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Madonna with Anderson Cooper – Promo Picture + Preview

Madonna with Anderson Cooper - Promo Picture

Anderson’s hour-long exclusive interview with Madonna airs Thursday, February 2.

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  • Oscar Hamptonshire

    Irony, seeking attention for social. Cause Anderson your the
    example. For whom? Madonna used the moment for publicity.
    Inquire to eagerly, awaited LGBT. Organizations whom, need
    finance support. Great display response form both. Nothing!

  • ingersol rand

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  • plastic surgery

    well, after re-inventing her cheeks, it´s about time to re-invent the legs.

    • madgefudger

      and you should re-invent your brain, fuckhead. are there implants for that?

  • pg

    in my opion i think madge and jesus luz was a great couple thay where both hot toghter and as a fan i was pulling for them to last thay both beautiful and has blue eyes and tay sexy just the madia broke them put jesus was madonna fans frovite dispite there ages he became very likeable like showing affacton to each other kissing holding hands and showin that he is a family man towards her chrildren wat ever happen madge

  • Madgestic!

    we like that SEXY THIGH u have Mr Anderson

    • Elle


  • unlikeavirgin
    • madgefudger


  • Roadwork

    I went to see Iron Lady this week, Meryle Streep does a great job, the movie it self is not amazing but Meryle Streep is, I have to say they’re moments that are reminiscent of Evita, but to get to the point, W.E. did have a preview at the beginning and the audience seemed to like it, just like any other movie,

    • alchemist

      TWC is pushing hard for The Iron Lady to
      win the AMPAS categories that film is up for

      i do think that Streep WILL win Best Actress

      i just wish that TWC would push for W.E.
      with TV adverts and the cast promoting
      the film on late night TV, but so far, it’s
      just been Madonna

      ah well…..

  • M

    They look cute together. I wish Madonna would date men like that. Just more…sophisticated and handsome. Brahim is hot but I don’t a 24 year old can stand up to this woman. She is so intelligent and cultured. Anyway, we fans shouldn’t care about that.

  • Bucky

    Give me all your Lovin teaser:

    • Roadwork

      fuck yeah!

    • Roadwork

      how intimidating, Madonna with her hot tea, if you show up a hot mess, she would probably kick your ass out…

  • Madgesty Divine

    From the pic shown, I admired Madonna and Anderson as a hot couple! I don’t know, out of sudden, I think and believe that they are suits to be together! ;-) Madonna might forget about boy toy stuff.. Anderson, and that type of man is really cool to be with Madonna. Hoping that Madonna will find true love someday.. And Anderson, if you are single, please contact Ms. Ciccone a.s.a.p ;D

    • Scott

      He’s gay.

      • M D

        So what? He will turn straight with a woman like Madonna. Chemistry matters more than the label.

      • Scott

        How can you give a thumb down? It’s fact not bitchiness that AC’s gay. Big deal. Get over it.

      • M D

        If he is,he is so unlike drag queen elton. even in his heydays Elton never looked nearly as good as Anderson.

        I think this guy has the hots on Madonna. Madonna is extra glowing too.

  • Leo

    Perfect match but I know nothing about him.

    • Message is unity not publicity

      Acclaim has strain there brains. Donations to LGBTQ charities enough. Talk and superficial awards. Anderson
      GLAAD only concern appropriate organizations. Image typical LGBTQ hierarchy speech. No dedication agree with fake. Anderson former model wear? Tight briefs your career didn’t. Endure since dearist “Mommy” not Madonna. Gotten best escort guys benefitted. Whom, Anderson Madonna just used. Moment since return to NYC expecting a parade. No charade whom never given. Michigan LGBTQ charities Anderson purchase. Estate with cash $6 million Connecticut now Malbui,Rye,NY,Manhattan Beach,Belvedere,Nantucket,MA,Mill Valley,Tiburon and
      Kentfield. Anderson your friends of Emery,Mike,Frank,Larry and Fritz. Vanguardsf proud to sold TIC units. Evicted LGBTQ whom agent of.
      Anderson while purchasing realty. Mr.Broker Frank and Larry. Anderson with body guards we saw. Anderson previewed 765 S. Van Ness Ave,84 Ord St and 1533 Sutter. Ask these Gay realtors whom. Attended GLAAD
      awards 2013 do. They care about horrible segregation.
      Housing discrimination LGBTQ face Bay Area. Frank,
      Larry,Julie and Sally never given. Forums on hold lobby
      fair housing. Madonna L.A has increase evictions LGBTQ. Expressing the discontent of the matter! Anderson preview estates Water Mill,NY with cash. Ideal
      resident were influence by Madonna? 1866 Deerfield RD
      fellow resident of NYC. Under a LLC whom? Christine Quinn nobody’s friend or kin. Doing fine real estate investments only. Problem Christine favor gentrification
      whom. Preview with Frank in S.F 3440 20th St,4770
      Balboa,650 Church,618 Bush,956 Valencia St,16-50
      Laguna and 2619 Mission St. Chris Hughes also shown
      multi family buildings. Chris shall assist fair housing someday? Madonna your reading LGBTQ facing hardship. Everyone not affluent trying to seduce. Anderson ideal guy nice try. Using LGBTQ movement
      only majority. Unite get away from celebrities Anderson.
      When move Bay area lobby. To oppose Ellis act Castro
      street. Going be remembrance soon why? Rich LGBTQ
      don’t care to share. Homophobic investors discriminating
      against LGBTQ. Renters HIV going evict you. Rich guy
      Anderson Ms. Material Madonna. Using the moments!

  • Tyler

    Lookin forward to watch the show :D

    Guys I would really like to listen to some high quality Masterpiece. if you got a link plz do leave it here. thx.

    • M

      You can download it on itunes for free as a podcast!

  • setlist


    L.U.V Opening

    Give Me All Your Luvin – Madonna feat Nicki Minaj and M.I.A

    Express Yourself vs Born This Way – Madonna with Lady Gaga

    [Stupid Hoe – Nicki Minaj]

    Vogue 2012 Mix – Madonna and Ninja House

    Music/Holiday – Madonna feat Cee Lo Green and L.M.F.A.O

    O.n.e. w.e.e.k. t.o. g.o…

    • Scott

      All it needs is Elton John on piano and the whole PR machine will be complete!

      • Roadwork


  • M D

    They do look hot together. A smart woman who has kept her playful girlish side and smart man who has kept his boyishness.

  • LUV

    hot couple


    old, old, old granny legs

    • Lady Who?

      same, old, old, old boring shit from you


      agree. foundation anyone?

  • ph

    she has some sexy legs i love to see her legs in short skirt she look so young and fresh here i can wait to watch brillent

  • Breathless Mahoney

    I’ve just come back from cinema after seeing W.E, and I have to say I thought it was brilliant.Madonna has done a great job and I have to add I’ve never been a big fan of most of the movies she has starred in,but as a writer and director of this movie she has done a magnificent job…do not believe the critics who have slagged and pulled this movie to bits , they are full of shit and want to put Madonna in a box to say she can only do one thing and that’s music…If u have not seen it go and see it now you will enjoy this movie.Well done Madonna …

    • alchemist

      THANK YOU!

      i saw W.E. in late Dec, here in La La Land,
      and i was completely impressed with the
      film as a whole

      i think most critiques are full of themselves,
      and just project their own negative skew on
      a film, when they should be getting real jobs,
      and leave the critiquing to the eye of the beholder

      glad you enjoyed the film, and understood what
      Madonna worked so hard for, over the past few years

      • Breathless Mahoney

        I’m glad you agree,one review I read did not mention the movie ,all the person did was pull Madonna to bits…A lot of the media seem to feel threatened by Madonna or jealous of her been so fearless… She is amazing.

  • kirpop

    omg she is every where…Oseary is doing his job good

    • I

      Props to Liz Rosenberg too!

  • Tim
  • angelina

    wtf with her legs?!

    • Scott Morgan

      What do you mean?

      • Fu!king@50Part2

        I noticed that also.
        Her legs & knee are covered in sores and bites and stuff????!!!!

  • LUCA

    she’s wonderful here—well he’s not that bad too

    • Victor

      He looks good, doesn’t he? I just can’t stand the white hair… lol

      • Lubomir

        Get real, Anderson is not. Handsome nor does
        care share. This image why? Do we continue bemused sexual. Allure this why LGBT culture is
        misunderstood. Were only concern about genitals? Hello, this what gotten Madonna into
        trouble. Sex Book 1992 anyway, disrespect. LGBT
        were excluded from participating. GLAAD events
        there response wasn’t. Motive well Anderson since renowned. Celebrity with acclaim, should have.
        Invited LGBT media or personal ego’s. Discouraged this I’ll say this. Madonna and others
        allow LGBT invitation. To any social functions was.
        Selfish to exclude us if Oceania region. Never
        occurred were united Anderson. Dye your hair
        looking old. Entire body hairs are grey doesn’t convey. Wisdom sorry, Anderson your no Jock!