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Madonna’s W.E. in Vanity Fair

Madonna's W.E. in Vanity FairMadonna's W.E. in Vanity FairMadonna's W.E. in Vanity FairMadonna's W.E. in Vanity Fair

source: imglobal

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  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Respect disgrace British political figure! Infatuation with elite social
    normals. My comments, don’t take them. Exclusively: now majority
    British wasn’t. Impress true many thought Madonna. American well,
    Wallis Simpson bought. Shame only few, inhibit these. Feelings, towards non-nationals, anyway’ W.E. Receive mix vibes Madonna your. Ignoring inquires “why did you try”. Bring W.E to screen was
    pride or vanity. Wallis Simpson never reverted in British history! Still
    critics wanted, response Madonna. Why did you produce W.E? Trying
    become new British Grand Dame. With sudden acclaim go on. No
    answer Madonna British feel. Your trying pushing into British. Society
    as rich Glided aged…American women. Marrying financially, broke:
    British nobles. As Winston Churchill mother dearest’ Jennie. Madonna come back to 21st century. If you may try again Madonna!

  • Tyrone “Hype on Anglophile elite? Lady Madonna uncultured whore! Monkey face Tramp not British!

    W.E is financial bomb and release. Party in London
    debut response dismal. Finished and said another bomb
    for Material Bitch. Madonna is failure been trying. Now 27 yrs media bought into. Your limited talent acting world. Different you can’t change images her bitch! Overatted exaggerated accomplishments get real!

  • we surprise

    this movie is shit

    • M

      It’s actually not, you moron. It’s getting great reviews from all the test audiences and some critics who have seen it.

  • Greatboy

    I am EXCITED about this!!! :-)

  • darolo

    What we’re seeing here is truly Madonna! Two years in the making but nearly ten in her mind, this movie has been a long obsession for M. Attention to detail, great casting and above all, intense research!! Despite others having responsibility for this we know M will have been there every step of the way. Who else would have paid thousands to have Wallis’ jewellery recreated in such fabulous detail! What we are seeing here IS Wallis & Edward. Having seen some of the movie being filmed in London, the modern day Wally Winthrop outfits are no less stunning . Bring it on – this is going to be memorable.

  • sillybitch

    I really hope she wont flop with this movie, I hope at least it will be a “silent hit”… if she flops, she should leave cinnema for good,,,

    • darolo

      Keep the faith!

  • Ricky D

    …feature-length directorial debut?!? What are Vanity Fair talking about? “W.E.” is Madonnas SECOND effort as a director! Or doesn’t “Filth and Wisdom” count as a feature-length film? Talk about getting their facts wrong. Nevertheless, excellently fine photography! I’m finally interested in seeing this flick! Beautiful!

  • Material D

    Generally speaking, I am not a moviegoer but I am definitely going to see this. Madonna has directed it, so I am sure it is going to be beautiful and interesting.

  • ray

    Im a big madonna fan love her music n everything but i think this movie is gonna b a flop alot of people now adays arent interested in these romance movie there more into exciting movies me personally i wont watch it looks boring to me

    • Uschi

      than go to gaga, if you a fan from Madonna than you love this film, if you think it is a flop than we dont like you here in madonnaforum.
      Than go to gaga copycat…adios.

      • ray

        To start off i cant stand lady caca im just saying what i think n u aint nobody to tell me what to do or what to say i live in america dumb fuck

      • mimirella

        one can be a madonna fan and donĀ“t like things she does…

    • Katzibergi

      @ray than go home and dont nerv us with those comments..nobody want you here!

      We know you love only Gaga…go….good bye….

      • ray

        I dont want u hear either u smell from far Way goodbye

    • Miguel

      If Madonna invested so much time and effort in this project (almost 2 years of her life!) then there’s got to be something about this story, something that really believes in, something more than just romance and comedy. I can’t wait to see it and say “oh! that’s why Madonna sacrificed 2 years of her career and life for this project”. I believe this movie will be amazing.

      • ray

        Good for u watch it everybody nos that madonna is the best performer out there no one can do what she does put most of her movie projects always flop for some reason

    • Daddy

      Bitch -if u don’t like it don’t come to this site

      • ray

        Bitch? takes one to no one u need to respect other peoples opinion daddy u old hag

    • darolo

      I’m not sure where your info comes from. Wasn’t it a lavish period drama which was such a hit at the Oscars, remember ‘The King’s Speech’? Thousands of Americans particularly, are fascinated by the Royal family and in particular Wallis Simpson who was one of their own. Brits/ Aussies/NZ / Commonwealth countries etc will watch it for varying reasons but mainly to see if the traditional view of the couple, at the time, as ‘Nazi sympathisers’ and a man ruled by an over-powering, money-grabbing divorcee has been upheld! It hasn’t apparently and that makes it unique so far. Can’t wait!!!!

  • smarty

    Phenomenal! Awesome job! Worth the time and money invested. XoXo Madonna

  • Rodrigo

    I DIED!!!!! That second dress is perfection!!! complete perfection!! All the lines match!!!!!! OMG!! This Fashion Designer is in Heaven right now! :)

  • Roadwork

    This is a great project for Madonna because she knows how to deliver large, clear, beautiful marketing campaigns. Its a match made in heaven

  • Froong

    clear colours, stylish pictures very nice. Cant wait for film and soundtrack :d

  • Miguel

    Can’t wait to watch this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNOW it will be awesome.

  • Danilo S

    Start packing the Oscar 4 Arianne Phillips right now!!!

  • Kaleem

    OMG where can I buy this magazine?! Hope W.E. will be released in cinemas in the UK! Oh and then I wanna buy the DVD and CD soundtrack! Oh and then the new album! Bring it on M! <3 U M (X)

    • Pera

      It’s the September issue of US Vanity Fair

      • Warren

        Thank you for such an amazing site :) xx

      • Kaleem

        Thank you! :)

  • W.E.

    Pretty sure W.E. will get an Oscar for Best Costume Design, or at least a nom!!!

  • alchemist

    the wardrobe looks impeccable,
    i wasn’t sure how Phillips would do, but after seeing these images,
    i’d say both she and Madonna took great time and detail into making
    a genuinely striking costume story

    can’t wait to see the actual film!

    • Pera

      Phillips is really talented, she did costumes for Hedwig and the Angry Inch and Walk the Line!

      • alchemist

        i know. she’s done along list
        of really well styled films

        i had hoped that Sandy Powell
        would work on W,E,, but it appears
        Phillips did both herself, and Madonna
        proud with these images

  • Pete

    Brilliant! I’m delighted

  • pavle


  • Marcos

    I really can’t wait!


    Fantastic pics..

  • yves

    Beautiful! This is going to be HUGE

  • arkadiusz

    love that fashion!!! charming pics!

  • The Queen

    Oh this fotos are so beautiful!

  • adhitya

    really great pict…I love it :)
    I hope W.E will be lauching in Indonesia..