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Madonna News - September 2011

Liza Minnelli on Madonna and Gaga

As for Madonna . . . ‘I think she’s terrific. When I’m chatting to her, she’s just normal, the opposite of grand. We’ll meet in a restaurant with friends. Or hang out at a party. She’s always interesting and interested. She’s smart as hell and keeps her eyes peeled. She misses nothing.’
She adds: ‘Gaga and Madonna have realised the value of shock. But why not? You need to do anything you can in this business to get noticed. And they’ve both done it brilliantly. ‘In a way, I started that with the Sally Bowles look, the cropped black hair, the lashes. It was a look that became important. It went round the world.’

Daily Mail

Madonna, Jolie and Bono are most well-liked stars

Superstars Bono, Angelina Jolie, and Madonna are among the most well-liked and trusted public figures in the world, according to a new international poll.

Each year The Reputation Institute evaluates politicians, sports stars and celebrities to determine who ranks best in the eyes of the public, and this year Salt star Jolie, U2 frontman Bono and veteran entertainer Madonna made the cut.

The total list of 54 was compiled using information from the general public and measured by the degree to which a person was liked, respected, admired, and trusted.

Former South African President Nelson Mandela topped the list, tennis ace Roger Federer came in at number two, and music mogul/entrepreneur Richard Branson also made the top five.

Beloved TV host Oprah Winfrey and rocker Bono came in at eight and nine, respectively, while Jolie beat out President Barack Obama (14) and the Dalai Lama for a spot at number 12.

David Beckham was 24th on the list and Madonna was 29th. Lady Gaga also just made the cut – at 41.


Noel Gallagher: Madonna was hardcore

His brother might the one with the really big mouth but Noel Gallagher’s not averse to the odd rant himself.

This time the former Oasis guitarist has done the unthinkable and slated the current darling of the music world… Lady Gaga.

Speaking to Q magazine, Noel said: “It’s all about the meat suit and the controversy. Is it about the music? Really? She’s got the publicity side sorted out, but where’s the f***ing music?

“Paparazzi? It’s Madonna lite,” he went on. “Madonna was hardcore. She took it to the edge musically as well as everything else.”

That’s all very well but Noel also risked the wrath of Gaga’s obsessive ‘little monsters’ by adding: “Twenty years from now, will we listen to Lady Gaga?

“No. She might think she is making a stand for the freaks and the weirdos but they’re not going to have any decent f***ing music to play are they?”

His words people… not ours.


Join Madonna’s Dance Crew

Madonna will attend the Smirnoff Nightlife Exchange Project event in New York City on November 12, it was confirmed by Live Nation Entertainment. The event will include the search to find the most unique, and innovative dancer who performs in front of Madonna and her long-time choreographers, Rich + Tone. The last dancer standing at the end of the epic dance-off has the chance of winning the coveted prize and becoming part of her official dance crew.

To kick-off the competition in Great Britain, Smirnoff are teaming up with well known Pineapple Dance Studios to host open audition filming on Friday 23 September between 12:00PM – 9:00PM at Pineapple Dance Studios, 7 Langley Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2H 9JA. Whether it’s krumping, salsa, pointe, pop and locking, or lyrical, dancers are invited to put their skills to the test for the ultimate prize.
For those hopefuls unable to make the open audition filming, aspiring dancers are encouraged to upload a 60-second video of their most original routine by October 10 to be selected for one of the ten spots at the November live auditions. Entrants must be 21 years old and over. For details on the dance submission process and terms and conditions, visit

Rumour: Madonna’s W.E. to get a new cut ?

Madonna is the queen of reinvention, and now her maligned period-drama flick, “W.E.,” could be getting a new look.

Sources close to the project say the movie about Wallis Simpson and Prince Edward, which Madonna directed and co-wrote, will be trimmed by up to 10 minutes before its Dec. 9 release, following tough reviews.

Talk of making changes began in advance of the North American premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, but suits behind the project were still negotiating with the Material Girl about making cuts and wanted to see how it played there after its Venice debut.

But a source close to hydrangea-hating Madge last week confirmed the film is being edited. It premiered in Venice this month to scathing attacks, particularly from the British press. It received a less aggressive response when it screened in Toronto last week — although one top blogger could be heard snoring at its gala.

Numerous insiders say that distributor Harvey Weinstein and the film’s producers have been angling for Madge to slice the running time, but that negotiations with her have been delicate.

“They had to look at Venice and Toronto, and see if there were any changes that needed to be made,” a source said. “Madonna can make any changes she wants.”

Flower-fussy Madonna now seems to be on board. A Daily Mail report last week quotes her saying of the film, “Maybe it needs a bit of this and a bit of that, and maybe it’s still a work in progress … For God’s sake, I hope it’s over with soon!”

At Toronto, Madonna appealed to critics to review the film based on its own merits and not their opinions of her.

“W.E.” will be back in UK critics’ sights next month when it plays the BFI London Film Festival on Oct. 23.

Perhaps showing up with a better-edited movie can shift the conversation.

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