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Dolly Parton wants Madonna Duet

The country legend has always wanted to work with the ‘Like a Prayer’ singer, and thinks their styles would be a good match.

She told The Sunday Times newspaper: “I’d love to do a duet, I always wanted to work with Madonna, but she never asked.”

She added that either Madonna or Lady Gaga would be: “The perfect fit. I’m as outrageous as they are. I was gaudy before they were gaudy.”


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  • Roy

    Just let all 3 women do what they want to do, & be who they are. They didn’t ask for our opinion anyway.

  • Brian

    please refrain from lighting any candles in the studio….theres so much plastic surgery between Dolly and Madonna the place will go up in flames…..thank you.

  • Kelly

    The Queen of pop and the queen of country would be fablous ! Both have simlar backgrounds and rule the music industry ! I can defintly see a duet of “You’ll see ” but would like to hear them do a new song

  • MadgeFan

    Dolly is awesome!! I’d support this duet! I don’t even like country music (in general) but Dolly is an exception.

  • Pip

    Plus! – I will help M in any way to achieve her dreams and from an english standpoint think that she is ideally placed to spend a bit more time here this side of the atlantic to concentrate on her projects.

  • Pip

    Being such a huge fan of M – I don’t really think she needs Dolly. She has re-defined the boudaries and shouldn’t stoop.

  • lizzy
    So Happy I Could Die! My Lucky Star!!!

  • alchemist

    if Dolly Parton can successfully work a Led Zeppelin song like she did
    a few years ago – and work really well, as well as having her now classic
    song “Jolene” remixed and made to sound super-fresh like it was a
    while back (” Jolene” – Ilya Santana Version)

    i’m sure that both she and Madonna could make a really great track,
    not sure what genre it would be, but i’m guessing it would be one of
    the more unique collaborations they have both ever done

    too bad that will not likely ever happen

  • Roadwork

    Dolly Parton is my second favorite after Madonna, its funny cause on Saturday night I was looking over old videos from Dolly Parton on you tube and then I read this the next day
    Dolly Parton has alot of the same qualities of Madonna, and Dolly Parton has such a great spirit

  • Jon

    I like Dolly, but I don’t see her style of music or singing merging very well with either Madonna or Gaga.

    • Elden

      Believe me, Gaga will probably jump at the chance just to get there first before Madonna! She will probably say “I’ve always been so inspired by Dolly!” YEAH RIGHT!!

  • Lorne

    I think it would be brilliant if Dolly wrote a song or two for M’s new album. Great idea!

  • Nicky Prince of Pop

    I believe that why some stars are very successful as:

    *- Justin Bieber, who have #1 albums, #1 singles and the most watched in youtube video, a #1 documentary in USA breaking records and well a great fans who follow his-movements , all that because (I think) people love to-have a normal looking, so natural, near to the heart, the safe looking person NOT that scary one with a manufactory image behind him… a cute average kid with potential, remind these are still nice people around here..

    **- Lady Gaga, a gay queen, Madonna fan, pop-boom, craziness with a message of expression and empowering, an icon to-look at.. dance-force, talented & honest.

    ***- Adam Lambert/ Chris Colfer, openly gay singer / actor, a breath and so open & healing the broken hearted to-all the gays that feeling incredibly alone and broken with all the pressure around their lives, (especially in this past 3 years many bad stuff occurred to happen to-them around the world, sadly not a good one to wish) and it’s an-amazing to-have someone as us to-be on the spotlight

    Madonna, she’s all of them in one.. But in-our time (the hard, tough life, it becomes to-us as we demand more from who we’re looking at to) we need more from such a lady of inspiration & a cause warrior (a freedom fighter) a (story teller) that why the Madonna fans always critical and so opinionated about her productions..

    = I wish Madonna sing songs, with power messages and power lyrics with speaking from her heart about some stories that can live to tell as “Bad Girl”… she had been lately (in the last 10 years) singing in the positive mood BUT people are been touched by her (Ray of light, Erotica, Bedtime stories, Like a prayer – Albums) because it came from her heart with capturing some of the sadness that people can be caught-up with. and feel related an escape, a music to-be in touched with..

    == she done “American Life” unfortunately as “Bad Girl” it was underrate.. but as Madonna say it , it is the nearest and fav-album to her heart, now you see how & why !

    • arkadiusz

      madonna sing always songs with power messages and power lyrics!!! but most of the people need sometime to undrestand her message (american life)which is pretty normal. i know so many who disliked AMERICAN LIFE album at the begging but now it is their one of her best!

  • Material D

    I like Dolly, but I am so disappointed in her for mentioning cagas in the same sentence as Madonna. Nobody is in Madonna’s league. Madonna stands alone.
    Cgas is a copycat trash.
    A duet between them will not work.

  • Boytoy78

    I would love Madonna to do a duet with Pitbull I know it would be a hit. also new duet with Prince why not his the shit.

  • misha

    bring on Music #2 – i wouldn’t be opposed!

  • B

    All for Dolly wanting to duet with Madge, but Lady Gaga? I’m getting sick of hearing her name in the same breath everything Madonna comes up. Let’s make it clear: Madonna is a LEGEND. Lady Gaga is talented, but she hasn’t put in her time yet.

    • semtexboy

      “talented” ???

      • B

        Yes, talented. She’s an exceptional singer.

  • Scott (the real one)

    I love Dolly!!!!!! And I love Madonna, obviously. It would be great for them to do a duet…both of them are self-made American originals and I think their voices would harmonize well together. Plus, they both love to have fun, so I hope it happens one day. Dolly is awesome!!!!!

  • Truth

    Yuk – duet between the two of them – no way.

  • Madgefan

    I love Dolly Parton, she is another strong, driven woman who worked her way from nothing to a huge career.

    I’ve seen her in many interviews and she always comes across really well, seems a genuinely lovely woman.

    As someone suggested here, Dolly would be great to write a ballad for Madonna.


    I’ve got no problem with Dolly Parton. She’s achieved a lot in her own career & she always presents herself as being good fun.

  • bitch

    Instead of a duet, Dolly should pen a song for Madonna to sing. She is a good lyricist. I don’t think a duet between them would work. I think duets in general are a bit hokey (btwn 2 women).

  • Lorne

    I’d love for M to do an album of duets. So many people have wanted to work w/her. It would be nice to see. I love Dolly!

    • Sacha

      a whole album maybe not…
      but some duets on it could be perfect…
      i’d love her to do:
      a ballad with George Michael/Michael Bolton
      a dance song with Ricky Martin (spanglish…i loved Be Careful either)
      once again with Prince…

  • lorenzo2011remix

    here’s another duet with Madonna & Britney Spears..
    It’s my mashup between “Hung Up” and “I Wanna Go”
    Come on my youtube channel and listen to it!!!

    • Ryan

      Britney Sux! :)

      • semtexboy

        nowadays, Britney Spears seems to be a classic show-biz lady comparing to that little piece of shit zgaga, and her last album is veeery well done, so think twice before you speak.

  • Nikki Finn

    Dolly is brilliantly funny she doesnt take herself seriously unlike horse face gaga..

  • alchemist

    haha! ah Dolly…gotta love her!