-the-hip photo he posted the next day.)

Madonna sat next to James Franco, who sat next to Marina Abramović, who sat next to Terence Koh, who sat next to Lizzie Fitch at a small table that also included Trecartin, Spike Jonze, Guy Oseary, Daphne Guinness, Martha Wainwright, and professional crier Laurel Nakadate.

full article at artforum

Madonna: No pictures, please

NY Post Page six:

Madonna banned photographers from taking pictures of her at a MoMA party Monday night because she “didn’t feel she looked her best,” sources told us. The newly single star sneaked in through a private entrance sporting black Henry Kissinger-like frames, red lipstick and a black blazer which made her look like a hot grad-school teacher. Otherwise, it was “Upstairs, Downstairs” at the party thrown with PS1 and Volkswagen. Madonna, James Franco and A-listers Lou Reed, Patti Smith, Yoko Ono and Marina Abramovic supped on a private balcony while taking in performances by violinist Hahn-Bin and Martha Wainwright. Below, guests invited to the after-party waited and waited for the behind-schedule dinner to wrap. One photographer got fed up and took off. The after-party people chilled in the garden until a downpour began. And Madonna, whose rep didn’t get back to us, must have gone back underground.

James D’Arcy danced for Madonna

James D’Arcy has told how he learnt to dance for Madonna as he found her such an inspiring director.

The young actor plays Edward VIII in the singer’s directorial debut WE, about the king’s abdication over his relationship with Wallis Simpson.

James said: “There was a dance sequence that when I first saw it was like something out of Dancing With The Stars it was amazing – and I can’t dance.”

He added: “It was this extraordinary beautiful dance with lifts and twirls and I can’t do that, but you do because she somehow makes the impossible possible and it gives you amazing self esteem when you do these things.

“There’s nothing quite as good – to get a pat on the head for dancing from Madonna – that’s a pretty good feeling.”

The dance scene never made the final cut of the film, co-starring Andrea Riseborough, but he learned plenty of other skills for Madonna.

James said: “She challenged me to learn to play the bagpipes in six weeks, which is next to impossible I was told, but I did manage to do it because you feel like there’s no other way, you’ve just got to do it.

“I can ride horses already but I was in pretty good physical shape for that film and that was again at her request.

“I know that obviously her fame comes through a slightly different art form but she was more prepared than any director I have ever worked with, possibly with the exception of Peter Weir, but I mention her in the same sentence, that’s how prepared she was, she was extraordinary.”


Live Nation, Guy Oseary launch online photo gallery

This week, Untitled Entertainment partner Guy Oseary and Live Nation are going live with a joint web venture, an online art gallery selling largely unpublished, hand-signed, limited-edition prints of more than 1,000 singers and acts ranging from Madonna, B.B. King, James Brown to Green Day and Gwen Stefani.

The site features the work of 70 photographers including such recognized names as Baron Wolman, Ian Dickson, Deborah Feingold and Michael Putland. RockPaperPhoto museum-quality processes include silver gelatin, archival chromogenic, platinum print and archival print, with entry prices at $250 running to a top-tier of $10K.

The website is a bit of a passion project for Oseary, who manages the careers of Madonna and Alex Rodriguez among others and is also the exec producer of “Last Call with Carson Daly.” He was the architect of Madonna’s landmark 2007 deal with Live Nation.

“I’ve been collecting photos for a long time, I mean since I started making money. But what you have had to go through to find a good photo is like a needle in the haystack sometimes. You’ll drive from one gallery to the next gallery to the next gallery. It’s not an easy process. It’s a very ancient model that just hasn’t caught up with the times,” says Oseary. “So I really came up with this idea out of frustration.”

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Glee’s Take on Madonna’s ‘I Love New York’

Glee’s finale isn’t until May 24, but Vulture’s got a sneak peek at one of the episode’s tunes right now. Mostly a take on Madonna’s “I Love New York,” with a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it smattering of “New York, New York” (from On the Town) added to the end of each chorus (and on Glee, it’s a wonderful town, not a helluva town), it features no Rachel belting, lots of pumped-up synth, and Finn singing, “If you don’t like my attitude, then you can get lost” before uttering a kiss-off that was no less amusing coming from Madonna: “Just go to Texas, isn’t that where they golf?” Oh, and Brittany gets a little spoken-word moment, informing us that the New Directions have “seen the Sphinx and we’ve seen the Cliffs of Dover,” which is funny, right? Because they haven’t been ANYWHERE! Anyway — bounce up and down like drunk Rachel, imagine the kids cruising through Times Square in adorably color-coordinated ensembles, and focus on Naya Rivera’s continued ability to sound exactly like whichever lady singer she’s covering.

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