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  • madgefudger

    in a sea of unfair negative reviews, a new positive review surfaces for W.E.:

  • Tom
    • Elle

      Love it

  • Elle


    Is Lady Gaga performing with M on Sunday as rumored?

    When will Sunset Boulevard the movie be announced?

    What happened to Abbie Cornish and why has she been removed from interviews?

    Answers on a postcard please.

    • Henry

      You keep asking about Abbie – you must be obsessed…

    • Madonna

      No, darling, I did NOT invite Lady Gaga to perform and/or sing with me on Sunday !!

      I will NEVER do a movie’s remake, specially Sunset Boulevard !! I don’t know where you read that…

      Abbie Cornish is already involved in a new movie project so she isn’t able to do promotion for W.E. anymore !!

      Now get a life, ok ?

      Best Regards, Madonna.