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Give Me All Your Luvin on Charts – Week #1

Australia (Singles) – 25
Australia (Digital) – 25
Belgium Flanders/Wallonia – 6/3
Canada (Hot 100) – 11
Canada (Digital) – 6
Denmark – 16
Finland (Singles) – 1
Finland (Digital) – 1
France (Single) – 4
France (Digital) – 4
Greece (Digital) – 2
Ireland (Singles) – 11
Ireland (Digital) – 11
Italy – 2
Netherlands – 2
Portugal (Digital) – 5
Spain – 2
Sweden (Digital) – 2
UK (Singles) – 37
US (Hot 100) – 13
US (Airplay) – 28
US (Digital Sales) – 7

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  • M4Matt

    GMYAL was the #2 most requested song for the Top 8 at 8 Countdown on Columbia, South Carolina’s WNOK top 40 radio station tonight. The teenyboppers have caught on to the infectiously catchy sound. And the lyrics are as good as any I’ve heard lately. What’s with all these repetitive songs saying the same thing over and over and over again? …not even clearly at that. Also, the DJ’s on the station aren’t dissing Madonna.

    • EndGame

      I wish people from Live Nation / Interscope would stop posting on here trying to suggest as if everything’s ok. It is not.

  • Pookie

    Who is this mfan??? How the hell do you know what Madonna should/shouldn’t be doing musically and in her career???

    How many albums have you sold????

    When were you at the Super Bowl????


    • mfan

      One is only allowed to assess an artist’s output if one is an artist oneself?

      Madonna releases her material into the public sphere. The public sphere judges the quality of that material.

      Deal with it, dimwit.

      • Pookie

        No, they can form their own opinion as to whether they like it or not, not try and dictate what that artist should be doing. If you’re that good an artist/manager yourself why aren’t you up there with the likes of Madonna??? It speaks for itself!

        AND if you’re really thinking Madonna is that crap of late, then why are you even taking the time to write hateful/negative stuff in forums that you technically should have lost interest in a long time ago.

      • artis

        hey pookie calm down, we all love madonna here, thats why we have great expectations from her. mfan has a point, after confessions madonna made many bad choices. also she spent so much time in clothes lines, sunglasses, gym places and the movie of course..after years of waiting and getting bad videos and bad singles like 4 minutes and celebration, we get GMAYL!even my 8years niece can write something better, musically and rylically. not to mention oseary statements for new and edgy producers! instead we get solveig and benassi! so are we ugry without a cause? the only thing i disagree with mfan is that he obviously doesnt like AL and Music albums too.

  • Ronald

    Should be no.1 anytime soon!!!!

  • M4Matt

    Top 40 radio is playing GMAYL a lot in Columbia, SC. That hasn’t been the case in the last few Madonna cycles. Madonna has always sung flat in places. That’s Madonna. For the most part her voice is sweet and melodic, almost angelic, but flatness in places has always been one of her trademarks. The lyrics are somewhat abstract, but that’s poetry. The song was made for the Super Bowl. It’s catchy and fun, and most of Madonna’s music has always been escapist and catchy above all else. I love it, but I look forward to hearing the other songs on MDNA.

    • mfan

      I don’t think you understand what I meant by ‘flat’. It’s not about her technique as a singer, nor her vocal range.

      In her older songs she sounded connected to the song, passionate, interested in her material. Thus her singing *never* sounded flat, even if her vocal techniques were.

      Now, starting with Hard Candy, and certainly Celebration, her voice is completely disinterested in the song. The ‘sweet and angelic’ element that you refer to is studied and forced. It’s not real. And the artificialness rubs off on the song.

      Madonna is pissed her fans are not watching her films, and that her career never took off in Hollywood.

      There is no denying that she has become displeased in many ways. If she wants to drag her musical career down with that, fine.

      We’ll always have a great body of work to admire, from 1983 to 2000/2005.

      • M4Matt

        I think you’re imagining things. She sounds as sweet and angelic as ever, even more so. GMAYL was made for a specific event, and for what it is it’s great. If you drop all preconceived notions (and I know how hard that is – I mean, she’s Madonna), GMAYL is a very catchy, infectious song.

  • Gaz

    I don’t think it’s flopped but obviously not up to power with the likes of hung up or 4minutes….to be honest she didn’t make much of an effort to do any live performances to promoted it around the world…i know she done the superbowl but that didn’t really fully showcase the single.

  • artis

    well guys..put american life album on your players, enjoy some of her best moments, relax and pray that (the rest) MDNA will make us happy – they got our message ;-)

    • mfan

      American Life is an even bigger mess than Hard Candy ever was, which had solid songs but boring producers.

      AL marks the moment when Madonna lost her instincts. She briefly recaptured them with Confessions, but only just, before losing them again.

      She really needs an artistic attitude adjustment. And soon.

      • Pookie

        Take away commercial performance, as a body of work I think American Life has some of Madonna’s most personal and touching lyrics of her entire career. Just because something doesn’t hit the top spot on every chart and isn’t praised by the media does not mean it’s not a good album/film/whatever it may be. However I do believe they released completely the wrong songs from that album barr Hollywood.

        The beauty with Madonna is that with every album, its something different whether it be commercial or not. What remains after any chart is a varied body of work in terms of style which I think is unmatched by anyone else in the music industry period! I’d much rather that than a musical machine churning out the same old hat.

        I also hate it with a passion when so-called fans say “I want another Ray Of Light” or “We need another Confessions album”….
        a) If thats what Madonna was about then she would still be trying to make another Like A Virgin and we would never have got to hear the new sounds of each album that followed. No Like A Prayer, No Vogue, No Music… you get my drift.
        b) If people want a “Ray of Light” or “Confessions” then listen to those albums?!?!? Duh!

        And what people also forget is that music today is differrent to what it was 30, 20 and even 10 years ago. Thats another reason why Madonna is still relevant, because she strikes the balance of keeping with the times while mixing it with new/different sounds which is enough to keep it interesting and people interested. I’m sure Madonna is far less calculating and far more natural than people give her credit for. If she wanted hit after hit after hit then she could easily stick with the same producers, sounds and format. But she doesn’t.

        I’m very much looking forward to MDNA… whether it be ‘her best’ (what makes somethng THE best anyways?????) or ‘nothing like True Blue’ I’m sure it’ll sit alongside Madonna’s many other albums nicely to make for an interesting and creative catologue of brilliant Music. There’s a reason why she is the best selling female singer of all time you know :o)

        Lastly, I hope people learn from the recent deaths of other singers such as Michael jackson, Etta James, Amy Winehouse and Whitney Houston that it is a beautiful thing that we’re lucky enough to have Madonna still churning out new/original material. Count your blessings!

      • NotreDame

        Hey Pookie – are you Liz Rosenberg? Barbara Charone? Only kidding, I like your post.

  • Michel

    i don’t believe it’s a flop,cause the album is already number one in 50 contrys with pre sale..and single was give for most of people buy the it’s difficult to be number one on that way

    • mfan

      It’s her own fault she gave it away for free.

  • mfan

    I don’t mind the music or melody so much. It’s the lyrics that really destroy GMAYL, and Madonna’s flat singing. She sounds bored.

    She’s clearly lost interest in music, and badly wants to be a film star.

    It’s not happening, Madonna.

    Stick to what you are good at. After this tour, take a year off. Recharge your batteries. Find some inspiration, and then work a full year and a half on your next album. Don’t use producers that we already know. Drop the ‘I’m defiant’ attitude. Work on your legacy. Stop being so transparent.

    Otherwise I’m done with you.

    • olivarius


    • artis

      music and melody is also very important together with lyrics of course…hung up also was lyrically simple but the music made it was Music.

      • mfan

        The lyrics to Hung Up were deceptively simple. They absolutely worked with the intent of the song, and were very effective.

        The lyrics of GMAYL are lazy, and work AGAINST the intent of the song. They disrupt the song, and take you out rather than rope you in.

        The words ‘stupid’ and ‘stupid game’ should never be used in a song; ‘you’ve got to step into my world’ is overused and tired by now; ‘every record sounds the same’ has a paralyzing effect, seeing that her own song is bland.

        Where was Guy Oseary to tell her this?

        If us fans can tell within 5 minutes what works and what doesn’t, how come a pro like Madonna fails to do the same?

        She’s really lost it.

      • Pookie

        Who is this mfan??? How the hell do you know what Madonna should/shouldn’t be doing musically and in her career???

        How many albums have you sold????

        When were you at the Super Bowl????


  • Adam

    It’s hard to say after one week that’s the song’s a hit or a flop. Singles can either debut high and fall out of the charts from there or they rise as they get more exposure, play etc.

    Madonna makes more money from touring. And big bucks at that. Madonna’s albums also shift more units than her singles since the mid 00s. Only the highest selling singles of each year make the artists any decent money.

    Madonna has also said that Give me all your luvin is different to the rest of the album’s sound.

    • artis

      she said so but girls and radio sounds the same…and b-song too. so the different part will be only orbit songs. so whats her point choosing djs as producers? really guys, i know nobady who likes GMAYL!!!!what were they thinking while whriting gmayl?????? madonna and her team actually liked this thing???? i really dont get it…. well i hope she reads all the stuff here and get the message:we want GOOD music, we know she can!!!! not one crap silly song on albums again!!!! not one!!!!! GOOD MUSIC-GOOD MUSIC-GOOD MUSIC-GOOD MUSIC…..the video was great though…

    • mfan

      Adam, your argument is kind of thin. Sorry.

      Even if her albums sell more than her singles these days, you don’t put out a weak lead single.

      It will piss off the fans, and radio stations are even less likely to play follow-up singles now, because the momentum is gone.

      It tarnishes your brand, and the long-term effects are bad, not good.

      Madonna truly has piss-poor management, and her own instincts are pretty much gone as well.


  • Ricky D

    Granted, GMAYL wasnt everything I was hoping for or even what I expected as the kick-off single, but I dig it for what it is – a catchy, silly dancetune. She’s done plenty of that in the past so in essence, this is no different. I perfectly understand why so many people dont enjoy it though.

    When she went into the studio last year I was kinda praying for something with depth and weight. The kind Madonna is often known for. Still, I agree with what many of you are saying. Still, we shall see what the album delivers. So far its all a bit underwhelming and disappointing.

  • Mot9

    Maybe for some people the song is great personally don’t like it, sorry Martin Solveig do it better next time.We wanted a really good song to hit the charts not only for just one week, a single with more quality and more substance.

  • WTF???

    i just cancelled my pre-order. all the songs i heard so far don´t convince me at all, even not masterpiece. this album is going to be worse than hard candy.

    • zomlionto

      i wish this album flops, sales less than 3 million worldwide. maybe m would put more effort in her records next time

    • Stephen

      So have I.

    • Mariah’sJockstrap

      This album couldn’t possibly be worse than Hard Candy! …

      • DitaParlo

        No, but I wouldn’t have bought Hard Candy either were it not for the hype and this sense of misplaced loyalty towards the brand. Enough.

      • NickiFinn

        I would have preferred a good album that may have led me to want to see her on stage rather than the tour taking precedence because its more lucrative – I don’t want to see her mime her way through GMAYL, Radio, Girls, the ‘hits from Hard Candy etc.

        I was so hoping the new album would see her having fulfilled her obligations to Warner bros and she would be free now not to be the blonde-pop-goddess but to start being free to be experimental, and personal and honest. I didn’t think she was going to become kate Bush or Björk but something better than this.

        This sort of dictates the direction of her next two albums under this deal too. By which time, realistically, she’s no longer going to be a chart artist anyway as she’ll be 60 or so. So, Act Three isn’t going to be what I’d hoped it would be, or what she was capable of having delivered.

      • Mfan

        So true, NickiFinn.

        Madonna has lost her touch, but by her own making.


        Well, I will always love her output 1983 – 2000, plus Confessions.

        But I fear it’s time now to move on from Madonna.

  • spanishfan

    I think she doesn’t give a damn wether the single flops or not. Even when sales are high, it’s not a lot of money what she earns from those sales, what matters most to her is that concerts sell out, that’s when she earns a lot of money, and she has enough hits to attract a great audience to the venues, doesn’t need more. Don’t expect her to make more good records, because neither Depeche mode, Pet shop boys, Prince and other people from the eighties are doing it.

    • kirpop

      well said…the album is just an excuse to go on a tour…she knows that is very hard to chart high, but she needs a new material to put a new show…albums dont sell much anymore..but the prices of the tickets do

      • Stephen

        Not true. Look at Adele. She care about what she writes, what she performs and what she puts out in the market. She has been awarded for that with two of the biggest selling albums internationally and the US can;t get enough of her. There will always be a market for good songwriting and good songs. Madonna just isn’t interested any more. Which makes her trying to hype us into buying her work really cynical. If you don’t care, M, then retire.

      • Scott

        She is becoming what she has always insisted she isn’t – a nostalgia act. Sad.

    • BettyBoop

      Are all these websites run by Guy Oseary or Interscope or something? DrownedMadonna are saying that shows are sold out AND that tickets are still available for the same venues and dates. Which is it?

      We’re being patronised left, right and centre. Don’t tell us a show’s sold out to make her look great when it obviously isn’t because you’re telling us there are tickets available. Why is everyone behaving like a complete dick over the release of this new CD and this tour?

      They should bare in mind that American Life single only sold the first week because 8,000 of us in the UK bought the two CDs despite ALL hating the songs and the remixes. We seem to have all been under the impression we were supporting an artist who was going through a bad time but was always trying to do her best. There have been comments here from people, again, buying a single they don’t like thinking they’re supporting Madonna.

      It’s time for us to wake-up, people. If M doesn’t care about her career anymore, and can’t even bring herself to pretend that she does, why should we..?

      Madonna’s left the building. Thanks for everything, M. I enjoyed the ride. And I have always been incredibly proud of you. But I’m moving on…

      • DitaParlo

        It’s all about the business now. Wanting to be seen to have the biggest tour, the greatest Super Bowl performance, etc., but there’s no substance any more. There used to be a narrative to the work, which I loved, and a humanity about the work. Now it’s just about being seen to still be a superstar when actually there is no reason for her to be. She’s spent most of the past decade professionally doing photoshoots for designers and magazines and turning up to film premieres and award shows – she’s effectively turned in to Joan Collins off-stage and Cher on-stage. It’s a shame. Because with just a little more commitment…

      • artis

        you hated american life???? really??? one of her best and her favourite too???

      • BettyBoop

        The single not the album. I think, from memory, it sold 16,000 copies in its first week despite her having been away (with the excpetion of DAD) since Music. That’s 8,000 of us buying Discs 1 and 2 – hardly a huge commercial success, and no cross-over appeal. And no, I hated the single though I loved the album. I would have loved to hear the album the way she wanted it released though. The sonds on YouTube that wer written and recorded but not released are great. I could have done without Hollywood (at least as it was produced there as an obvious single) and wished it had been more consistent but loved the feeling I was actually getting to hear her and what she thought of life, the universe and everything.

  • Mfan

    It pains me to say this, but she deserves to flop with this song.

    Yes, the video is good. But that’s not enough.

    She wasted 3 years on her uninteresting film, and cobbled together this album in no time. It may have a good song or two, but it’s a rushed affair, and it will show. She, her legacy, Live Nation, and her FANS deserve better.

    She needs to fire Guy Oseary, severe ties with Interscope, and then spend 3 years on her MUSIC again.

    Otherwise she’s earned her inevitable slip into irrelevancy.

  • theFreakyOne

    this is about the song (not great) , but i still hope MDNA is gonna be Epic Again Becuase when i heard ‘masterpiece’ it was so beautiful , so i hope the others track got the best of her ! my faith

  • olivarius

    It’s a flop because it’s the worst material she released in years! I adored her but since COAD she turned in to an all American girl, boring, uninspired and lame. Guess she’d better stayed in London than moving back to the U.S. She needs a kick in the ass, immediately!

  • MdNAA?

    i hardly believe mdna will have the same impact as Confessions, Music or Ray of light…

    • olivarius

      I’d bet that MDNA will be the most anticipated and as well disappointing release in 2012. Where has her creativity and elegance gone?

      • Roadwork

        I dont know if she just rushed this album because she was focused on that damn movie or what, but there better be good songs on it! Watching the Grammys last night it was sad to see that Chris Brown can come with a fun show or that everyone seems to have an awesome collaboration with David Guetta except Madonna, all they did was that hidious revolver. She needs to focus on her music! As you can see she has the audience for it, she just needs to deliver. I loved the Superbowl performance but it was sad that she lypsynced after saying she needed to put on the greatest show on Earth. It just made her seem like an older Britney Spears.

  • Ronald

    I wanna take time and just ignore all the silly comments to pay respect to my favorite Madonna rival of all time – Whitney Houston. God bless her!! I miss the time when Janet, Mariah and Madonna were fighting it out on the charts!!!!

    • Ricky D

      In retrospect, those were the days…!

  • mike

    Guys we have to be honest!!!!
    Madonnas last album was C.O.A.D.F after this POWERFUL come back album she is getting worser and worser and every yesterday is better than the next day…!
    I love her she gave alot and she still giving by showing that a very succesfull women like her is able to control her success with no bad addictions!!!!!!

    • Chris

      Love the way you approach her degradation!


    even celebration (which is already a bad song) is a better one than GMAYL


    monsters, who´s the queen? gaga

  • candystore

    i really don’t understand what was she thinking by releasing this single? and those top ten positions are because of the album pre order thing:/ in finland they counted the sales from the album. that’s why it got to number one. this week it will be out of top ten
    ( at the moment itunes 17) and celebration was number one for 6 weeks.

    there’s no doubt that the general public doesn’t like this song. even my sister said that she doesn’t like the single and it is way too childish for her age. she also said that madonna was so much more mature in the 90’s and she’s madonna fan.

    • Scott

      I agree. I’m un-pre-prdering the album. At the moment we’ve all just given Interscope a ton of money for nothing on the basis that the album and the product was going to be world class.

      But then I have Masterpiece as a free download from iTunes. I have GMAYL as a free download with the cd. And Girls Gone Wild is, ironically, Cyndi Lauper’s Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – reductive, much?

      Then she throws MIA under the bus which has pissed me off. There wa no need for it.

      None of which bodes well for the big comeback and the big 2012. So I’m un-ordering the album.

      Hopefully Interscope will then pick up their game as they’re going to have a huge sales first week and then nothing at this rate. We desrve better – not as fans, but as customers.

      The less pre-sales they have, the harder they’re going to have to work. At the moment I just feel as if they’re taking advanatge of our relationshp with her career and the goodwill they suppose we have for Madonna and the product.

      • Mariah’sJockstrap

        I totally agree, and madonna complained on radio when asked about Mia putting her finger up at the superbowl. madonna said it was disrespectful/ unnecessary … but she’s an old lady and she does it continually at her concerts to her customers which I have ALWAYS thought is DISGRACEFUL considering what they paid her for a ticket. I never thought it was : cute, ironic, funny, or anything else just rude. ..and it’s all caught on film – forever – and she has the audacity to complain about someone else doing the same behaviour?? It’s o.k for her to do it but no one else??

  • kirpop

    damn…the song isn’t a masterpiece, but is so catchy and i thought that the radios will go crazy bout it( bang -nop)..and surprisingly it got some power in USA, so i thought -a hit in USA at last…but what about the rest of the world?…the song is good enough to be a hit…is the world tired of M…?

    • artis

      the world is not rired of madonna. the song is not good enough. at least we have the first good video since sorry….

  • day4night

    proves that u can’t force a bad song to become a hit. Shee underestimates her audience once again.

  • Adrianotachi

    We Asia fan totally no way to help boost gmayl,i don know what interscope marketing team and guy oseary is doing?

  • Ricky D

    Happy about the Swedish chart, but it’s hardly played on the radio here :(

  • 80jellybean

    4 minutes did better than give me all your lovin?.. oops! danger!!! 4 minutes was great, but i dont like the fact that it was too generic, now is a forgotten song even by Madonna. that was a perfect song for the superbowl….

    • artis

      both 4m and gmayl are silly and generic.all era after confessions-except highlights(devil-voices-celebration album art direction) is silly and generic. they try to be accepted from the low-taste american province. why do we have to tolerate with that?where is her artistic maturity? where are her breathtaking songs from the past? you cannot please everyone! some people care about good music, some just want to shake their body.

  • 80jellybean

    well lets be honest, Madonna made/released this song just for the superbowl, that makes sense, the song is fun and catchy, and im loving it. but like everybody else i expected something “more”. more mature?. elaborated?….mmm maybe, but lets wait till the album comes out, im sure the album isnt all about this song!… thats for sure… i really like how turn up the radio sounds! ….. and to be clear and honest every time Madonna releases an album this turns out to be more commercial than the last one… but its ok,,, as long as i like it. ill enjoy the music

    • artis

      and what about us, funs that dont care about super bowl and other american bullshits? funs who love the edgy, challenging, mature madonna? why do we get a silly cheerleader instead? oh god!

  • whitelighter

    let’s say GMAYL is a bad song, well it’s doing quiet well in charts on its first week.
    instead of feeling “not liking the song expecting too much”, why dont y’all just enjoy the music.
    play it on ur player, listen to it, and just go with the beat!
    it’s a cool cheerful lively song that can make your day happier ever!
    okay now everybody JUST do the yelling together! and let ur negative feeling, out! gone!

    1 2 3 4! GO!


    *shake your body and dance like u mean it!

  • Sloane

    The remixes for GMAYL should’ve been out over a week ago. I don’t like the song so remixes will hopefully give a different perspective. I need them badly lol otherwise this era has not officially begun for me. I haven’t bought the single or the album and I WON’T until I start actually hearing something! WHERE IS THE MUSIC??

  • Sloane

    Where is the music for this era? I see M videos, interviews, Superbowl.. .and that’s GREAT!! But where is the music?? Where are those damn remixes that I live & breathe for? I am really disappointed w/ the lack of remixes! I used to get those DJ promo mixes a good 2 weeks b4 the video. Now, all of a sudden, nothing. I really don’t like this new “strategy” at all.

    The moment we heard the demo most of us knew this song wasn’t gonna hit. Let’s face it, folks, the song is baaaad. I thought a collab w/ Martin Solveig would go well w/ M and was looking forward to it, but major disappointment. I can’t believe after all that was riding on her “comeback” she released THAT song. It has sat in my iTunes virtually unplayed since November. The only other time that happened in the last 30 years was w/ Revolver, which I never even bothered to download. WHERE IS THE MUSIC???

    • artis

      dont ecxept good music from djs…only reduced songs like GMAYL, GGW, celebration…i am so ugry with that come back. where are the times we all were ecstatic hearing the first single?????? what is their goal with that kind of songs? to piss real funs off!!!!

    • Madgefan

      Sloane I kind of agree with you. I even listen to Celebration more than GMAYL. I only bought it because it was Madonna, also bought the remix. Purely out of loyalty lol. Is crazy I am buying music for that reason :)

  • Mihi

    What i do not understand is that Madonna tells us all the time that she never repeats herself, and the song is like Amazing or Beautiful Stranger, and in the video she jumps up and down in that Hung-Up-Like leotard …..i think she ran out of ideas and this whole thing is boring, otherwise I like it, I just cannot understand her now

  • Axl020

    Sorry… I don’t know where you get your chart information from… But Madonna is not in any chart in the Netherlands… on iTunes she hit No. 6 for only a few hours. now dropped to No.27
    Thats all the listing of Give me all ur lovin.

    hopefully better singles come off of M.D.N.A.

  • re-invention stopped

    guys, this song is a flop, hung up+4minutes and even sorry had better first week sales.

    fact, the song isn´t what people expected of her. she doesn´t care about it, so I reckon the weak sales must be ok for m´s camp.

    • Gaz

      What are you talking about it’s top 10 in plenty of countries..fair enough not as big as hung up or 4minutes but has still done grand

    • Pump up the Jam

      actually the part of you don’t like it IT DOESN’T MEAN it’s gonna be a flop … the Ranking is great not number 1# yet but i think it’ll reach soon , the song is good catchy and i think she reinvented something with her first album style 1983, super catchy bubble gum pop THE REAL POP well said , Give me all your luvin is not so stylish or deeper or so meanings maybe it’s so simple but very Tune ! so i hope the song is gonna be epic LIKE LUCKY STAR or Boderline no mention Like a Virgin because it’s has differences , so i hope one day you can understand why she chose that kind of song

    • Madgefan

      Really shocking UK chart placing. Even Celebration managed to reach number 3. I don’t think it will ever recover here as it’s dropping fast on itunes and barely played on radio.

      I totally blame Interscope for this mess. It should never have been released as a free download with the album pre-order. It should have had both digital and physical release on the Monday after Super Bowl for a whole weeks sales.

      Also, it was a weak choice for a first single after 4 years away. Having heard some of the other albums tracks I think we can expect better. But Her Madgesty needs to do some serious promo here in the UK.

    • Miguel

      Hello, this song sold almost 3 million copies in 24 hours on iTunes, what are you talking about.

      • Scott

        Because of the excitement and the hype not because anybody likes it. And mainly because of CD pre-sales (no option NOT to have the song downloaded!).

  • LUCA

    In Italy is number two but since the release day I only heard it two times on the radio

  • Josh

    I live in Arizona, in a fairly large city with four top 40 radio stations; I haven’t heard “Give me all your Luvin'” on them since Superbowl Sunday.

    • dietrich

      I live in NYC and we’re not hearing the song here either. 13 is an excellent debut, but without airplay, I think it might be as high as GMAYL is going to get.

  • Athens4 Madge

    yeah! why not Athens????

  • mike


  • Miguel

    Where can we vote for the song? We need links to radios and countdowns and top tens to vote for the song!!!

  • Jason tells it like it is!

    Get those new remixes on iTunes now and get those physicals in the shops quick smart… including a pic disc. Sort it out Guy/Interscope!

  • j-j

    why dont you bring the tour in athens??

    • sam

      greece got all the german money! NO for greece!

      • Athens4 Madge

        shut the fuck up bastard!

      • artis

        germans own money to all europeans, never heard that before???????

      • mike

        fucking idiot Grecce is a very rich place and German want to buy Greece for free! German never gave as money thats a loan from IFC-TROIKA !!! Don’t say a word unless you know it well….!