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Madonna & Lola Announce Georgia May Jagger As Their New Material Girl

MG Icon, the joint venture between Iconix Brand Group, Inc. and Madonna announced today, Georgia May Jagger, as the new global face of Material Girl. Jagger will appear in the brand’s global marketing campaigns. Georgia May Jagger joins past Material Girls, Kelly Osbourne and Taylor Momsen to be selected by Madonna and Lola to appear as the face of the junior brand. The Material Girl brand is available exclusively at Macy’s and on in the United States, The Bay in Canada, and will launch in Europe and Australia later this summer.

“To be handpicked by Madonna and Lola as the new face of Material Girl is truly amazing. I’ve always admired Madonna’s style and I’m thrilled to be working with them,” stated Georgia May Jagger.

Georgia May Jagger is the daughter of the legendary musician, Mick Jagger and supermodel, Jerry Hall. Georgia, a world-renowned model, has graced the covers of international fashion magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar and Elle.

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Madonna & Lola Announce Georgia May Jagger As Their New Material Girl

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  • Justin Cognito

    WOAH!!! Madonna looks better than both of ‘en

  • nek

    I think it is a good photo & see she is very good at making big bucks. Let just hope the tour rocks & the mdna songs sound awesome! I’m looking forward to hearing many of the new songs.

  • LUCA

    hey babies..don’t you know this is a Madonna website’..if you don’t love her just move away from here..there’s alot of music you can listen to if you want Rhianna Katy Perry Jesse James..why are yous ucking balls here?..

  • olivarius

    Madge, go home and make relevant music instead of irrelevant crap. Guy O. was the worst choice you’ve ever made! Get a smart manager instead of this money focused wannabe!

    • Ben

      Yeah, she is only going to bank a half a billion dollars this next years…

    • AmericanPride

      no, do you have anything to say about Madonna ? or comment this article?
      very childish

  • RickyD

    Tantalizing Trio! :p

  • Fanka

    Madonna looks really cheap in this picture – plastic pants and the typical look above the waist…she has become so predictable and boring.

  • Sloane

    She ran a contest just to pick a celebrity’s daughter? Whatever. More stage photos and less of this crap, please.

    Honestly, I’m a long-time fan and a woman who loves makeup to boot. Passed by a Material Girl display in Macy’s and wanted to buy something but didn’t. It’s just overpriced plastic.

    • AmericanPride

      overpriced plastic?

      said somebody ( and most people ) who spend fortune on LABELS not product, buying all this shit – Dolce and Gabana, Versace and others. Jeans, glasses, perfumes etc. everything worth few dollars and you pay for it 30,40,50 times more, only because it is from D&G pathetic.

  • TheQueen

    Madonna stage in Tel Aviv

  • Rabbitbunny

    Georgia May is a great new face-Material Girl-That Madonna and Lola Picked Out! Just a friendly reminder to Madonna-Now that both the Rolling Stones and Madonna are both on Universal, if Madonna wants to play a song on her guitar to both Georgia and Lola, playing a classic Stones song (Satisfaction, It’s Only Rock & Roll, Beast of Burden and Start Me Up) would be just the ticket to Get Her Rock On!

    • Ughhh

      Get a life and stop with your mindless poetry . Just get a. Life.

      • Roadwork

        why dont you get a life and stop being such a Debbie Downer! Asshole…

  • hp

    m you looking good there would like to have a boyfriend like me who will be there all the time to kepp you looking hot and youthful and sexy than u need a young man like me looks like your half ent doin it

  • Anita Nygreen

    Treat them well, naturly

  • CAX

    Look closely, boys and girls, this is the face of a TITAN.

    Say what you want about Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone Penn Ciccone Ritchie Ciccone but the woman transcended from POPtart to empire a long time ago.

    I know I have wished hard and often that she would some day revert to the incarnation of herself she was sharing with the world when I discovered her music and its relevance in my life, but the more I think about it, the more I realize that’s not HER responsibility. She’s living her life, making her work, doing her thing… And if you think about it, her life, like all of ours, is like a RIVER. Starts somewhere, twists and curves and turns, narrows and widens and initially trickles out somewhere completely different.

    We all have such expectations of her and all the people in our lives but maybe, just MAYBE we’re not meant to ride the Madonna River all the way to her destination. Maybe the trip with her was only supposed to last a summer or a year or four and then we’re supposed to get off and go somewhere else. Do something else.

    She clearly has multiple interests and has made a life/career out of dabbling in a number of things. Hopefully you have too. Probably not the public level she has but still… When you succeeded at it, did it bring you joy? When you failed at it, did you learn something? M hasn’t stopped trying and THAT, I think is worth something.

    She doesn’t need the money. Maybe she needs to attention, but we all have egos. Maybe she still doesn’t feel fulfilled and for that I say, AMEN because as long as she’s out there swinging, there’s a chance she’ll hit another home run.

    • Danilo S

      Good post, dude!

    • Dirty Game is Clean Game Now

      FUCKING EPIC! Amen sister, your every word is pure gold!

    • Mike

      I still wish for her to have another number one hit in USA! That’s how much she means to me!

    • Rosetta

      Well written! Might I add that Madonna created Material as a joint venture with her daughter Lola because Lola wanted to express her creativity through an outlet like the MG fashion line. From my perspective, that also shows me that Madonna is a supportive mother and wants to nurture this creativity. My mom did the same for me when i was young and I thank her for helping me realize my own creative path. We can wish all we want and have expectations of what she should do with her career. But the fact is, her art is a gift…and we should be grateful that we have it in our lives. Period.






    • Danilo S

      No, u`r not “right”. Just like the attention :)

  • Madonna fucked up

    Wow I really fucked up my career , i’d better start profiting from my name before it’s totally over which is close .

  • artis

    soooo boring…please only good music, good videos, amazing performances…enough with gyms, clothes, sunglasses, shoes and who knows whats next…after all those years of success why the hell she wants to be a brand now?????????????

    • Anna

      because her records aint selling no more…?

      • Madonna fucked up

        Even my tours are selling less with time .

      • artis

        if she try harder and better she will sell milions of albums again. many people i know didnt know that a new album was out and much more have no interest about it because of GMAYL: no promotion+bad singles. its a shame because MDNA is great(except 3 bad songs).it could have been a great success.

    • Michael

      Have to agree. Her music and videos and concerts are what she’s good at. The rest is a monumental bore.

  • Gabor

    Yawn. I’ve NEVER seen anyone fucking stupid enough to wear these rags supposedly designed by Lolla or whatever her name is.I didn’t even know Madonna was still desperately pursuing this avenue of her rapidly declining career.How desperate, Kelly Osbourne and Georgia Jagger,real top supermodels. Who next?Jodie Marsh?????

  • tutu

    M look’s cute and young here like they are a group of friends

  • futuristic dub expression

    so you can promote material girl clothes, perfume, movie etc…. but release a non futuristic music album like mdna, wtf?? please come back madonna wherever you are

  • AmericanPride

    She should focused on one thing. For me there is too much stuff like movie, clothes, perfume, etc. I’ve got a feeling that she is doing everything but music.
    I’d really like see proper video, great promo in TV , and stuff.

    Just heard new Sandra song ( I know that probably few of you know her ), but I mentioned her here because she has just released new single ” Maybe Tonight ” , and it is so much back to 80’s, and even on single there is fantastic extended version instead stupid remixes. I miss those fantastic days, I mean 80’s and 90’s when music was fantastic, MTV was strong and all that…

    • Gabor

      You sound really pathetic to me.Do you have ANY friends?????

      • AmericanPride

        Not of your business you idiot !

  • Dirty Game is Clean Game Now

    madonna looks great but she should focus on tour and rest, not on these small projects. She should rest more, cuz she is having hard period in front of her

    • fb

      that should be the name of her new tour “hard period” haha

    • Peppergrison

      She should, she should, good that you are around to give her advice… she would be lost without you !

  • TheQueen

    Mama looks great!