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W.E. is #14 on UK Box Office

Madonna’s W.E. failed to chart in the Top 10 of the UK Box Office in its opening weekend. W.E: took £182,914 from 172 screenings since its opening on Friday, January 20.

The Top 10:
1. (1) War Horse – £3,202,493
2. (-) Haywire – £1,197,866
3. (-) Underworld: Awakening – £1,114,327
4. (3) Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – £956,434
5. (2) The Iron Lady – £949,517
6. (-) The Sitter – £910,382
7. (4) Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol – £815,330
8. (7) The Artist – £770,403
9. (8) Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked – £568,758
10. (9) Puss in Boots – £568,590


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  • Myriam Spencer

    “First say to yourself what you would be;
    and then do what you have to do.” – Epictetus

  • Deep_Shock

    W.E. got a Golden Globe for Best Song, a Golden Globe Nomination for Best Original Score and an Oscar Nomination for Best Achievement in Costume Design so far, plus Andrea Riseborough won the Spotlight Award in Hollywood Film Festival. Madonna is doing somethings VERY right in her movie work despite what critics claim…

  • The Queen
  • The Queen
  • The Queen

    This movie was never ment for masses!

    This is not McDonald”s

    • Nicky Prince of Pop

      But i wanted to be wildly release and very much all over the world talked about

    • Wtf

      That’s so stupid!!
      Who the he’ll was it meant for then, if not the public?
      Such a retarded comment!

      • Wft


      • Madgefan

        Of course it was meant for the public. But what I think ‘The Queen’ was trying to say is this is not a mass market derivative type of film.

        It’s not supposed to be ‘Transformers’ it’s an arty type film. Those films rarely have huge audiences and are often a niche market. The ‘King’s Speech’ was an exception because it got a lot of hype. I think she will be quite happy with it’s performance given that.

  • mega-Madonna-Fan

    I haven’t been this shocked since SEX

  • mega-Madonna-Fan

    OMG OMG OMG! Madonna cut her hair short! Have you seen it for the premiere in NY?

  • alchemist

    i was lucky enough to see W.E. when it had a one week
    run in theaters here in Lost Angeles to make it eligible for
    the A.M.P.A.S. awards back in late December

    i went into the movie with an objective mindset,
    and was considering the fact that this is only her
    second time directing

    about 10 minutes into the film, i was hooked

    Madonna may not be IN the film, (on camera i mean) but her
    presence is felt EVERYWHERE, her attention to the visual detail
    is as impeccable as the tailoring on Wallis Simpson’s wardrobe

    the story itself is woven between two different time frames,
    as takes place on a global scale, ALL of which is NO easy feat,
    but Madonna and her cast of actors really pulled it all together,
    and the end result is a genuinely solid and cohesive end result

    i figured Madonna didn’t make this film with the intention
    that it would be a “box-office smash”, so the fact that it is
    not even in the “Top 10″ in said list is what i expected

    what is irritating to me, is that most of the “film critics”
    who’ve reviewed W.E. have done so with an already preconceived
    notion that the film would be bad, rather than giving the film it’s
    due process, like any other film

    but, those few critics who have reviewed this film,
    and have enjoyed it for what it is, all seemed to have done so
    with an open mind, and have not brought there own personal
    gripes against Madonna when they watched the film

    W.E. is definitely a work of cinematic art,
    as it is a labor of love for Madonna, and i think that this film
    will eventually have a cult following when it’s released on DVD

    i for one thought i wouldn’t enjoy the film as much as i did
    and i am ALWAYS happy, when Madonna proves me wrong

  • me

    So what?the world is not US and UK alone…

    • Paulo Coelho

      They’re where the money is made.

  • M

    I’m not surprised. People are really small-minded when it comes to Madonna and anything to do with film. I know she’s proud of her work and I am too. I can’t wait to watch this movie. I would have wished she had done this movie under a fake name haha just to show how judgmental people are towards her. Anyway, this is her year and in terms of music we can only expect nothing but perfection. : )

  • Kevin T

    Madonna promoted the film, however Weinstein, the promoter in the US at least has not promoted the film at all. It’s listed on their website but I havent seen one commercial or preview in the Cinemas. Kind of ridiculous. I blame them.

    • Wtf

      I agree. I have not seen one commercial for WE on tv, nor an actual preview for it in theaters. Also why aren’t Andrea and Abbie booked on any talk shows on their own to promote the movie here in the U S? Madonna is doing it all. Maybe if the actors promoted it without Madonna present audiences would be more susceptible to the movie. Someone is dropping the ball majorly on this!!

  • amy

    i don’t understand why people get so worked up over this. Madonna and cinema has never been a good mix. FACT.
    i just don’t see it happening… if only the reviews were good and solid then i would say the general public would have had some interest to go watch it.
    It happened with the King Speech for example. Nobody knew about that flick but the critics were constantly bombarding the media about the brilliance of the film that people actually went to see it.
    Madonna hoped for good reviews as in Madonna hoped for acceptance in the cinema industry but that will NEVER happen. FACT.
    As a Madonna fan i always wish her the best with everyone of her projects but i sort of expected that this film wasn’t going to do well.

    Can’t wait for the new single and Superbowl performance!!! :)

    • Bitch

      Sadly I agree. I always wish Madonna well in what ever new artistic venture she takes on, but cinema is probably just not her forte. It’s pathetic how a lame remake movie The Sitter (80’s classic Adventures in Babysitting) that got really bad reviews here in the US managed to box higher than WE. Even The Chipmunks that got bad reviews here boxed higher. What is wrong with you Brits? Haha. Kidding. Seriously though it’s disappointing WE did not box higher, not having a good opening weekend does not bode well for the movie and gives movie goes no reason to see it, and in danger of being pulled from theaters. I hope it fairs better here in the US, but people here really have it against her cinematically.

  • Scott (the real one)

    Something big is going on at Madonna’s townhouse tonight. Lots of people, cars, a long stretch limo and blocking traffic all the way down the block. I hope we see some pictures of whatever’s going on!

    • Paulo Coelho

      New York premiere of W./E.

      • Scott (the real one)


    • Masterpiece

      no offense to you Scott, but I really do not get people who put (the real one) next to their name as if they are some kind of recognized celebrity. I mean, are there REALLY online impostors pretending to be you? LOL

      • Scott (the real one)

        LOL. Actually, I’ve been posting comments on this site for a long time and someone was pretending to be me awhile ago, which is why I added “the real one” to my name. I promise – I’m not an egomaniac! :-)

      • Masterpiece

        Look! this is what he means, anybody can write things with your name attached to it.
        I am madonna-mega-fan.

      • Masterpiece

        well, alright, I’m sorry :)

  • Dan

    I’m kinda not surprised only because the only promotion I personally saw of this movie was Madonna on the Graham Norton Show.
    1 chat show which got 3 million viewers in a country of 65 million people isn’t enough.
    She should have done a few more shows.

    I hope it does better next week.

    • IAmNotLizRosenberg

      The film has had a London Film Festival Gala Screening that she attended and did press for AND a UK premiere. The Daily Mail has written about it almost daily since filming began. M and the cast have covered all bases tv, print and radio wise, and there was Graham Norton. If that all passed you by then either you are not in the PR company’s target demographic or the marketing strategy has failed. But selling a not great film to a disinterested public (if it weren’t Madonna’s film it would just have come and gone without any fanfare at all) can’t be easy. But if you haven’t seen it yet then make this week a better week than last and go to the cinema and see it!

      • ZarahNL

        Yes, come on people… go and see the movie!

  • sara chambers

    maybe the figures are so low because its hardly been released in any cinemas! put it in more and more people will pay to see it.

    • Paulo Coelho

      172 screens is a lot of cinemas and it won’t increase the number of screens it plays on next week if it only returned £1000 per screen over a three day period this weekend. It’s a real shame.

      • sara chambers

        it “seems” like allot but it isnt really, it isnt playing in hardly any odeon cinemas for example. its actually quite hard to find it playing anywhere if you are not living in a large town or city.

      • Paulo Coelho

        No, I understand that… but if it can’t find an audience (or rather any audience) in Leicester Square in London with a population of 8 million on the doorstep, the tourist mecca and Soho a stones throw away I guess it never will get a chance to play in smaller places. Maybe this is an exercise in repositioning the M brand before the launch of MDNA and the plan is to make back the money on DVD and TV sales later on. But it is worth seeing on the big screen and deserves an audience.

      • sara chambers

        I get where your coming from.
        perhaps her best chance at any commercial success in the film industry (apart from musicals or anything to do with music, which is a merit granted, but besides the point, and probably not the recognition she really wants) would have been to do this movie undercover so to speak, as a pseudonym. That way people’s perceptions would not be already pre-conceived in the negative direction.
        the fact that it premiered in Leicester Square in London has nothing to do with it, with the weistein powerhouse behind her and her name of course… it is just customery to premier there.

      • Paulo Coelho

        I’m not talking about the premiere, I mean it is on release on one of the largest screens in Europe (>1300 seats) at the Empire Leicester Square and has not sold. Look on their website. Way too ambitious of the Distributors. She is a successful brand as a pop star but those outside that constituency are apathetic about her at best but it has been presented as a Madonna project from day one and that, as you point out, has worked against the film.

    • sara chambers

      As you also pointed out its situated in “the tourist mecca and Soho a stones throw away” perhaps they wanted as many people as possible to take a chance and go see it, with that foot fall, however, people read newspapers and gossip magazines and are all too willing to believe what they read instead of making up their own minds, which is unfortunate.
      Art will refuse to diminish, in the long run, it will stand the test of time.

  • Paulo Coelho

    I have seen the film and I thought elements of it were stunning and that if I hadn’t known it was directed by madonna I would have been far less critical. It is a lot more ambitious and interesting than many other films currently on release.

    But opening the film wide in the UK can only lead to cries that it’s a failure. There was no way it was going to fill the Empire Leicester Square for 5 performances a day over the weekend. Why put her and the film in the position of playing to an empty house in one of the largest cinemas in Europe?

    The way this has been handled here suggests the launch of the film has simply been used to get the publicity machine working again for the music career and maybe nobody was expecting it to be a success in its own right at all anyway. I can’t help but feel opening the film in London for a two week engagement and then broadening the market slowly would have been better, and with less fanfare and less made of it being a Madonna-project it might have faired better too.

  • M D

    She has made a beautiful film. So what if it did not enter top 10 in Britain. There is a far bigger world outside of Britain. If the film does equal business in other countries, then it will earn far more money than it cost to make. It already has won an award, it is a beautifully done movie and Madonna has once again done what she wanted to do. So it is a win win situation regardless of its opening position in the British top 20.

    Lets hail the real queen Madonna for doing what she wants to do. She didn’t inherit but earned her title.

    • Paulo Coelho

      The point is it’s opened here in the UK first. Now there is a precedent for the media and the cinema-going public in other countries to see it as a failure before it’s even opened in those territories. There is now a weight against it. Nobody who’s seen the film is attacking the film or Madonna. But I feel strongly she has been set up for a fall and I think that’s terribly unfair.

  • Jonathan

    Well…….not bad for a first time director.

    • Paulo Coelho

      Second-time director. Filth and Wisdom was her first film.

  • mike

    Came on guys the film was Good enough, far better from others…. But people are always prejudiced with Madonna for everything!!!
    Madonna obviously knew what it will be happened with W.E but she is a busineswoman and she always risks doing new concepts!!!!!

  • amine

    Not Bad , it will come don’t worry.

  • George

    It is such a shame, this is such a beautiful movie and has been researched very well. Sod the sales and box office score, it is a movie to be proud of. Well done Madonna and co.

  • Dleila

    Ouch..that gotta hurt..plz Madonna stick to music…M+movies=FAIL..well except for evita..

  • Interesting little article:

    In 1984, the school newspaper where I went to college ran an editorial called “It’s Time to Get Really Mad About Madonna.” Her message, as the male writer repeated, was “fuck me.” If there was an additional message behind the “banal” songs and videos for “Material Girl” and “Like a Virgin” it was “fuck me again.” The world’s biggest slut had been born, and the country needed to stop caring about the arms race or Reaganomics or the widening income disparity between rich and poor, and obliterate the cunt among us.

    Something happened on the way to her circumcision, and Madonna, unlike most of her detractors, remained intact. More than 25 years later the vitriol mob remains, exhausted but as angry as ever, and they’ve added to her list of whore crimes, “fuck you.” Madonna is about as “over” as the Common Cold, and just as infuriating, and when you can’t stop someone you can only reduce them. Good luck with that.

    Gearing up for a new album, a new movie, and a Super Bowl half-time appearance, the Queen of Pop Provocation did a couple of talk shows and, as effortlessly as the reactions were strained, marketed a maelstrom. Never mind Madonna’s take on mothering a 15-year-old girl or her penchant for dating young men or even her just announced 40 million dollar record deal, all anyone cared about was Madonna’s opinion of Lady GaGa, and both Graham Norton and Cynthia McFadden were determined (rightfully so) to satisfy the audience.

    Madonna said lots of things about Lady GaGa; lots of good things. She called her “a very talented artist” and said, of her work, that “sometimes I think it’s amusing and fun.” None of that matters either. When she told McFadden that GaGa’s “Born This Way” tune “feels reductive,” the definition of the word was over before the search began. Madonna, the bitch, the shrew, the hag, the has-been, and, quite possibly the most critically reduced artist on the planet, had crossed a line. Ironically, she also invented the line.

    Whatever one personally thinks of Lady GaGa or the song “Born This Way,” the fact is that for the past year both the artist and the tune have been put under the Madonna microscope. No sooner did the single hit the airwaves than the other bleach-blond Italian American gay-loving pop star got accused of copying Madonna’s “Express Yourself,” inciting a plethora of YouTube parodies and mash-ups and criticisms that would make “reductive” sound like high praise.

    It probably didn’t help much that GaGa (who called any song similarities “retarded”) took a sudden liking to videos where she dances in her underwear and wears bullets for bras and throws in a lot of crosses and rosaries and pisses off the Catholic Church. It also probably didn’t help that, when GaGa won a Grammy for something other than “Born This Way,” she took to the stage in a Blond Ambition ponytail and cone-breast corset and thanked her “Born This Way” muse Whitney Houston—the woman who once said she’d kill her children if they turned out to be like Madonna. (I’m fairly certain that murdering your kids is a tad worse than calling a song “reductive,” yet that comment never put a dent in Houston’s, at the time, good Christian image.) And it also probably didn’t help that, when asked why people compare her with Madonna, Lady GaGa, wearing bright red lipstick and the “Express Yourself” platinum-blond locks, said it was because they “sort of” look alike. Yes, and I “sort of” look like Jake Gyllenhaal.

    The counter-argument most people give when the GaGa/Madonna imitations arise is that Madonna has copied everyone under the sun, and therefore has no right to criticize her predecessor. It’s a valid point, even if those same people don’t generally acknowledge that Madonna never did criticize GaGa until the McFadden interview, nor has she ever denied taking on the personas of other image makers.

    What Madonna accomplished is unprecedented genius. Colliding with the 1980s MTV Generation, and her spoof of Marilyn’s “Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend,” the singer grabbed the 20thcentury’s most iconic ladies and photographs and films and fashions and trends, and spun them into three-minute movie musicals, complete with the catchiest soundtracks on tap, and all the while keeping her signature wink intact. She resembled a lot of women, but none of them more so than the one calling the shots. In her crass sentiment, Madonna did something utterly original. To sum it up as clever marketing, the one area where people begrudgingly give her credit, is reduction in the most demeaning sense.

    Madonna forever changed the way female pop artists are marketed and sold, and every girl with a material dream has studied or has been instructed by someone who’s studied Madonna. Whereas “re-invention” used to be frowned upon as too dangerous, it’s now de rigueur for longevity. Whereas “Bad Girls” used to be the victims of a Donna Summer song, they’re now the envy of innocent fools. From Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl” to Britney Spears’ “Oops!… I Did It Again” to every song by Ke$ha, if you want to prove yourself as a commodity, you have to light a fuse.

    If Madonna made a major mistake in her professional life, it wasn’t her acting career or her Sex book. It was getting older. We’re a country of ageists, especially in regards to women, and if there’s anything we hate more than a woman getting older it’s a woman who doesn’t apologize for her disgrace. Had Madonna any dignity, she’d have offed herself years ago. At 53, she may be the biggest selling female artist of all time and she may have more hits than Elvis Presley (a one-time looker/singer/provocateur who was smart enough to overdose), and she may still be one of the most famous women on earth, but none of that matters when she spits in god’s eye by deciding for herself what’s attractive.

    Last week, on the heels of the “reductive” comment, Madonna won a Golden Globe award for her song “Masterpiece.” If there’s another way to stop the unworthy, it’s to deny them praise, and Madonna’s career has been peppered with everything but legitimacy. Her critics dove right in, and, not surprisingly, the biggest offenders were women and gay men. The New York Times’ Alessandra Stanley became psychic and said they only gave her the award because “everybody wants to see her,” that few will hear the song (it’s that rare thing when people listen to a Madonna track), and that they were forced to start the music to cut short her ego-laden speech. Stanley, apparently, missed the rest of the show, as pretty much everyone was cut off by the music, including that self-involved, talentless egomaniac Meryl Streep.

    The Huffington Post ran an “Onion”-worthy piece called “A Letter to Madonna from a Concerned Gay,” in which the writer, Domenick Scudera, whines over how disappointed he is in his former hero for calling wise-ass straight comedian Ricky Gervais a “girl” (yes, you read that correctly), and then goes on to pretty much fault Madonna for everything but Global Warming. He writes, at the end, “I am desperately seeking the Madonna of yesteryear: daring, a ray of light, in a league of her own. That girl is still inside you somewhere, I bet. Please bring her back. Open you heart, express yourself like you used to do, so that I can justify my love for you again.” I’m not sure what’s more offensive, that Scudera penned this piece of tripe or that Arianna Huffington allowed it to go to print.

    Elton John and his husband, David Furnish, expressed themselves in a way that set back gay men about 50 years. John started the Bitch Brunch on the red carpet, saying Madonna couldn’t win with her “fucking” song, then sat stone-faced when she did. His charming spouse took to facebook afterward, decrying Madonna’s win—“Madonna. Best song???? F**k off!!!”—defaming the Golden Globes as being without merit (an awards show that doesn’t always give to the most deserving? No!), and ending his tantrum by saying Madonna’s “criticism of GaGa shows how desperate she really is.”

    It’s always the work of the truly desperate to use the “D” word when describing Madonna. She must be desperate because she cannot be good. She’s not allowed to be attractive because she’s a whore. She certainly can’t be happy, because that will make us miserable. And she’s not allowed to criticize Lady GaGa because she never earned her place on top.

    Lady GaGa’s second chapter of fame has played out like a bad sequel to a great first flick. She started out wonderfully, with a strong voice and savvy song-writing skills. If there was a message behind her work it was to embrace your oddity and celebrate unconvention. In that regard, she resembled Cyndi Lauper or Bette Midler more than Madonna. Last year, on the heels of “Born This Way,” she set herself up for failure by repeatedly telling everyone how wonderful her new album would be, then started hammering out weak singles and ridiculous stunts to stay topical. Showing up to an awards show in an egg carries no message other than that you are showing up to an awards show in an egg.

    Like countless other female stars, GaGa then read the Clift Notes for Madonna’s career and decided to re-invent herself as Madonna 2.0. That never works, especially when the first one is still in stores. Whereas Madonna hiccuped and the world reacted, GaGa tells us she’s about to cough and then informs us of its importance. Call her videos and outfits what you want; imitation, homage, copies—ultimately, they look like poorly designed remakes of Madonna’s material. Bigger budget, more pyrotechnics, but forced and lacking vision. The only rule of re-creation is to do it well, and she’s failed. If Lady GaGa is as smart as she is talented, she’ll pay attention to the woman who wanted “to rule the world” and carve out her own path to universal domination. Madonna’s message isn’t “fuck me” or “fuck you”; it’s “Fuck It!” And she does it better than anyone.

    • sara chambers

      just wondering how many people actually bothered to read this? haha. skim read and you get the tone, then i wonder….how many madonna fans go onto lady gaga websites? If your not interested why do you bother?
      Get a life.

      • MLVC

        I didn’t read it. I was like taking the SAT’s. Ug.

    • Harry

      U need to get laid….

    • nm

      Brilliant article and piece of writing, finally a person who see’s things from my point of view, loved it 100% & love Madonna 100%.

  • Marcos

    Really Bad!

  • Eric

    No one is going to take her seriously as a director; she’s Madonna! Meaning that the public at large has one image of her; being a film director isn’t it.

  • L.D.Y.G.G

    My flop album B.T.W. sucks way more though… as will my next `H.E.L.P.(my career)!!

    • MLVC

      I am a fan of Madonna, however your comment was pretty witty. Thumbs up for that alone.

  • Focus

    well honestly, i think she’s doing great. I’ve not seen the movie, but followed all the trailers and interviews and it seems she’s done a pretty good work.
    But let’s think: why would the press and people suddenly care about her movies to make then top 10? Not saying’ she does not deserve it, but her image e 100% POP Star quality. She’ll need some more movies to gain the respect she wants in the movie industry.

    For me, she’s paving her person for the future, when she decided to step back from music and be director in full. And being number 14? without being a sic-fi movie full of graphics? Congrats M!

  • Elle

    Honestly guys, I couldn’t care less about the film. Madonna to me is and stays a music act and couldn’t give 2 shits about her conceiving flops at box office..sorry!



  • L.D.Y.G.G

    and it will fail entering the top 10 in the second week

    • Mega-Madonna-Fan