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Madge too hot for YouTube

Madonna’s steamy new video for “Girl Gone Wild” has been banned from open view on YouTube for being too raunchy, with scenes including nudity and a close-up of a man’s PVC-clad crotch.
YouTube chiefs have restricted the video for those 18 years or above, and sources tell us they’ve told the superstar’s management that if they want it to be available for viewing by all, they must edit out shots of bare bottoms, a man rubbing his crotch and an implied masturbation scene where a man gyrates before a mirror.
Madonna’s team was working yesterday on an edited version of the video for YouTube because, for the first time, it’s based its marketing strategy for her new album, “MDNA,” on social media, including a live Facebook interview with Jimmy Fallon today.
A source told us, “YouTube has decided the video is too raunchy and should only be viewed by those 18 or over, and actually, the video is hard to find on the site. YouTube has sent Madonna’s team a list of shots that should be cut to make it appropriate for everyone.”
Fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott directed “Girl Gone Wild,” using much of the singer’s trademark erotic imagery, including topless men dancing in black tights (mantyhose) and platform heels.
YouTube also took exception to an S&M-inspired scene of a silhouette in chains.
The video was deemed “inappropriate for some users” by YouTube, and viewers must verify they’re 18 or older and log in to watch it.
A rep for YouTube told us, “While we don’t comment on individual videos, we review all videos flagged by our users against our community guidelines. In some cases we agerestrict flagged material that, while not in violation of those guidelines, contains images that may be unsuitable for younger users.”
Madonna’s rep, Liz Rosenberg, told us, “Some things never change. This is a throwback to [1990] when MTV refused to show ‘Justify My Love.’ ”

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  • JJ

    What’s interesting about this is that the ban seems mainly because its Madonna and not the content in her video. If this were Lady Gaga, it wouldn’t be banned. It would be, “oh she’s so artistic and dark.” blah blah. I love that Madondna has a strong affect on people, good and bad, and I love that she’s proud of that fact. Maybe its because her work is so authentic that people can’t handle it but it still pains me to see how hypocritical people are. During the super bowl, my aunt said “Oh she’s just trying to be like Lady Gaga”. I actually got mad for a hot second and then my 9 yo niece said “I think its the other way around”. I’ve taught her well. :)

  • GGW

    catch songs that will be boring within 4 weeks, that´s mdna.

    hope madonna finds her musical creativity back on her 13 th album.

    • Leopold_Stotch

      Ha! Poor Soul!

  • Jason tells it like it is!

    I’m not gonna get on my high horse about this. I think it’s great the M is doing what she does best and being controversial. This is the M that’s been missing for a while!

    While I’m here… M should get these guys to remix some of her new music. The 2 Bears are awesome!!!

  • eh?
    • eh?

      my review for MDNA, don’t forget to suscribe please.

  • MLVC

    Really YouTube? Really?
    I’ve seen deplorable animal cruelty videos on YouTube.
    I’ve seen people beaten with not only fists and kicks, but with metal bars and shovels on YouTube.
    I’ve seen…
    Oh fuck it.
    The world makes me sick sometimes.

  • eh?

    I’m uploading my MDNA review in a few moments, but watch this in case you haven’t , don’t forget to suscribe

  • raRaAaAA

    too bad, seems world is not ready for naked male hairy asses and simulated masturbation… we want to see females doing it, but not males… double standards? or maybe we can accept lesbians more than gay boys? double standards again!

  • blalabla05



  • Louise

    ATTENTION: Guy Oseary, Live Nation, Interscope and Madonna
    Please come up with a “general viewing” version of GGW video. At this point, Madonna has to consider how she can expand her accessibility to new generation of fans. To come up with an awesome song and video but was placed under YouTube’s age-restricted category is a concern to address. It may look ridiculous that the VEVO lyric and teaser videos will gain millions of views instead of the actual video itself. Just a thought. MDNA is #1!!!

  • put your hands on my body

    but at the same time youtube shows the justify my love/erotica videos without restriction??? LoL

    • put your hands on my body

      by the way…the first time I saw the video, it was an edited version, without arse etc…
      on the webpage which premiered it

  • MOOV

    The amount of hate and discrimination in the comments section of the original nytimes article is unreal, all madonna fans who read this comment go and defend her, and like each other’s comments , so that they can be at the top.


      We don’t need to defend Madonna from haters, actually we should feel sorry for haters because their hate blinds them. In reality haters love Madonna, but they won’t admit that, so the best way for them to deal with their crappy miserable life is: hating.

      Plus Madonna is also pushing the envelope and that bother haters very much. They can’t accomplish anything.

  • Dita

    Like Liz Rosenberg said, youtube are just being extra over nothing, exactly like mtv was being when Justify My Love and What It Feels Like For A Girl were released. It’s nothing more than jealously that Madonna is such a Visionary Who makes hot kick-ass videos! Well they say everything happens for a reason so let’s hope Girl Gone Wild is released as a DVD single! Oh pretty please M! <3 W.E. L-U-V Y-O-U MDNA <3

  • Sandro

    …….. and all this in 2012 ????????? It’s a Youtube-SCANDAL !!!!!!!!!

  • RickyD

    HAHA! Laughable!

  • eh?

    why isn’t there a gay kiss in any of gaga’s music videos? huh ? that would stand in the way of her money.

  • day4night

    Gilf gone wild

  • kyoto

    Madonna we love you ! this reminds me about the EROTICA ERA and when Mtv Banned Justify my love (video) your Power has never lost And that’s Prove that everyone cares on you!for the other side: what a Pity the SAME CONTROVERSY ! The world should be more Opened than yesterday, and yes you’re Right @madonnafan16 there are almost naked girls and they don’t consider Banned ohh well to be honest the human body is a god MASTERPIECE SO what’s wrong with that??, that’s really not Fair but WHAT MADONNA DO is gold and i think the majority YOUTUBE USERS ARE teen People and actually they could fake their own ages actually , but i don’t give a F…. anyway many people will launch a New One so what’s Up

  • The Queen

    Is that meen that Gaga fans cant shit on Madonna?

  • MOOV

    Justify my love 2.0 lol . Vevo Suck ass . she should censore the video and release it as soon as possible .

    • The Queen

      Why censore the video?

      • Leopold_Stotch

        Money, baby! When MTV denied the JML video Madonna released it as a VHS single (the 1st in music history) and the numbers went craaaaazy!

      • eh?

        @Lepold : not just money , really the money would make with a single is 0,0001 of her fortune, it’s because if no one watches the music video in tv, nobody’s gonna know about the song since she’s not planing on promoting it anyway, and everybody’s gonna think she’s a has been when the song flops.

      • Leopold_Stotch

        @eh?: Yeah, you might be right on that one too!

  • madonnafan16

    YouTube’s direction is a bunch of homophobes. In almost every male rapper’s video, there are almost naked girls with tape on their tits and that is available? Lol YouTUbe fails anyways, because I can still watch it on my iPad lol

  • Juliana

    Would it sound (look) better, if she was a man? They should banned every single rap video by any guy!

  • quitcherbichinn

    it just proves, once again, that Madonna is the Queen of controversy. she still has the ability to piss people off, to get people thinking and talking, to stir the pot.

    let them bitch about this video being too graphic…that will only get more people to see the video. more exposure means more interest which means more sales which means more success. BRING IT ON!! it’s early 90’s all over again. i’m all for this! =)

  • Ique

    I think it’s good to test again the opinions and behaviours of society, and in this case Madonna is a teacher in how to do it.

  • Israel

    Oh shit I hate YouTube… I don’t want edit version of girl gone wild video.

    • PriHeyMadonna

      Then get a YouTube account or download it from Amazon/iTunes. :P

  • Mot9

    This is ridiculous,Always with a double standard in everything, What happen with other videos for “Teenagers”? Like rihanna or lady gaga, are also full of sex,nudity, violence and drugs, some more obvious some less, but message is the same ..What happen with the rapper’s videos?nude girls, tits and ass, sex and more.. thats normal for society? of course Yes, but a male body? NO,is forbidden to watch.What brainwashed Machismo world we live.