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Give Me All Your Luvin’ – Track/Video Reviews

So, is Give Me All Your Luvin’ any good? Well, it’s not bad. Musically it’s a pretty joyful four minutes, featuring bouncing beats, acoustic riffs and Gwen Stefani-style cheerleader chants, but there’s something a bit flat about Madonna’s delivery. Given all the love she’s demanding, you’d think she’d be more excited. Instead she sounds like she rush-recorded the vocal before a screening of W.E. Perhaps that’s why MIA and Nicki Minaj were drafted in, to give the whole thing a bit more oomph. Guardian

“Give Me All Your Luvin” is a little creepy (those masked cheerleaders!), a little campy (well, a lot campy), and a little bit different from anything else that’s out there right now. That’s our girl! Idolator

People of Earth, bow before Madonna! LATimes

“Give Me All Your Luvin'” harks back to the sound that made Madonna stick — solid bubblegum pop with a healthy dose of camp and fun. And while we’re sure the football theme might have something to do with that little halftime show she’s planning at the Super Bowl this weekend, it also speaks to a larger idea: Madonna’s never been the cute and innocent homecoming queen, but those wholesome, all-American football players still wanna kick it with her. That’s talent… and she’s honed it to perfection. MTV

Madonna’s Super Bowl single “Give Me All Your Luvin’ ” (Live Nation/Interscope) is certainly big. Featuring both Nicki Minaj and M.I.A., it’s part cheerleader chant, part slick Euro-pop dance number, sounding like a cross between Avril Lavigne’s “Girlfriend,” Madge’s “Ray of Light” and a Target commercial. It comes across as an all-out demand for pop-radio submission, with its chant-along chorus “L-U-V! Madonna! Y-O-U! You wanna?!” Subtlety? You may need to go elsewhere on the upcoming “MDNA” album. Fun? Totally. Newsday

It’s the right stance for the song. “Give Me” breaks rank with the cool and sophisticated dance songs that marked Madonna’s excellent last CD, “Hard Candy.” Instead it’s a pure snap of bubble gum, closer to an early single like “Burnin’ Up” than any of her more recent club hits. Only the rap cameos from the quite camp Nicki Minaj, and the less so M.I.A., tell us what decade we’re in. Similarly, Madonna pushes aside the more womanly voice she has used since “Evita,” in favor of the yap and squeak of her early days. She even makes lyrical reference to her early ’80s single, “Lucky Star.”
“Luvin'” doesn’t have that song’s pop perfection. It’s just a trifle. But it’s a fun one, brimming with a kind of humor Madonna could always use more of. NYDailyNews

Overall, Madonna will surely please her millions of fans with this uptempo tune. While some might label the cheerleading elements as annoying, Madonna’s new song has an infectious quality that really sticks in your head. On ‘Give Me All Your Luvin’,’ Madge has once again proved that she can morph and change with the times, as evidenced by her collabos with Nicki and M.I.A. as well as the whole sound of the effervescent, dance-and-clap-inducing track. Expect to hear this one on the radio a lot in the coming months. PopCrush

Is it risible? Yes. Infectious? Yes, that, too. Everything here is as dumb as the titular spelling, but the campiness has its charm, at least if you like the old musicals that some of the tracking shots here are paying homage to. And there are very few things in life, popular entertainment included, that don’t go better with pompons. Reuters

The last time Madonna got divorced, we got “Like a Prayer,” so it’s hard to ignore how decidedly vapid “Give Me All Your Luvin'” is by comparison. There’s nothing wrong with that per se: She’s done frivolous bubble-gum pop before, and while the timing for a song like this might be perfect for pop radio (with boosters Nicki Minaj and M.I.A. tacked on for added marketability, natch), it feels shockingly…reductive. Slant

The Madonna- and Martin Solveig-produced song — the first single from March 26’s M.D.N.A. — channels the retro vibe of her Austin Powers single “Beautiful Stranger” through the “Mickey” filter (Tony Basil is even rocking a similar cheerleader chic look in its single cover). But Madonna has a little additional firepower here: Minaj contributes a blitzkrieg 16 referencing “boy toy” and her own alter ego Roman, while M.I.A. joins in a few seconds later with a handful of slo-mo bars that ends with a gun blast censoring her parting shot, “I don’t give a shit.” In short: Everyone plays themselves perfectly. Spin

Sorry Haters, Madonna still has it. This clip is a touchdown. Wall Street Journal